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Songs You've Heard a Million Times

Songs You've Heard a Million Times

Date: Apr 13 2009

Themes: Hobbies, Music

Grammar: Past Perfect Tense


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2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

The number one million can be positive or negative. It would be great to have a million dollars. And it’s exciting that English, baby! now has a million members. But you wouldn’t want to get stung by a million bees, right? And it’s pretty annoying when a song is so overplayed that you feel like you’ve heard it a million times.

Some songs get played over and over again, not just on the radio but also in movies and on commercials. Listen to Jason and Marni talk about overplayed songs.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  You know, one good thing about having the music industry sort of falling apart and just totally spread out all over the place, with just so many bands, is that I don’t really get played out on songs anymore.

Marni:  That is true. You know, I hadn’t actually thought about that. Songs get so overplayed. But now you have so many options.

Jason:  I mean, there were some a few years ago that I really may have heard a million times.

Marni:  Yeah, definitely.

Jason:  Do you remember that “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” song by Aerosmith? That song?

Marni:  Yes! And it was used in movies and…

Jason:  It was everywhere that summer, whatever it was, like ‘98 or something.

Marni:  Yeah. That song I could do without ever hearing again.

Jason:  Same goes for “Barbie Girl in a Barbie World.”

Marni:  “I’m a Barbie Girl?” Yeah. And there was that Postal Service song that was used in like every commercial for a while. There was like five commercials that were playing at the same time that used the same song, which I thought was so weird.

Jason:  I don’t know why you would do that, you’d think you’d want a commercial to have its own personality and not use something that’s played out.

Marni:  Right, exactly. And you get so sick of that song…

Jason:  I mean I guess maybe they’re thinking it’ll get stuck in your head and then every time you’re singing it to yourself, you’ll think of that commercial that you saw.

Marni:  Right, and you’ll want to go out and buy that product.

Jason:  But mainly it’s just driving me crazy.

Marni:  Right.


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Jason says that he doesn’t get played out on songs as much as he used to. He thinks this is because there are a lot more bands out there now than there were back in the ‘80s and ‘90s thanks to the Internet.

Some songs get played so much that you feel like you’ve heard them a million times. Popular songs are often used in movies or on commercials, too, so they become even more overplayed. Jason and Marni get really annoyed when they hear the same song over and over again.

Do you ever get played out on songs? Are there any songs you could listen to a million times without getting sick of them?



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Pop songs are usually overplayed. No matter what radio station you tune into, if the station plays main stream music, the same songs get played over and over again. I think classics are usually the types of songs you just don´t get played out on. There´s a song called ‘The Captain of her heart’ from the late 80´s which didn´t make it to the top of the charts but to me it´s one of the songs I could have stuck on replay without ever getting tired of. On the other hand there are songs by a certain guy known by his ‘dog’ related name tht I could really do without hearing. The lyrics are sheer nonsense.

03:59 PM Mar 25 2014 |




I hate my favorate song was put on a boring advertisement as backgroud music.In some cases,Comercial product will destroy great music.As long as the song was my favorate,i can listen to it million times

12:34 PM Nov 29 2013 |




I used to hear the same songs on the radio over and over and that’s why I DON’T listen the radio anymore. I know it’s marketing but how many times during the day you can listen to the same song??

There are songs which I can listen to million times but songS…I mean my fav 6 songs on my playlist and played one by one. Even my best song I can listen to a few times, not milion. Anyway, I love music and I can’t imagine my life without it. So,if there was the only one song in the world then i think i would listen to it over and over :P

12:50 PM Apr 16 2013 |




I like listening music especially (pop.R&B.Hip Hop)

i’ve one song i like it so much it’s for demi lovato ft jason derulo ‘together’ i can’t hate it even i heard it a millions times i feel better when i hear it

02:56 PM Nov 18 2012 |

Liana's Dream

United States

songs is in my life they are my friends at all,i need them sooooooooooooooo much in my life…

02:39 PM Nov 18 2012 |




umm i like 90’s songs. i can listen all kind of musics. Pop, Rock, R&B, Hip Hop. and if which musics has good lyrics. i’ll love them.

but..sorry. my neighbor is a girl. and she always turned a music. which sang “Baby Baby Baby ohhh…!”


11:33 AM Nov 12 2012 |

1 person likes this




Very nice song, Anna.S. Very true. Greed is in us. More, more and more. losing face because of that. So sad.

02:29 AM Nov 12 2012 |

1 person likes this




ooooh I hate songs overplayed all about….above all summer songs. A last they annoy me so muuuuch and some of these songs aren’t good, they are only commercial products.

But i like choose a song in a little time of my life and i could listen to that one million time, because it’s ””mine”. Actually my overplayed song is Society of Eddie Vedder

09:14 PM Nov 11 2012 |




I like listening music. When I travel I always bring my mp3 player. So If I am alone I only use it. Sometimes it is funny because there is time when I can’t control myself and start in a little headbang.

I prefer rock and metal. I listen popular bands’ music like Linkin Park, Nickelback, Metallica, but I listen underground rock/metal music too.

When some of them reales a new album I listen the songs again and again. Fisrt, I try to accept the songs because bands sometimes change their stlye, speed or themes because of renewing. But this changes are rarely radical. So I listen the same songs a lot but I haven’t played out on any of my fav songs. 

Once I set one of my fav song on my phone’s alarm music. A week later I hated that song. So I haven’t done again this mistake.

06:17 PM Nov 11 2012 |

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I like the music too,i always listen to the music all kind of music:

blue,rock,pop,rap i like all of them.

05:37 AM Oct 29 2012 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

ooh I loved watching Dance group . But live not in video.

05:47 PM Sep 23 2012 |

1 person likes this

Vina Novalina


Music is my best friend when nobody understand me, put me in a better mood. I can’t imagine how is life without music, everything will be flat, dull and boring. Music brings us together, no matter what is the language, where is it from and who is the singer, it always can makes us shake our body when we listen it. I love music and I like sleep with music on, and when I love one song I can listen it million times over and over without getting sick.

03:31 PM Sep 15 2012 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Personally , I am in love with music especially those that give me good sense.Yeah many times!it is not unusual :)

11:03 AM Sep 15 2012 |

1 person likes this


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

oh my god don’t talk about music i love music,i listen to the music in all my days.music is my lifeLaughing

11:21 AM Aug 30 2012 |

1 person likes this



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

music an using of that to produce a commercial program has important attention. If using be just using and retrying without any emition it drives you crazy, however if that song was prodeuced with some emotional feeling it will be remain in you mind and stuck in your head with good feeling

01:35 PM Aug 17 2012 |

1 person likes this



In most cases the radio stations play songs over and over again I really can’t stand. And, the worst of it those song’s melody is spinning around in your head and no chance getting it out!!! That’s also the reason why I keep myself away from mainstream pop.

It is driving you nuts and sometimes you recognize that you start to hum the melody even if you won’t do it.

After a longer time that song disappeared out of your head the next annoying shit is coming around! 

09:19 PM Jun 12 2011 |




MuSic is mY Life!!

09:56 AM Jan 26 2011 |




11:08 AM Nov 14 2010 |



am weill


11:03 AM Jul 14 2010 |



hi thanks

11:02 AM Jul 14 2010 |

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