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Reading Books

Reading Books

Date: Oct 24 2008

Themes: Hobbies, School

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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In today’s fast-paced culture, many people may feel like they’re too busy to read a book. In fact, a recent survey found that reading rates are falling in the US. Young people in particular are more likely to spend their free time watching TV or surfing the Internet than reading a novel or nonfiction book. According to the survey results, the average 15- to 24-year-old living in the US spends 2 hours per day watching TV, and only 7 minutes reading for pleasure.

Considering all the high-tech forms of entertainment out there, from video games to cyberspace, maybe it’s not surprising that fewer people read these days. But is reading just an old-fashioned pastime, or is it a lost art? Listen to what Marni and Jason think about reading.


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Marni:  I’m reading the most incredible book right now, and I can’t even imagine not having that in my life, like not loving reading.

Jason:  Wow. Yeah, yeah. So you’re one of those that always has a book going no matter what?

Marni:  Oh yeah. Even, like, sometimes you get super-busy and like I’ll stop for a while and I’ll just, you know, like…But I know it’s there and I make time for it because it’s…it’s so important. I love reading. Yeah.

Jason:  Totally. It’s just surprising to me that there are people who just…years go by and they don’t read a book. I guess they’re just reading newspapers and websites and stuff…Or…

Marni:  Or not reading, which could be even…That’s even more alarming.

Jason:  It’s just interesting ‘cause it’s like, you’d think if you write a book you could like affect the culture. But I guess you’d only affect the small portion of the culture that actually reads books. Ya know?

Marni:  Let’s change that.

Jason:  But what’s the…what’s appeal of reading books? Like how can we sell it to people over like…Like what do you enjoy about reading a book over watching a movie or something?

Marni:  Getting absorbed into a story whether it’s true or not. I mean, I’m reading the most incredible nonfiction book right now called Three Cups of Tea, and it’s… it’s a New York Times bestseller. And it’s incredible and it’s, you know, it’s the most inspiring book that I’ve read, because this man, this real guy, goes into these countries that are completely impoverished and he builds schools. And it’s totally inspiring and I can’t imagine not wanting to know that story.

Jason:  But what makes it better in book form than in documentary film form?

Marni:  Well, documentary film form, it’s like it’s, you know, it’s visual. It’s there. But, like, a book…Actually, you know as a teacher I actually teach kids how to read.

Jason:  Yeah.

Marni:  And part of it is, like, creating pictures in your mind, like creating a story in your mind. So you’re getting the words and you, you know, have this vision of it. And oftentimes, when books are translated into film it’s not as good as, like, the picture you’ve created in your mind. Because if a book is written well, the words are so rich…It’s better.

Jason:  Yeah. Totally.


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Marni is in the middle of a great book and loves to read. Jason is impressed that Marni reads so much, even when she’s busy.

Jason is surprised by how many people don’t read books. Even people who read other things, like magazines or websites, might not make time to read a whole book.

Marni describes the book she’s reading right now, a true story about a man who builds schools in poor countries. She’d rather read about this story in a book than see a documentary film about it because reading makes you use your imagination more than watching a movie does.

What was the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? What did you like about it? Do you prefer reading books, watching movies, or surfing the Internet?



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Sami Aswad

Sami Aswad


I’m not a reading lover , I’ve read only 2-3 books in my life may be that was becoz I was so busy with studying medicine ! , I like ducomentaries more , still I guess reading books is really imp , and I should start reading !

07:21 AM Apr 03 2016 |



Russian Federation

Last book that I read was ‘Le Petit Prince’.I really enjoy it because it’s one of my favorite books.This book like fairy reallity,it’s about boring adults that are lonely.All their live consists of digits,they forget about real valuables.It’s sad,but true.
I prefer reading books to TV ot the Internet,because it’s more usefull.We just use our imagination.

02:34 PM Dec 17 2012 |




it’s my favorite too,i love it.

12:25 PM Sep 27 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i read books much,in all night before my sleep,or,when i don’t have mood i read books a lot.

09:08 AM Sep 16 2012 |


Russian Federation

Could you recommend me an English book of intermediate lavel?

03:30 PM May 14 2012 |


Russian Federation

The last book which I’ve read was Crimq and Punishment. I enjoyed it. I like reading books but I have not so much time for it. 

03:27 PM May 14 2012 |

Алина Татиева


The last book I read was “The Master and Margarita”.I did enjoy it. It is fantastic and interesting book. I like read a book and then watch movie.

08:50 AM Jul 30 2011 |

1 person likes this



I can not imagine my life without books. Most of people I know don’t like to read books, they talk to me: Why are you spending time reading books? And I answer : Why do you not do the same?

PS. I agree with the sentence of Jonathas de Almeida

12:16 AM Jun 06 2011 |



I’m too..reading a book is my like. U can improve uy mind map knowlarge in ur brain

03:09 AM May 26 2010 |

JOnathas de ALmeida


Recently I'm spending more time reading, and it has add many things in my life. Like once a heard "A person who doesn't read books, it's like a computer without internet."

02:05 PM Feb 13 2010 |





12:49 PM Jan 16 2010 |



Hong Kong

Without reading, civilization would disappear in one generation. . .

09:53 AM Jan 10 2010 |



Reading is learning…

11:11 AM Oct 23 2009 |



I have a question, how many books does the poor, average , and excellent reader read a month? 

10:47 AM Oct 15 2009 |




the last book which i have read was The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy. the author has collected five books in a thick book i mean it seems like  encyclopaedia.but in it there are lots of odd things which you cannot imagine, it is certainly interesting and i wanna advice this book who wants to read the author of the book is Douglas Adams

01:20 PM Oct 30 2008 |




it is good lesson i did all the quiz correctly . i like it now i know a lot of new words

                           Smile thank youSmile

01:03 PM Oct 30 2008 |



I like to.read…but i don't have much time for it…because i don't 2 kids…but whenever get a chance i go to library & bring a nonfiction book..

09:51 PM Oct 29 2008 |




Books, and readers for ever!

07:09 PM Oct 29 2008 |



In this fast-paced society,it's kind of hard to have time to read books constantly.actually I prefer read book than watch TV.but I finally choose to surfer on line to get the informations I need,it's fust easier and faster.I just started to re-read the novel"The farewell to arms" on the website.It's just incredible and I never get bored whenever read it.

01:14 PM Oct 29 2008 |

Lynn China


Yes,Reading can make a person be reasonable.

04:57 AM Oct 28 2008 |

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