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Common Cold

Common Cold

Date: Jul 18 2008

Themes: Health


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Modern medicine can do a lot of things. It can keep you from getting the many illnesses and straighten your teeth. It can even bring people back from the dead in certain circumstances!

But one thing it can’t do is prevent the common cold. Getting colds is one of the most annoying parts of life. You’re not so sick that you can’t work but you’re sick enough that you feel really bad.

The trick to beating a cold is to notice it as soon as you can and start taking it easy. Listen to Marni and Amanda talk about how they can tell they’re getting colds.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Oh God! Amanda!

Amanda:  What is up with you?

Marni:  I’m totally getting a cold.

Amanda:  You know what? I think I am too.

Marni:  It’s going around, I guess.

Amanda:  What are your first symptoms?

Marni:  You know how I know? It’s right in here, it’s right in the nose. A little hazy feeling right in my sinus area. It feels like it’s behind your eyes and in your nose.

Amanda:  OK for me, sore throat…

Marni:  Scratchy throat, yeah.

Amanda:  ...and, this might sound weird, a different taste in my mouth. It’s not a bad taste, it’s just a different taste. Something’s going on with the saliva.

Marni:  And then if it’s full on, you can’t even taste anything. That is the worst!

Amanda:  The worst part about the cold is that there’s nothing you do about it.

Marni:  Well…

Amanda:  I think.

Marni:  I’m a believer in, like, at first symptoms, trying to stave it off with echineacha and vitamin C. I’ve got a little cocktail that I make and sometimes it works but sometimes it’s just like, bam.

Amanda:  So do you think that when you take it up front, it actually wards it off or it just shortens the duration. Like, you’re gonna get a cold.

Marni:  Well, yeah, you’re gonna get colds, but I think if I catch it right in the beginning, I’ve been able to ward them off at times. But then, sometimes, no dice.

Amanda:  I always get a cold right before a vacation. Every flippin’ time.

Marni:  I do too. I’m a like a little kid. I get so excited to go somewhere it’s like, “Oh, no, you’re gonna sick instead.”

Amanda:  I don’t know if it’s the excitement for me as much as I’m stressed out about the work I’m gonna miss so my body falls apart.

Marni:  That’s not my problem.

Amanda:  No, not so much?

Marni:  I think it’s like a little kid. Like you’re so excited for your birthday party you just get sick. I get excited. I’m going somewhere. And then I just get sick.

Amanda:  And there’s nothing worse than being sick on a vacation in a sunny place.

Marni:  Yeah. Well, but the sun is good. Sun therapy. Vitamin D is good.

Amanda:  I guess. There’s a silver lining, right?

Marni:  Yeah but, God, I just hate feeling sick. So I’m gonna go home, take some vitamin C.

Amanda:  Can I have some? Can I score some?

Marni:  Yeah, come over.

Amanda:  Thank you.



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Both Marni and Amanda are getting sick. Marni can tell because of a funny feeling she gets behind her eyes. Amanda’s throat hurts and her mouth tastes weird.

Whenever Marni thinks she’s getting sick, she starts taking vitamin C and echinachea. It makes the cold not last as long, and sometimes she never gets sick at all.

Amanda always gets sick before she leaves town because she gets stressed out about how much work she’ll miss. Marni says she gets so excited for trips that she just gets sick.

When’s the last time you caught a cold? How could you tell you were getting it? Did you do anything to make it shorter or did you just wait it out?



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Gustavo Nacho


Got a cold? Just take it easy trying not to think on the illness :)

11:19 PM Jul 18 2008 |



Serbia and Montenegro

it sound terrible of catch a cold , unlucky,catch a cold rainnig nose ,sometimes it seemsomething tucked inside the nose , you can not breath , it is my symbol of catch a cold , however , i used to try stave it off with more hot water and enough rest ,eventhough it was really bad to get a cold

09:24 PM Jul 18 2008 |




I always drink a lot of tea with honey and lemon, eat sandwiches with garlic, a great deal of garlic. And usually it helps me:)

06:40 PM Jul 18 2008 |



I don´´t remember… But it's terrible…

05:57 PM Jul 18 2008 |



I use to catch cold quite often,infact i have a cold allergy.i catch it even with a small change of temperature.The first sign of catching cold for me is a heavy head and I feel very sleepy.I hate the way my nostrils get soar and red.Influenza vaccine is available that can stave off the attacks but then its not very cost effective.I take a fresh fruit cocktail,an antihistamine upfront,chicken corn soup with alot of black pepperin it and plenty of rest to get rid of it.

05:03 PM Jul 18 2008 |


Dominican Republic

In my country is very common people get colds in summer. Here is hot all year but in summer temperature has drastic changes.

02:32 PM Jul 18 2008 |




I don`t like to have a cold.It`s too bad and so trouble.Because of my poor health, it took me a long time to throw off my bad cold.

02:31 PM Jul 18 2008 |




getting sick is the worst thing!!

02:24 PM Jul 18 2008 |




I'm luck, i didn't get a cold that winter yet! it's not very normal! I'm really happy! the best thing to do when i get sick is resting! I dislike taking medicines, only as a last resort!

02:21 PM Jul 18 2008 |

Mi .

Mi .


I usually catch a cold when the season changes :O so terrible:’(

01:58 PM Jul 18 2008 |




uhmm… a cold. such a terryle illnes,, in my country it is actually continium problem in children

12:48 PM Jul 18 2008 |



I’m stron geough,so ,I haven’t caught cold for a long time.

12:34 PM Jul 18 2008 |



i got a cold in the early summer because the weather changed unuauslly and i didn't take any drug so it lasted a really long time … i hope i won't get  the cold again in winter which is another season at easa of cold

12:05 PM Jul 18 2008 |




I have cold nowCry

08:37 AM Jul 18 2008 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

well….. that's the most uninvited guest!!! i had it two month ago and for easy passing i kept to rest while eating hot fluid foods (like soup) and drinking hot tea and hot water besides using my prescription drugs.

06:00 AM Jul 18 2008 |



Sealedcold,a terrible thing.

03:13 AM Jul 18 2008 |




I hate all these having cold stuff

02:22 AM Jul 18 2008 |

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