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Just Friends

Just Friends English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Sep 16 2008

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Not too long ago in most cultures, men and women didn’t just hang out with each other and be close friends. But being friends with people of the opposite sex can be really interesting and fun, and nowadays, most people recognize that men and women can be friends without any sort of romantic or sexual relationship.

Of course, that’s easy to say until it’s your boyfriend or girlfriend spending a lot of time with someone of the opposite sex. Maybe even someone who once had a big crush on your partner. Jason recently heard that Mason is jealous of the fact that Jason has been spending time with Amanda. Watch him and Amanda talk about the situation and friendship in general.

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Watch and Read - Watch the video and read the dialog at the same time.

2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  So I was thinking about it and I realized that with the exception of Mason, pretty much all my friends are girls.

Amanda:  That’s kind of funny because I feel like all my friends are guys.

Jason:  Yeah, that’s weird.

Amanda:  It’s nice though. A lot of people don’t get that because they wonder why that is, “Why you can’t relate to your own gender? What is that about?”

Jason:  What is that about? Do you have any thoughts?

Amanda:  I just think I’m more of a tomboy, so a lot of the topics that come up with a group of girls, I just really can’t relate to, so I pull away a little bit and I think they see that as being…It’s not that I feel like I’m better or above. It’s not about that at all. It’s just me gravitating more towards what I think is comfortable.

Jason:  I think that I like that women communicate. Dudes put on all these fronts and women are just down to say how they feel, you know?

Amanda:  Well, you know, that’s funny because on that same point but on the flip side, I don’t want to sit around with my girlfriends and talk about emotions all the time. Right?

Jason:  Totally…just in moderation.

Amanda:  It’s a sob story constantly, all this drama. So you hang out with a bunch of dudes and you can talk about it briefly, and then put the lid on it and just move on to something else. That’s why I hang out with you!

Jason:  It’s just weird sometimes because people’s significant others get jealous when they have lots of friends of the opposite gender.

Amanda:  That’s hard.

Jason:  Like, Beren was telling me the other day that she heard that Mason’s like super jealous of us hanging out.

Amanda:  Like, my Mason?

Jason:  Yeah.

Amanda:  I don’t…Is she sure?

Jason:  I don’t know.

Amanda:  Because I think maybe she misread him or something. Maybe he was having a bad day because…

Jason:  Could be.

Amanda:  ...I think he’d be totally fine with it, only ‘cause he knows what my story is, you know?

Jason:  Yeah, totally.

Amanda:  When we started seeing each other, I had a whole bunch of guy friends, so why would he have a problem with you?

Jason:  Yeah, I don’t know.

Amanda:  Are you worried? Like, is it awkward for you?

Jason:  No, I mean, I don’t know, I figured he knew we were hanging out, it wasn’t a big deal, I figured he knew it was totally platonic.

Amanda:  I’ve been open about it, kinda.

Jason:  I don’t know. I’m not too worried about it. It seems unreasonable if he is upset, but I doubt he is, I guess.

Amanda:  Yeah. Do you think I should bring it up?

Jason:  Eh, if you feel like it. Or you could just wait and see if he brings it up, whatever. It’s probably fine.

Amanda:  Now I feel kinda weird.

Jason:  Sorry.

Amanda:  Do you think maybe we’re sitting too close? Like, what if he’s camped out behind that tree over there, right? Like the body language? Jason…

Jason:  Twentysomething inches between all twentysomethings.

Amanda:  ...what are you doing, buddy?

Jason:  Nothing. I haven’t moved.

Amanda:  OK. I probably should have worn pants. My bad.



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Most of Amanda’s friends are guys and most of Jason’s friends are girls. Jason likes that girls aren’t afraid to say how they feel, and Amanda finds it easier to relate to guys.

It can be hard to date someone like Jason or Amanda with so many friends of the opposite sex. It’s especially hard for Mason since he knows Jason used to want to date Amanda. Jason heard that Mason was really upset about him hanging out with Amanda. Amanda thinks Mason would be fine with it, but she suddenly feels uncomfortable sitting next to Jason.

Do you have friends of the opposite sex? Does your partner? Do you think Mason ought to be jealous or do you think that Jason and Amanda are just friends?



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its right boy and girls never be friends they fall in love when they talk with each other what i do yr automatically love happen 

04:20 AM Aug 28 2013 |




i do not think there is pure friendship between girls and boys.if the real friendship  exsits,it must the gril loves the boy deeply,or the boy loves the girs .if one of them finds him/her do not love her/him, his/her heart will break into pieces,the pure friendship will not exist


09:58 AM Dec 19 2012 |




Yes, I have some friends through guys. 

07:58 PM Apr 16 2012 |




i like this lesson and think that the meaning of friendship is hard because find someone who understand of friendship with men and women.

01:01 PM Sep 30 2011 |




I beleive in friendship with opposite sex. i have among them a lot and it’s really cool, to spent time with them! of coarse there were some moments when one of them fell in love with me, but later we decided not to dating and we become closer friends.

02:48 PM Aug 14 2011 |



Really it is so difficult nowdays  to find someone who understands exactly the meaning of friendship either with men or wwomen

10:39 PM Jun 07 2011 |




well..i guess..as long as u r single…u always like to chit-chat with opp. sex.. and it is always that u feel that other boys r kinda jeleous of u… and i will have to say that it DOES MATTERS… its always imp to have good terms with ppl of both the sex.. so one should be quite aware hw much time he’s spending with opp. sex or a perticular girl.. if u’re spending too much time…its better to restrict urself even against ur wish… and also be careful with ur feelings when with opposite sex…that is all wht i feel. And i don’t know whats d situation aftr being commited… am single till date..;)

06:12 PM Mar 20 2011 |




nice lesson!nice topics!

03:54 AM Jun 13 2010 |



I never agree that you can have a best friend from opposite sex of yours, because in my point of view if you as a girl can't stand with girls talk, hey… not all of girls are like that, because there are girls that actually tomboys either. You can make a group.

And mostly if you have a close friend whose has the opposite gender of you, usually have a secret feeling for you..it's just my opinion..

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12:24 PM Sep 26 2009 |




I like this kinda funny videos. I think friendship between opposite sex is really good u have more experience and u broaden your mind what talk, behave with opposite sex in your manners will been many better on series relationship soon or later

09:39 PM Dec 03 2008 |




it’s really interesting

09:12 PM Dec 03 2008 |




PERFECT~ i can totally relate to this story.. hehe. most of my friends are guys and being open with your bf can avoid misunderstandings and jelousy too.^^ there should be a clear line between that special someone and just friends.nice one~

04:17 PM Nov 19 2008 |




I prefer to make friends with guys, as per Amanda mentioned, prenty of girls would be jealous to the excellent girls commonly, and they are always overly emotional. it makes someone feel badly.

06:23 AM Oct 16 2008 |




well, first of all I LIKE JASON, and zeah, it’s an interesting topic, I feel with Amanda

02:54 PM Oct 05 2008 |



I don't think have some friends from opposite sex is a bad things .so I did't   have a lot of friends from oppsite sex .but i had to say that i feel good to be with them .

02:23 PM Sep 22 2008 |




I think it´s very common and it must be necessary
in all over the cultures for communications between humans and try to learn all about the differences between us.

01:23 AM Sep 22 2008 |

The Jasmine

Syrian Arab Republic


I have alot of friends from opposite sex & they r really reliable & u could count on them.. that's sometimes coz trouble..i think it's nice to have friends from both side ,,but jealous is so normal in Mason & Amanda situation coz it's hard to find ur girlfriend or boyfrined hanging out & spend half of her/his time with someone else even if he/she was her/his friend.

11:52 PM Sep 21 2008 |




If you are girl and sports and boobs is your favorite subject it will be easy for you to be friend with the guys.


06:17 PM Sep 20 2008 |




Since I entered to university to study engineering I've made many friends of the opposite sex. It was a little weird for me at the beginning because I was at a high school only for woman, but now I use to it.

Furthermore, I'm totally agree with Amanda's opinion. Sometimes I get bored to talk about feelings and relationships all the time. Boys are more down to earth so for me, it's easier spend the time with them.


01:46 AM Sep 20 2008 |

sazan pp

sazan pp


if you want to understand islamic law you should be smart & you have brain. for another time  you dont shoot the dark.


07:30 PM Sep 19 2008 |

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