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Date: May 20 2009

Themes: Romance, Work

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Amusement parks are great places to visit, as long as you don’t get sick from eating too much cotton candy before getting on a roller coaster. But working at an amusement park would probably be less cool. Especially if it involved cleaning up after all those people who ate too much cotton candy before getting on roller coasters.

Listen to Jason tell Beren why he’s so excited to see Adventureland, a new movie about amusement park employees. (Hint: she has lovely green eyes.)


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  I can’t wait for the next Twilight movie.

Beren:  Really?

Jason:  Yeah. But in the meantime, the next best thing I’ve got is Adventureland.

Beren:  Adventureland? I’m not sure I’ve heard of this movie Adventureland. What’s it about?

Jason:  Well, Kristen Stewart’s in it, the girl from Twilight, and it’s about an amusement park and a kid who has to get a summer job in 1987. A good year for fashion, by the way.

Beren:  I was gonna ask if there’s a specific reason why it’s set in 1987.

Jason:  I think maybe it was just a decision so that the t-shirts and jeans would look cool. But anyway, it’s set in an amusement park where this kid gets a part time job. And he’s like a genius in college, but he’s really low on the totem pole at the amusement park.

Beren:  That’s a good set up. He has to do all the grunt work.

Jason:  Yeah, exactly. But it ends up being this really rewarding experience for him, ‘cause he falls in love with Kristen Stewart. Just like, you know, the world. And then he has this buddy, Ryan Reynolds plays this guy who’s worked at the amusement park forever.

Beren:  Alright.

Jason:  I don’t know, it just looks like a good coming of age story to me.


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Jason is excited to see Adventureland because he’s had a crush on Kristen Stewart ever since he saw her in Twilight. He also thinks it sounds like it’ll be a good coming of age story with funny outfits from the 80s.

The main character in Adventureland, Jesse, is a kid who does really well in college but doesn’t have a lot of experience in the real world. At the amusement park where he works, he has to learn from the older employees, even though he’s so smart.

Do you think it would be fun to work at an amusement park? What’s the worst job you ever had?



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i think it is fun to work at an am.park for first time. but sooner or later any job became in rutine. so, its all up to u, depence on how u feel about ur job.
the worsest job for me – is boring one. where nothing new never happens.

08:02 AM May 20 2009 |




I have finished watching this movie: twilights several months before.I love to see the beaterful scene setting in the dawn and like the loving story very much.

As for the amusement park ,I think it is a good place for you to make some interesting ,exiting and stimulating game there.Althoungh the work in amusement park is rather awful,we must thank for their sevices to make us have a good amusement travel. 

07:16 AM May 20 2009 |




Any job can be fun, it depends on one`s mood (the one who does it). So even when you work at an amusement park you can make it fun if you want

The worst job, hm, well i don`t think i have it  

07:00 AM May 20 2009 |




I don't think so!!people are plying there is great but working is awlays awful~~.exactlly,I have not had job!!!

so I guess the worst job is that you don't interested in it , you haven't  got fun from it ,,also, you will dazzal if the working time was coming!!...

06:24 AM May 20 2009 |




Yes, it must be fun to work at an amusement park, I like roller coaster. Unfortunately there's not much such parks in China, so it's not easy to get in.

And Chinese kids do not have much chance to do part time job as westerns. Too big population causes too much pressure and competition, so almost all the Chinese teenages are fighting hard in school, so sad.

06:17 AM May 20 2009 |

Rezon 邬

Rezon 邬



06:07 AM May 20 2009 |




i have ever played the aerialist,it’s relly exciting for me,but for that kind of amusement project like merry-go-round,i just felt dizzy and vomiting—feeling of car sickness,that’s so hard!

05:05 AM May 20 2009 |




I'd love to go to amusement parks. Roller coaster always attract me. I love going to get roller coaster. I feel very scary while I am getting roller coaster. However this scary makes me fun.

12:38 AM May 20 2009 |

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