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Date: Oct 10 2008

Themes: Hobbies, Travel


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

In our modern society, most people have to go out of their way to be in nature. Camping can be a fun way to get back to basics, but it also requires a lot of equipment and isn’t all that comfortable.

Marni likes to find a nice camp site, set up a tent, and sleep in the the great outdoors. But Mason isn’t really into camping anymore. Listen to the two of them talk about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Finally went camping for the time in two years.

Mason:  Two years?

Marni:  I know! I was so sad. It had been two years.

Mason:  That’s not too far off for me.

Marni:  But we live in this beautiful place where we should be taking advantage of camping as much as possible.

Mason:  Yeah, I think I’m little bit too highbrow for camping now.

Marni:  What!? I love it! I love camping. Waking up and waking up with the sun, and you know the sound if you camp by a creek, you have the water. I love it.

Mason:  I don’t know, I’ve gotten kind of spoiled by people who have cabins and it’s not cold and I won’t get mauled by bears.

Marni:  Down sleeping bag.

Mason:  Down sleeping bag doesn’t do anything about roots and rocks in your back.

Marni:  Therm-a-Rest does, c’mon.

Mason:  Therm-a-Rest does a little something. The whole waking up with the sun sounds better than it actually is in fact.

Marni:  I love it! C’mon!

Mason:  Don’t you just wake up exhausted?

Marni:  No!

Mason:  I get back from a weekend camping and I’m like, “Oh my God, I don’t want to do anything. I need another weekend.”

Marni:  Well, there’s a little bit of that. A little downtime where you veg out. But you gotta, you know, be strategic about it. Get up early enough and…

Mason:  I’ll tell you one thing, gourmet camping breakfasts cannot be beat. Camping eggs, camping bacon, camping coffee. It is! It’s like a whole different incarnation of that food item when you have it when you’re camping. It’s just better.

Marni:  Cooked over the open fire. It’s like you’re a pioneer!

Mason:  That I cannot dispute.



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Marni thinks two years is too long to go without camping, especially when you live near lots of nice places to camp. Mason says he’s more into cabins these days. They’re more comfortable.

But Marni likes the sound of a creek or waking up to the early morning sun. Mason thinks that sounds like more fun than it is and says that camping always makes him tired.

Marni admits that camping can be tiring, but says you just have to plan a few hours to rest before you go back to work the next week. And Mason admits that there is one thing he likes about camping. Anything he cooks on a camping trip tastes better, he says, and Marni agrees.

When’s the last time you went camping? Do you enjoy roughing it or do you prefer more comfortable ways to spend time in nature?



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Kenny2210Super Member!

United States

why is the conversation so weird? It doesn’t sound natural

08:46 AM Aug 24 2020 |



Russian Federation

There was a time when I was  interested in adventure travelling and enjoyed feeling of tiredness from hard and long walking on foot during all day, and from getting up early in the morning of the next day to continue the way. Also I used to participate in some volunteer programms, so staing in camping for some  time is usual for me.

I agree with Marni  that it is cool to sit near a fire at night and to sleep in the great outdoors amid silenced woods or mountains. Living in camping gives you a good opportunity to try yourself in getting back to basics and to contact to people with the same interest.

Some people  are highbrow for camping and dont like to go out of their way. Fortunatelly, I am not one of them, although travelling with comfort attracts me as well .

08:21 PM Dec 26 2013 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i like camping but not go to camping alone,i like go to the camping with somebody,my friendsWink

10:33 AM Nov 20 2012 |



Costa Rica


12:03 AM Mar 14 2010 |




i like this lesson, for real i do, because in this lesson we can realise when she uses the fonectic of the english when she says campaing, i like this one


04:49 PM Mar 01 2010 |



I want to go camping with my friends,but I always have no chance,It's so terrible!

05:02 AM Jan 09 2010 |



I want to go camping with my friends,but I have no chance,It’s so terrible!

05:00 AM Jan 09 2010 |



I want to go camping with my friends,but I have no chance,It’s so terrible!

05:00 AM Jan 09 2010 |




Camping is so cool!Smile

03:53 AM Jan 09 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I really enjoye roughing it camping.and I like to play with animals and plants.

05:01 PM Oct 16 2008 |




comping this s new i lenjoy..Cool

07:16 AM Oct 16 2008 |




I am looking forward it,although I have not go camping once.

01:24 AM Oct 16 2008 |




Very cool! I learned some words and expressions that I did not know :)

11:08 PM Oct 15 2008 |



yeah camping is cool

01:03 PM Oct 15 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

 I love a camping :D 

11:37 AM Oct 15 2008 |




i like camping, i like come bake to the nature to share the basic of life, and i am tired of the morden city life…...

11:21 AM Oct 15 2008 |




Camping is so cool, I just love it!. but I don't go to the outdoors very often… Who wants to go camping in my house?

03:18 PM Oct 14 2008 |




I love camping too.

always went camping with my close friends and we do a lot of adventurous activities. When in the camp-site , we'll all the sressful life at work.


So, exciting.Smile


I come from Malaysia, inviting all of you to come to Malaysia and feel the calmness of rain-forest here. :-)

03:44 AM Oct 13 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

                                    thanks i did it

03:27 AM Oct 13 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It can be an awesome experience to camp in the vicinity of the top of a mountain at night, and to watch the moon and the stars in that pleasant solitude.

06:06 PM Oct 12 2008 |

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