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Swimming in the River

Swimming in the River

Date: Aug 08 2008

Themes: Hobbies, Weather


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

On a hot, summer day, you’ll find a lot of major cities deserted. Where did everyone go? They went swimming.

Of course, there isn’t a pool big enough for a whole town. So people go to the nearest river, lake or coast.

It’s fun to swim with the fish and be out in the wild. Listen to Marni and Mason talk about why they like to swim at the river.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  It is so hot out. Do you want to go down to the river?

Mason:  And go swimming?

Marni:  Yes.

Mason:  Yes!

Marni:  Oh my God, let’s get out of here. It’s so hot.

Mason:  Swimming in rivers and the ocean is so much better than jumping in a pool or whatever.

Marni:  Absolutely. Absolutely.

Mason:  Now, why do you think so? Because not everyone would agree with you.

Marni:  Well, I like the whole natural environment. I like non-chlorinated, as long as it’s clean.

Mason:  Yeah? I mean, on a hot day like this, I love how cold it is.

Marni:  There’s something about it. You know, there’s a nice little current going and you bring a floating device. You’ve got yourself good times.

Mason:  I kind of love how exhausted I am afterwards. You’re fighting against that current and the cold really takes it out of you, but you feel…I feel really drained, but in a good way.

Marni:  And, best part about the river, if the two of us just go, we’re definitely going to make…

Mason:  We’ll walk away knowing like 10 people…

Marni:  Yeah, river friends.

Mason:  ...because really only crazy people in our modern society swim in rivers, so you’re automatically bonded.

Marni:  Absolutely. Yeah, totally. They usually have beer, so, you know…

Mason:  Excellent way to make friends.

Marni:  Yeah, exactly.



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It’s hot so Marni and Mason decide to go swim in the river. Mason asks Marni why she likes to swim in the river because, he says, many people prefer to swim in swimming pools. She says that she likes the environment and that the water isn’t chlorinated.

Mason likes how cold the water is. Since most rivers come from snow, the water in them is usually colder than a swimming pool.

Another good reason to go to the river is to make new friends. There are always friendly people there with beer to share!

Where do you like to swim on a hot day?



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I very like swimming, when i was kind i swam on lake, but now i choose swimming pool, because i think that rivers and lakes are too polluted and swim isn't fun. It seems to me, that swimming in clean river must be very nice, becauce we have contact with nature.

03:18 PM Aug 09 2008 |



i like swiming

01:37 PM Aug 09 2008 |



i like swiming in romeo


01:30 PM Aug 09 2008 |




I don’t know how to swimming,but I like play in water on hot day.

01:20 PM Aug 09 2008 |




yes!!! i agree totally too, to go swimming in wild places as lakes, rivers or at the coast is so great! It's my lifestyle, to be out in the wild! it's a gift from God!! 

10:18 AM Aug 09 2008 |



I see it too risky to swim in the river

07:31 AM Aug 09 2008 |




Good dialogue! thanks for the lesson..Laughing

05:43 AM Aug 09 2008 |



owww i cannot believe there is ppl who never swam in the river… i rather prefer river to ocean^^

04:40 AM Aug 09 2008 |




I  do not like swimming, but I like dabbling, I like sand, I  like  natural environment.

03:45 AM Aug 09 2008 |


United States

I like this lesson!  I swim in the river three times per week in the summer.  It's great exercize and it makes me strong.  There is a fun video on YouTube from the place I like to swim on the Clackamas River called High Rocks.  Search for "High Rocks Clackamas." 

It's sad to hear comments from people in countries where the rivers are too poluted to swim.  Here in Portland, Oregon we used to also have poluted rivers.  Paper factories were dumping industrial waste in the river and cities were dumping there sewage in the river.  When people could no longer swim safely and the fish started dying people got upset.  They complained to the government and the government created new laws to protect water quality.  After some time the rivers became clean again.  Now the fish are back and we can swim happily in the rivers with friends.

12:39 AM Aug 09 2008 |



<font size="3" face ="comic sans ms" color="#006666">The cause makes people like to swim in the<br> see than the river or swimming pools is salts<br> which is in the see water. <br>Salts make it clear, pure, kills any bad bacteria <br>and nice tasty and feeling. The more salt the <br>more floating and good tasty. <br>Cool </font>

03:29 PM Aug 08 2008 |



The cause makes people like to swim in the see than the river or swimming pools is salts which is in the see water. Salts make it clear, pure, kills any bad bacteria and nice tasty and feeling. The more salt the more floating and good tasty. Cool

03:28 PM Aug 08 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

I love swimming!__

03:19 PM Aug 08 2008 |

P.Pradeep Ganesh


In my childhood days,  I used  to swim  in river more  than  three  hours. On that time, I had superstition that I could become fair if I bath for a long time.  

01:40 PM Aug 08 2008 |



I like swimming!!! I live on a little town where we have a lot of places like that to go to, but I have no time to go to these places… : ( only on my holidays… : )))

12:29 PM Aug 08 2008 |




oh , if condition permits ,i would like to swim in the ocea ,but in here ,i can just swim in the small swimming pool ,and soo many ppl in it !!!


11:32 AM Aug 08 2008 |




 I like swimming,but  I afraid river water because of a accident.

but ,I want to study swimming,and boating in my hometown yuanrang River,

08:06 AM Aug 08 2008 |



I like swiming too ,when I was a kid ,I had like to swim in some small pool ,feeling it is interesting at that time

07:37 AM Aug 08 2008 |




I like swining.

I always go swining in the natrural rivers with friends when I was young.

But now the environment is not permited .The rivers surrounding our hometown are too polluted to swin in .


06:58 AM Aug 08 2008 |


Viet Nam

it's interesting idea. I like swimming very much, especially swimming in the river or ocean. There is a river near my house, it's a clean, pure river. I swim every day. I feel terrific!!!

06:46 AM Aug 08 2008 |

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