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Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Date: Dec 17 2008

Themes: Pets

Grammar: Adverbs


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

What do Madonna, Paris Hilton, and Jennifer Lopez have in common? They’re all famous, of course, and they all own chihuahuas. Chihuahuas make a great celebrity accessory because they’re so tiny. It’s easy to carry them down the red carpet or fit them into a designer handbag.

Now every celebrity’s favorite breed has its own movie. Beverly Hills Chihuahua is a comedy about a chihuahua who gets kidnapped (or dognapped?) and has to escape and get back to her owner. The film uses real live dogs and makes it look like they’re talking through special computer effects.
Although reviews for Beverly Hills Chihuahua have been mixed, the film has been a big success at the box office. Listen to Jason talk to Beren about it.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Beren:  Have you seen this movie, Beverly Hills Chihuahua?

Jason:  Yeah, but I saw it kinda late.

Beren:  You’ve seen it? Are you serious?

Jason:  Well, it snuck up on me. It’s such a big success right now.

Beren:  Is it animated?

Jason:  Well, it’s weirdly animated. They use CG to make the dogs actually talk.

Beren:  Oh my goodness, I don’t think that’s anything I’d want to spend two hours watching. But everybody’s really into it. Isn’t Drew Barrymore in it?

Jason:  Yeah, she’s the main character. She does do a voice-over. It’s just so funny…It’s an inherently funny breed of dog, don’t you think?

Beren:  Yeah, definitely. They’re so yappy, and you see a chihuahua and you immediately have an idea of what the owner must be like.

Jason:  Yeah, they say that people’s dogs match their personality for sure. But yeah, it’s pretty funny. It’s about…you know, a chihuahua gets kidnapped in Mexico…So it’s like…I don’t know.

Beren:  Oh my goodness.

Jason:  It’s kind of like an action film with chihuahuas.

Beren:  That’s hilarious. Maybe I’ll see it now. I did like that Taco Bell chihuahua, he was funny.

Jason:  Yeah, it’s been long enough, I think, since him.

Beren:  Alright.


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Beren is surprised to learn that Jason has seen Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Even though it’s a popular movie, Beren isn’t interested in watching a movie about a talking dog.

Jason explains that the film isn’t a traditional animated movie. Instead, it uses special computer effects to make real dogs look like they’re talking. Drew Barrymore does the voice of one of the dogs.

Jason also points out that chihuahuas are naturally funny dogs. This may be because they’re so tiny, funny looking, and full of energy. There have been several famous chihuahuas, including one that appeared in commercials for a Mexican fast food restaurant. After talking to Jason, Beren decides that she might like to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua after all.

Do you have a pet? Do you think he or she says something about your personality?



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Hong Kong

I think this is not a kind of a creative movie, but it is a comedy. I suggest people getting in the theater and enjoy the funny movie.

12:46 PM Apr 17 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

I like this movie

09:20 AM Mar 11 2010 |



i don't see this movie.i'd like the pets,but don't want to have.

 i like very mach the movie which i'm Legend's dog.it's very beautiful.

03:05 AM Dec 23 2008 |


ola3Super Member!


I heard this is a very very big grossing film. I'm not really into wathching talking dogs either, but if it's something  off the wall story, I don't mind.Tongue out

02:44 AM Dec 23 2008 |



I haven't seen this film.I have a dog,preety dog.But I don't like Chihuahua

12:20 PM Dec 21 2008 |



I don't have ang pets and I don't think I will have one. But lots of my friends have pets like dogs cats etc.I don't undernstand why they are so like animals. One of my friends spend about one third of her salary to raise her dog.She will send her dog to dog nersary when she is working that really makes me confused.Why the dog means that much to her is beyond my understanding. 

04:06 AM Dec 21 2008 |




I have a little cat calling Juca…He really looks like me in its personality hahaha comedy!

06:45 PM Dec 18 2008 |




I'm usually lazy to watch these films little animals…These films are cutes,but it let me lazyTongue out

I prefer a good terror or action film,for example heheLaughing

06:42 PM Dec 18 2008 |




I haven't watch it, but it can be funny.  I love animals, I had a cat, its name was Ziggy, now I want a dog, maybe a Golden Retriver.

05:23 PM Dec 18 2008 |




i  will watch this film


12:40 PM Dec 18 2008 |



I like animals, actually I have two dogs.They are very cute.I like to watch movies about pet.The movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua heared is so interesting,I will watch it later.

07:44 AM Dec 18 2008 |




i wanna watch this movie ,i am searching where it is!

04:01 AM Dec 18 2008 |




i haven’t watch this film but it sounds interesting with Drew Barrymore as one of the dubber in this film, i like her. i don’t have any pet now.

02:42 AM Dec 18 2008 |




I haven't seen this movie, and I don't any pet now.

I'd like to have.

09:30 PM Dec 17 2008 |

Dolores Esmeralda Martinez

Dominican Republic

I like this movie Ilove you


05:21 PM Dec 17 2008 |




I don't have any pet at home, but i'd like to have one!

a Panda might be very nice!! lol

01:37 PM Dec 17 2008 |




I like pets, espesially dogs, but I haven`t watched this film.

01:28 PM Dec 17 2008 |



i haven't see this movie yet but i'm interested to see it because i like movies of pets 

12:30 PM Dec 17 2008 |




I donot watch this film and also I do not like pet. Actually i prefer more to communicate with people than animals.

09:36 AM Dec 17 2008 |


Viet Nam

I have a cat. It's quite old and fat. But i don't think that other people can know what i am like when they see it.

07:35 AM Dec 17 2008 |

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