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My True Love Gave to Me

My True Love Gave to Me English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Dec 30 2008

Themes: Holidays, Romance

Grammar: Third Conditional


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Last week on the soap opera, Amanda and Mason exchanged Christmas gifts. Mason got a great camera and he gave Amanda a mixtape. She didn’t seem to think that was such a good Christmas present. But what if it wasn’t a Christmas present?

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Marni:  What’s this about? A little, old school souvenir?

Amanda:  Ah, let’s see. The love of my life gave me a crappy mixtape for Christmas. Who does that?

Marni:  Seriously, that’s your gift?

Amanda:  Yeah, he’s a total cheapskate.

Marni:  Wow.

Amanda:  He’s a loser. Like, loser. Do you want to know what I got him to top it off?

Marni:  I’m afraid, but yeah, tell me.

Amanda:  I’m embarrassed to say. I got him a camcorder.

Marni:  Really?

Amanda:  Yeah.

Marni:  That’s nice.

Amanda:  Two grand.

Marni:  Two thousand dollars?

Amanda:  Uh-huh.

Marni:  You spent two thousand dollars on him?

Amanda:  I did. I’m embarrassed to say, but I love him.

Marni:  Wow. I don’t know. I just…I don’t know what to be more astounded by, the fact that you spent two thousand dollars on the gift or the fact that he gave you a mixtape.

Amanda:  You know what? The main thing is I’m just embarrassed to tell my friends, ‘cause they’re all emailing and asking me, “Oh my God, what did Mason get you?”

Devan:  Hey you guys.

Marni:  Hey. How are you?

Amanda:  Hey.

Devan:  How’s it goin’?

Marni:  Good.

Devan:  Merry Christmas.

Marni:  Same to you.

Amanda:  Not for me.

Devan:  Oh, I don’t know about that. In fact, I have a special delivery for you from Mason.

Amanda:  Really?

Devan:  Uh-huh.

Amanda:  Well, what is this about?

Marni:  I don’t know. Let’s find out.

Amanda:  Is this like a redemption gift or something? Because he…Did you guys tell…Did you just tell her?

Marni:  I said nothing.

Devan:  Mason just sent me over here. He said to give you…give this to you.

Amanda:  I’m so nervous. I feel like all nauseated.

Marni:  Do you want me to look?

Devan:  Open it.

Marni:  Come on. You can do it. You can do it. This looks good.

Devan:  Oh my God.

Marni:  She’s crying.

Amanda:  It’s his great-grandmother’s locket.

Marni:  Oh my goodness.

Amanda:  I can’t even believe it.

Marni:  Wow.

Amanda:  Her initials are on the back.

Marni:  It’s gorgeous.

Amanda:  He’s been carrying this around with him everywhere we go.

Marni:  Oh my goodness.

Devan:  He wanted me to tell you that that it’s number two. Six more to go. Happy Hanukkah.

Amanda:  Oh my God, I feel like such a jerk.


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Amanda is really upset about what happened with Mason. Not only did she spend a lot of money on him, but she’s embarrassed to tell her friends what he got her. And she’s worried about what his gift says about the relationship.

Just then Devan walks up with a bag. She says it’s from Mason. Amanda opens it and inside is beautiful locket that belonged to Mason’s great-grandmother! Devan reminds Amanda that Mason is Jewish so he celebrates Hanukkah instead of Christmas, which means she will get six more presents from him!

Did you exchange gifts with anyone this holiday season? Were they happy with what you got for them? Were you happy with what you received?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

So helpful

10:00 PM Nov 25 2014 |


Russian Federation

Actually I like do gifts more than get them.

05:53 PM Apr 25 2013 |



The sincerity and self-fulfillment and a sense of tranquility

09:26 AM Jun 26 2012 |




not having any gift :) Locket is very very rare right now, it’s old fashion necklace. But I still saw it in my childhood I remember but now I don’t see it anywhere.

08:25 AM Jun 26 2012 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i give to my friends and my family gift in holidays like new year … and the best gift i recieved was from God infact i tried to love only God and in my day dreaming in my mind i made a cottage among mountains and just talked with God after 3 days God answered my love and one night in my dream i saw in sky it was witten I LOVE YOU (in both farsi and english language in large size and bold blue)i found out the true love is love to God.

06:55 AM Jun 26 2012 |




I think that, if I wanted to give a special gift for the love of my life, I would do it by myself. I wouldn’t deliver it by my friend.

07:08 AM Jun 24 2012 |



i enjoy the process of learing ,

11:18 AM Jun 23 2011 |


Antigua and Barbuda

I think Amanda reacts strongly.Gift is just gift.whatever it is.Love can't measure by money.

04:56 PM Sep 21 2010 |


Hong Kong

yeah such a jerk 

06:12 PM Jul 10 2010 |





06:45 AM Feb 03 2010 |




This lesson is great!

10:19 PM Sep 23 2009 |




     i think Amanda is careless.  cause she  forgot her bF is a Jewish. she just remember the chiristmas. i don't know much about other country' s special festival.what will people do in this special days. i just want to say the lover should know each other more .more understanding. don't measure the love with money.

02:41 AM Feb 21 2009 |


Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

Hi, ther 
any body admire on me
Just i am Man 
Love And Warrm Regards, to Allllllllllllllllllllllll

12:37 AM Feb 18 2009 |




My True Love Gave to Me

07:06 AM Feb 15 2009 |




I like the necklace,too

07:30 AM Feb 06 2009 |

ali cicek


hı every body

02:55 PM Jan 30 2009 |




03:44 PM Jan 29 2009 |



Did you exchange gifts with anyone this holiday season? Were they happy with what you got for them? Were you happy with what you received?


I exchange gifts only with my boyfriend. It's nice. He was happy with teddy bear I gave him. But it wasn't a bear but frog ;p hieh ;) He likes it very much, He sleeps with it. I was happy with my present from he too. He gave me a perfume and necklace.

12:58 PM Jan 29 2009 |



If Mason hadn't given her the locket, she would have felt upset because of it. And she even would think that he doesn't love her as much as she loves him.

12:51 PM Jan 29 2009 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied


09:50 AM Jan 29 2009 |

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