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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Date: Apr 06 2009

Themes: Celebrity, Music, Pop Culture

Grammar: Be Able To


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Some artists write serious songs with deep, poetic lyrics. And others write songs with lines like “I wanna take a ride on your disco stick.” Can you guess which group Lady Gaga belongs to?

If you guessed the second group, you’re right. Her music makes you want to run straight to a club and start dancing. It may not be all that meaningful, but it’s fun to listen to. Her debut album, Fame, has achieved worldwide success. Find out more about her from Ella and Dale.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  OK, I gotta know. Are you a fan of Lady Gaga?

Ella:  I am a mega-fan. It’s kind of a guilty pleasure, but I really like her.

Dale:  “Just Dance” is one of the most popular songs and it does sound really catchy, it’s really fun, and when anybody plays it, everybody just seems to kinda move their body. But I don’t know anything about the artist at all.

Ella:  She started out performing with drag queens and go-go dancers in New York.

Dale:  Is she a…is she a drag queen?

Ella:  No, she’s a woman, but sometimes she looks a little something else. But she has this kind of glam rock...It’s very techno but pop. It’s just very catchy, and I like all the other songs on her CD too.

Dale:  How many other songs does she…I mean…

Ella:  Oh, she just came out with a new album. And all of them are kind of the same style, and kind of some sexual innuendos.

Dale:  Are they danceable?

Ella:  They’re all very danceable. Her new song that just came out, “Poker Face,” is another catchy tune that people are obsessed with.

Dale:  It sounds like an innuendo!


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“Just Dance” is a really popular single right now. Dale has heard it a lot and he finds it really catchy and fun to dance to. But he doesn’t know anything about the artist who sings it, Lady Gaga. Ella tells him a little bit about Lady Gaga’s history. It sounds like she has a wild past!

Ella is a little embarrassed by how much she loves Lady Gaga. Maybe that’s because Lady Gaga is all about partying and having fun. Her songs are sexy and they have great beats. But she isn’t very serious.

Do you like to go dancing? What are your favorite songs to hear when you go to clubs?



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i have her song in my mp4,it’s ok to listen to…it seems “just dance” placed first on Billboard…

06:59 AM Apr 10 2009 |



lady gaga yes i just lisented her music on line. and itis a really nice music. i think it's not a kind of clean-cut music . i really don't know about performens with drag queen in go go dancers in new yourk. but i have been some club like this. and in BJ must of DJ play their songs but they don't sing.  so i doubt it .it's not a live music. anyway. dance could ease the pain. any kind of style i'm all run into it .recently i like most of  glam rock with some hiphop .or another live band music. it is all fallow my feeling

05:40 AM Apr 10 2009 |




I like hippop dance, so I like this kind of music. But I don't know about Lady Gaga, I think I will search her information on the web. Thank you for baby English to let me know her.

02:18 AM Apr 10 2009 |




wow very nice

06:44 PM Apr 09 2009 |

dinuka warapitiya

Sri Lanka

What are prepositions we can use with the letter "obsess?

04:06 PM Apr 09 2009 |




i haven`t heard lady gaga, but i dont think ill like it, because i like rock and roll, my favourite group now a days is arctic monkeys. Any way ill give it a try, music can surprises you so many times!

10:53 AM Apr 09 2009 |




i haven`t heard lady gaga, but i dont think ill like it, because i like rock and roll, my favourite group now a days is arctic monkeys. Any way ill give it a try, music can surprises you so many times!

10:52 AM Apr 09 2009 |





   First time I saw her peformed  in the concert of New kid on the block I really didn't know her. One month later "just dance" went to the top of chart and I had listen frequency that made me remember her. I also love "poker face" now  

08:35 AM Apr 09 2009 |




hi dear

my name golbas.

i can't speak english or write very well

can you help me

thanks alot


05:58 AM Apr 09 2009 |




I know she's hot now, but I'm really NOT into her style, too noisy, and too much showing off. I prefer some quite music, folk or country or just pop music. Maybe the more pressure you have, the more you'll like her music.

Btw, "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick." is another song in her album FameLove Game.  "diso stick" is this stuff (http://www.antzblog.com/attach/3/1277834913.jpg) in her hand, but also kinda sexual innuendo, right? hoho~

05:39 AM Apr 09 2009 |




hello lady gaga  I wanna to meet you abaut english language if you can help me abaut this topic I wil be so so hapy


05:08 PM Apr 08 2009 |




My favourite songs are from Britney Spears, David Getta and some rock bands.

I enjoy dancing a good and dancing song, I add a little techno and pop songs and everything is ok!

04:12 PM Apr 08 2009 |



I know Lady Gaga and her song Poker Face. Poker Face seems very popular now but I don't like it very much. Maybe I don't like this kind of music

02:34 PM Apr 08 2009 |



I like dancing very much!

But I 'm not do well in it .Once  hearing this song ,i cann't help moving my body with the beat!

02:11 PM Apr 08 2009 |



I like dancing very much!!! But I prefer Freemasons, Amanda Wilson, House music! Kiss

11:14 AM Apr 08 2009 |




I like her songs, espacially fashion, poker face, paper gangsta.  But I don't understand why did Ella mentioned about drag queen.. I don't think she's strange, she likes to have fun and she's just doing it.

11:05 AM Apr 08 2009 |




yes ilike that music its so popy…..........

09:14 AM Apr 08 2009 |




Yes, I love to dance. I can Expressed what i feel when i heard the beat.My favorite song is poker face by Lady Gaga.

06:30 AM Apr 08 2009 |




I like dancing very much,easpecially street danceing! i also hear the song of 50cent

04:54 AM Apr 08 2009 |




dancing is really fun. It's a fun way exercise as well.

10:26 PM Apr 07 2009 |

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