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Date: Dec 05 2008

Themes: Health, Religion

Grammar: You're vs. Your


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Every major religion, from Hinduism to Christianity, incorporates some form of meditation. Many Buddhists, for example, use meditation to gain spiritual insight. But plenty of non-religious types meditate, too. After a stressful day, sitting quietly with your eyes closed or even repeating a mantra to yourself might help you to calm down and relax.

Marni finds meditation very useful, but Mason is skeptical. Hear them debate.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  You know, I just spent the last half hour trying to meditate.

Mason:  Well you need to just chill out, right?

Marni:  But I couldn’t clear my mind. It was so frustrating.

Mason:  Like meditate how? Meditate like just hang out and, you know, be quiet? Or meditate like the half-lotus pose and incense and stuff?

Marni:  Well, I have a spot in my house where I just clear everything off. And I go, and I just sit in the lotus position. And I just try to repeat a mantra to myself.

Mason:  And is this your own kind of practice or do you subscribe to any particular method? ‘Cause I gotta say, when it starts getting too hippy-dippy, I get weirded out by it.

Marni:  OK, I guess I can understand your perspective. But for me personally, as someone who has so much to do and so much on my mind, I find that it is very effective in just helping me calm down and see things differently.

Mason:  Mmm-hmm. ‘Cause like, I can handle chakras as an idea. But when people start laying crystals on my forehead and whatnot, that’s straying into that weirding-me-out world of meditation that I don’t really want to get to…

Marni:  Maybe you’re just not comfortable with your inner self. I think that’s your problem.

Mason:  Right, obviously my, uh, “dark chi” is in dominance.

Marni:  Oh…Well, do you have anything where you just get in the zone, and you are able to just go to another place? Do you exercise or something?

Mason:  It’s called four beers deep.

Marni:  Oh, okay.


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Marni is upset because she tried to meditate but couldn’t clear her mind. For her, meditation is a way of relaxing and feeling more peaceful. She meditates by sitting quietly in a special place and silently repeating a mantra to herself.

Mason is surprised to hear that Marni meditates. He thinks meditation sounds a little hippy-dippy. Mason assumes that anyone who meditates must be into other weird spiritual practices as well. His favorite way to relax is drinking a lot of beer.

Have you ever meditated? Do you know anyone who has a regular meditation practice?



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Meditation is not just a way to relax, it’s a way to be in contact with your innerself! I have been practicing yoga for three and half years now, and I’m still learning to be more at peace.

I understand Marni frustrantion – I’ve been there many times!

I have a very busy mind and, unfortunately, can’t always reach that point of absolute silence – and even when I can is for just a few seconds! But as so many things in life, this requires practice, practice, practice.

As for Mason oppinion, I understant it to – meditation is not for everybody and each individual should find it’s own way to deal with life.

09:17 AM Oct 21 2014 |




i never did that but have heard it is good to calm down. there is always one point where you get fed up of all work,family and etc..then you are required to do meditation for sometime to relax.

this is my perspective i might be wrong.

05:36 AM Oct 19 2014 |




 In order to meditate regular practice is necessary.  Is not always  necessary, but it  could help a lot to meditate under the guidance of a genuine master  .         

11:20 PM Feb 18 2011 |

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meditation sound so easy..but its very hard to do it..So hard to make my mind focus with one object even olny for a minutes..

But I absolutly sure, meditation can deliver everyone to get the happiness.

08:38 AM Jul 01 2009 |

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i will try to meditate before sleeping

03:38 PM Dec 13 2008 |

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My mom believes in Nichiren Buddhism. She has a regular meditation practice. When she does meditation, she holds her hands together, chanting “Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō”.

12:42 AM Dec 12 2008 |


Russian Federation

Beer meditation it’s working ;)

06:02 PM Dec 11 2008 |



I believe meditation is a wonderful way to relax. At the same time, we keep ourself positive. We can have our own mantra, as long as it helps us to strengthen our innerself.  Myself as a muslim, after praying, i will meditate and read the quran verses.  It really helps especially when i feel so down and depressed.Kiss

01:58 AM Dec 11 2008 |



United States

meditation sound like easy.

04:06 AM Dec 10 2008 |



meditation has no religion.

03:47 AM Dec 10 2008 |

Fatimah del corazon


I always practice Yoga but I don't believe in its religion. I do it for my bellydancing.

06:31 PM Dec 09 2008 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I think meditate really can decrease pressuers in your mind , but for the first times sitting in lalf-loutus pose maybe being hard , it has value of test , you can try .

08:04 PM Dec 08 2008 |


Saudi Arabia

In most times, I like to do meditation. so, the best practice I prefer to do is sitting in a special place almost in front of the sea and deeply observe the waves (ebb and flow)  and then  taking a deep breath to be relaxed and clear everything off . also, I try to get my sad feelings out of my mind and throw it on the sea . Actually, after I do this practice, I feel more comfortable than ever.

09:56 PM Dec 07 2008 |



mediation is the things alway done by smonks. but it is very popular nowdays because it can bring u a peaceful feeling and relaxtion. i ever did YUGA, it is really effective. during the time, i can forget everythings and also myself, although maybe it is only five mintes or less, i felt relaxed and very comfortable due to streching by body. so u can try it and feel the feelings during that time. and i suggest that a coch is the key point to success.

03:29 AM Dec 07 2008 |



Trying to clear one’s mind is very important to have a health life.Once I read a article written by Winston Churchill describing worrying is the spasm of one part of brain. the mind catch hold of something and will not let it go.It is uesless to argue with the mind at this time ,the stronger the will, the more futile the tusk. At this time we should do something that we are really interested in and gradully the unduly pain will start to recover.

01:11 AM Dec 07 2008 |

0qkia pich


meditation is good. Can you say me what is your name











06:58 PM Dec 06 2008 |

0qkia pich


What is your name

06:47 PM Dec 06 2008 |




Meditation is not just a random practice. It often goes hand in hand with self-realization. It's actually deeper that how people may interpret it. It helps organizing ideas, taking the right decisions in life and staying optimistic no matter what. I guess beer is just for chilling out, it remains ephemeral whereas Meditation, if properly practiced, helps the person to discover his/her inner self and stay in harmony with it.

04:13 PM Dec 06 2008 |

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Sri Lanka

there are  plenti of maditation techinich in buddism once i tried one and got very wiered experience i think b4 do meditation better get some advices from those who teach meditation

02:35 PM Dec 06 2008 |

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...One of the sereval techniques of the kung fu is called Tchi Cum…One technique used by the shaolin monks to meditate through breathing…I practice shaolin kung fu for 5 years and I can say it works Wink

01:25 PM Dec 06 2008 |

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