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big picture

big picture

Date: Apr 30 2009


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

“I just try not to look too far in the future. It gets terrifying if you look at the big picture.”

-Reese Witherspoon, talking about her lovelife. (Us Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

all factors and consequences, the long range future

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

What kind of a picture could terrify Reese Witherspoon? She doesn’t seem like the kind of person who’d get scared easily. That big picture must really be huge and scary.

Actually, when people talk about the big picture, they don’t mean a large photograph or painting. They’re referring to a complete situation. Often, thinking about the big picture means considering the future, not just the present.

So Reese isn’t talking about a real photograph. In fact, she’s talking about the situation of being in love. Many people wonder if she and her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal are going to get married. But Reese would rather focus on the present and just enjoy being in love than worry about the future or think about the big picture.

Sometimes, though, it’s important to consider the big picture. Going to the dentist is no fun. But if you think about the big picture, you’ll realize that if you don’t get your teeth cleaned now, you’ll just end up with more serious problems later. It’s the same with eating healthy foods. Of course you’d rather eat cake than carrots! But you don’t want the big picture to turn into a picture of big you. So maybe the carrots are the better choice.


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

“Sure you don’t feel well today, but if you look at the big picture, you’re very healthy nowadays.”

“Even though college is expensive, when you consider the big picture, it’s a good idea to go. “


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

VOLTS it shows a complete view of something.
by VOLTSSuper Member!
the plan of the future
by janestudyenglish
talking about future
by soldierkhan
ciberd7 consequences, what my future will turn out or what comes forth
by ciberd7
fate.gh the big picture refer to the situation as a whole.
by fate.gh
Gellerke future, things, that will happen later,in the future
by Gellerke
cheya thinking and expecting a lot about the future forward
by cheya
very far in the time
by monacovalentina
swimfun the complete perspective on a situation or an issue!! it must be used with 'the' to exactly mean that!! E.g: it always makes me get worried to look at the big picture after finishing my exams!!
by swimfun
Tarfah the whole picture or Long-term view of the future maybe :$
by Tarfah
amany7 it is like "in the long run" the very far future :D
by amany7
pary chehr think about any side of a topic
by pary chehr
it means think too much about the future.
by CatherineVanilla
sofree This means a complete understanding of something.
by sofree

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It's the objective view of something

01:23 PM Apr 30 2009 |



Palestinian Territory, Occupied

it's mean the situation as a whole as I guess …

11:52 AM Apr 30 2009 |


United States

wow. big picture. yes i thought i meant, when we consider about the long future. well it's a good idea to  enrol in college or university when i have a big picture.


11:42 AM Apr 30 2009 |

Realin Chang


it means taking a comprehensive view of the future!~

11:35 AM Apr 30 2009 |



the great future

11:22 AM Apr 30 2009 |



sorry.i do not know this phrase

11:15 AM Apr 30 2009 |


Viet Nam

i dont care so much about 'the big picture'. i take more time for the present coz i think its a present. you must adopt the gift of time like a best thing you ever have in your life. So finally, i belive that " YOU ARE NOT YOU ARE TODAY" [means you are changing everyday, even every munite, you are changing your mind and your aid to the fulture]

11:03 AM Apr 30 2009 |



I'm so stupid,I don't know what's this at all

10:55 AM Apr 30 2009 |



thanks you verry much for your help

10:30 AM Apr 30 2009 |




=you have to=

because sometimes you find your self in deep problems

and the only think that make you relaxe well at least for me is looking to the big picture and bleave that all th eprob are going awy 

so you have to beleave "tommorow better"Laughing

 live your day

09:43 AM Apr 30 2009 |



Russian Federation

Sometimes it's necessary to look at the big picture, even if it gets terrifying. I feel like that when I haven't got my term-paper done in time Smile 

08:35 AM Apr 30 2009 |




ı think big picture always become good..GOD absolutely  decides best one for us..because of that it neednt to sorry for anything..sometimes we cant see future and big picture…but you must believe that it will be best one for you..

07:56 AM Apr 30 2009 |



yes. me too.recently i had some trouble of my lovelife. and i have to consider my big picture too. it;s terrifying.you right .yes you are. and i hope i can be brave to through it.  i am such  a mess right now. you guys did you think love is trust?but what if your him or her doubt your love for many years and it always be an issue when we quarrel?what would you going to do?

06:59 AM Apr 30 2009 |



 i am not like to took picture  picture is not nice thing bur  nature picture is nice

06:00 AM Apr 30 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

it mean I have to take a look at future and complete the picture and Expected what will happen after this moment J

05:28 AM Apr 30 2009 |



i want travelling!

03:39 AM Apr 30 2009 |



I'd thought about my big picture before i slept last night..

 really haunting…

 now i'm trying to get rid of it

live with present is absolutely better!

03:30 AM Apr 30 2009 |

siberian tigger


In my mother tongue this slang is not common like in English context, but I love to use complex words for improving my writing and oral speech.

Good loock gays

02:59 AM Apr 30 2009 |



Life just like a bus which only have two stations . We start from "birth" , run to "death ". During the limit time we could see different views through the windows .

02:33 AM Apr 30 2009 |

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