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Love Songs

Love Songs

Date: Feb 09 2009

Themes: Holidays, Romance

Grammar: The Unreal Past


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Imagine you just had an amazing first date. You went out for a delicious dinner, had a great conversation, made eyes at each other all night. Now you’re sitting in the car, getting ready to say goodnight. You think the moment might be right to go in for a kiss. What’s playing on the radio? Hopefully not heavy metal or hardcore rap. To help set the mood, you probably want a soft, romantic love song, right?

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, it’s a good time to think about what makes the perfect love song. Is it romantic lyrics? Sweet melodies? Funky beats? Find out what kind of songs make Marni and Amanda’s hearts race.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Amanda:  It’s that time of year…

Marni:  Oh, St. Valentine’s Day.

Amanda:  Wonderful.

Marni:  It really is, isn’t it? Love songs. You got some favorites?

Amanda:  I do. It has to have a beat that you can…you know.

Marni:  Dance to?

Amanda:  No. Um, a couple of my favorites right now, maybe Alicia Keys, “No One.” She just sings it so hard.

Marni:  She’s got a good voice, that Alicia Keys.

Amanda:  Um, a little John Legend, I don’t care what it is, any time.

Marni:  Any classic love songs?

Amanda:  Those are classic love songs!

Marni:  Well, they’re more contemporary, which…I’m thinking, you know, timeless...

Amanda:  Oh, like the Righteous Brothers you mean?

Marni:  Oh, “Unchained Melody”?

Amanda:  Is that what you’re talking about?

Marni:  I don’t know, I have to say, I think one of the greatest love songs is “You Were Always on My Mind.” A little Willie Nelson.

Amanda:  Really?

Marni:  Yeah, it’s just so heartwarming.

Amanda:  So if you were on a first date, and the guy took you back to his apartment, and he dimmed the lights…

Marni:  No, not that. But if you want to think about that gut-wrenching feeling of loving someone…

Amanda:  So painfully?

Marni:  Apparently, I like the emotional thing, and you just want a good beat.

Amanda:  I just want the beat, OK?


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Valentine’s Day is a time of year when we hear a lot of love songs, whether we want to or not. Marni and Amanda discuss their favorite love songs. Amanda likes love songs with a strong beat, while Marni prefers classic love songs with tender lyrics and a sweet sound.

Amanda is surprised when Marni names Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” as one of her favorite love songs. Willie Nelson is known as an elderly, pot-smoking, hippie country singer. Not the sexiest of images. Plus, the lyrics to “Always on my Mind” are sad and lonely. They’re more about heartbreak than good lovin’. But Marni likes love songs that are very emotional, while those types of songs don’t satisfy Amanda.

What do you think makes a perfect love song? Do you have a favorite?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I love the songs about sad love story than love songs

02:28 PM Feb 20 2015 |




i think it depends on the situation in which u are… if u are in love with someone and he/she is with you, u prefer love songs with happy lyrics. but if u are refused by someone or u are lonely and with broken heart, u prefer songs about sad love story…

but , of course, there may be exclusions…)))

04:54 PM Jul 19 2014 |




my favourite love song, maybe “still loving you” by scorpions, I love that band and I think that some years ago there were better sings.

01:55 AM Sep 10 2012 |

Vina Novalina


I love listening songs, songs become my best friend when nobody else understand me and u can’t deny that some lyrics that u found in a song can touching your heart and it can be suitable with your mood that time.
I have many favorite love songs that I can listen over and over again for instance are “the closer I get to you” and ” especially for you”, so sweet lyrics and very touching.

03:57 PM Sep 09 2012 |



I don’t know what my favorite is

06:20 PM Sep 30 2011 |



Saudi Arabia


09:54 PM Mar 08 2011 |



nice song


08:48 PM Mar 08 2011 |



yes i do have favorite love song I will always love you and when u say nothing at all….

02:13 AM Jan 04 2011 |




11:29 AM Nov 14 2010 |


El Salvador

love songs… i like the 80's and 90's love songs mostly…. you can get the feeling of the singer not to mention the lyrics…..... kinda touchy sometimes.

03:56 PM Jun 27 2010 |




i like timeless and you were always on my mind so much…

12:47 PM Oct 23 2009 |




I like this song…Innocent

it teaches me alot.. 

03:24 AM Mar 12 2009 |



Russian Federation

I like "I'm with you" by Avril Lavigne, very romantic song.Embarassed

08:58 AM Feb 17 2009 |




I like love songs, but not ever… sometime i listen love songs for relax.. and i think that v-day is a common day, because we need demostrate equal love every day's.. not only feb14….

09:01 PM Feb 13 2009 |




I like love and romantic songs and there is a band called Xandria and one pretty song that I like a lot,”Eversleeping”,who wants to check out,make yourself at home ;)

06:50 PM Feb 13 2009 |




I like love and romantic songs,kind soundtracks of films and novels,It heartwarming me and remind me of some passages of my life…It are good memories :)

06:43 PM Feb 13 2009 |

The Jasmine

Syrian Arab Republic

Happy Valentine’s day To all lovers around the world .. I agree with Marni ,Classical love songs with touchable lyrics and a sweet sound,,” Always on My mind “ is my favorite but as I know that Elvis Brecly is the singer . For me I like Josh Groban’s style especially his amazing song “U raise me up “.His sweet voice & tender melody in addition to his significant lyrics all that makes him heartwarming..

 I Wish u Joy & above this I wish u Love

04:31 PM Feb 13 2009 |



I think it depends very much, on your individual situation, wether you like love songs or not. Because if you just fell and love and you are flying on "cloud 7",than every kind of lovesong will be just a pleasure to listen to. Even the love songs, which you called "crap" or something like that before.

But the opposite can be possible as well. If you just quit a relationship, or someone quit with the, even the best lovesong will be "crap" for you. 

That's the way it is, I think. But we have to face the truth. Who doesn't like to share unforgetable moments with your love, while listening to lovemusic:)

08:56 PM Feb 12 2009 |



I do have love songs, Only love Trade Mark.

Really nice

05:32 AM Feb 12 2009 |




i like to enjoy love songs too. alicia keys " no one " also good. but i like to listen hip hop … 2 face, chris brown. akon. t-pain. king stones.

09:54 AM Feb 11 2009 |

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