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Guns N' Roses

Guns N' Roses

Date: Dec 15 2008

Themes: Alternative, Music

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Fans of the rock band Guns N’Roses finally have a reason to celebrate. After 17 long years in the studio, the band just put out the much-anticipated, much-hyped Chinese Democracy. But not everyone thinks the new GNR album was worth the wait. Reviews have been mixed, and the band has received some criticism for allowing the album to be delayed for such a long time. Plus, the members of the band changed several times while the album was in process.

Some say that front-man Axl Rose is too much of a perfectionist. If he didn’t obsess so much over every little detail, maybe he would make more music and his fans would be happier. On the other hand, perfectionism often leads to…perfection. Listen to what Jason and Devan think.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  I got my free Dr. Pepper last week.

Devan:  Because Chinese Democracy came out finally?

Jason:  I cannot believe how long it took for that to come out.

Devan:  They were working on it for almost 17 years.

Jason:  What were they doing all that time, you know? It’s just an album.

Devan:  Well, you know, you would think that he was perfecting it, to try to make it the best that it could possibly be, and that’s why it took so long…But, the reviews are in and they say it’s just OK.

Jason:  Yeah, that’s what I was going to say. It’s not great. It’s not awful. It has awful moments. It has maybe a great moment or two.

Devan:  After all that hype, all the anticipation, you know…

Jason:  Yeah.

Devan:  But you did get your free Dr. Pepper?

Jason:  I did, but, um…I don’t know. Axl Rose was kind of a spoil-sport about the whole thing. You know, Dr. Pepper thought it would be fun to do this promotion. A joke about how long it took to come out. And then I guess not everyone got their free Dr. Pepper who tried to, and so GNR was threatening to sue Dr. Pepper or something like that.

Devan:  He probably just wants to sue Dr. Pepper because he’s not gonna make as much money on the album as he was hoping to, so he’s gotta make his money somewhere.

Jason:  He’s gotta take it out on somebody.


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Dr. Pepper, a soft drink company, promised to give everyone in America a free can of soda if Guns N’ Roses released Chinese Democracy before the end of 2008. The album finally came out in November, and Jason was one of the many Americans who got a free Dr. Pepper.

Jason and Devan can’t believe it took GNR 17 years to release their new album. They both think that it doesn’t quite live up to the hype. It has some good songs, but it also has some bad songs. Axl Rose may be a perfectionist, but Chinese Democracy isn’t a perfect album.

Do you think Chinese Democracy was worth the wait? Are you a perfectionist like Axl Rose? Is it good to be a perfectionist?



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thanks useful info

07:26 PM Jun 01 2009 |



anybody there?

07:23 PM Jun 01 2009 |





07:22 PM Jun 01 2009 |





10:15 AM Jun 01 2009 |

bon vivant

United States

i have seen them play several times when they were poplur back in the early 90's but there is a reason they quit playing Axel couldn't sing anymore and the herion was really getting in the way of things.

they used to be a great band i think they should leave it that way going on tour will just ruin what they once were.

07:21 PM May 31 2009 |

fanny vargas


hola es un gusto tan grande el poder comunicarme Coolestoy muy feliz gracias x todo  Smilelos quiero

04:09 AM May 31 2009 |

Rezon 邬

Rezon 邬


G N’ R!

09:57 AM May 30 2009 |

Rezon 邬

Rezon 邬


【DON’T CRY】is my favourate song of them..

09:56 AM May 30 2009 |



i agree

10:16 AM May 28 2009 |



Russian Federation

There is a mistake in quiz!

The right answer for question "Which is an example of past progressive?" is "I wonder what they were thinking." according to the grammar be+ing

11:27 AM May 24 2009 |



Russian Federation

There is a mistake in quiz!

The right answer for question "Which is an example of past progressive?" is "I wonder what they were thinking." according to the grammar be+ing

11:27 AM May 24 2009 |




The word put out has several meanings,depending on usage.e.g.
1.If you put out a story, a album, a book, you make it known to many persons.
2.If you put out a fire, a candle,a cigarette,you make it stop burning.
3.If you put out an electric light, you make it stop shining by switching it off.
4.If you put out things that will be needed,you place them somewhere ready to be used.
5. If you put out your hand, you move it forward away from your body.
6. In a sporting competition, to put out a player or a team means to defeat them and eliminate them from the competition.


P.s I googled it, hope this help.

05:19 AM May 24 2009 |

ximena paola


 excellent activitesLaughing

08:59 PM May 14 2009 |




I like it!

04:46 PM May 08 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


01:50 PM May 08 2009 |

fanny vargas


please deseo aprender ingles    .empezar de la manera mas facil   please  lo deseo de todo heart       FANNY  LOS QUIERO MUCHO Smile

06:00 PM May 07 2009 |



I think anything don't worth wait !7 years..!

02:41 PM May 07 2009 |




so good… but i prefer nirvana

01:34 AM May 01 2009 |



what is the full meaning of "dear" ?


10:54 AM Apr 23 2009 |




what's the meaning of "put out"??

any one could help me? 


12:05 AM Apr 21 2009 |

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