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Slobs and Neat Freaks

Slobs and Neat Freaks

Date: Jun 05 2009

Themes: Hobbies, Work

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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Do you know what that smell is coming from your kitchen? If not, you might be a slob. If you’re a neat freak, on the other hand, the only odor coming from your kitchen is probably the nice chemical smell of bleach.

This is an exciting time of year for neat freaks, because it’s when many people do their annual spring cleaning. Spring is no fun for slobs who let their messes build up all year.

Do you think Dale and Devan are slobs or neat freaks? Listen to the dialog to find out.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Devan:  So my roommate is the biggest slob and it’s driving me crazy. She never does the dishes. I’m always picking up after her, and…I mean, maybe I’m a bit of a neat freak, but what about you? Would you say you’re messy or neat?

Dale:  I…it depends on the mood. I mean, I’m a guy, and as a guy, sometimes you want to clean up and clean things up, and sometimes you wanna leave it the way things are. Really, it’s like, I don’t know. That’s kind of a hard thing to say, because sometimes I’m really eager to get things clean, sometimes I’m like, I’m not even gonna try.

Devan:  I just can’t stand to just see dishes sitting in the sink. I can’t stand to see food not put away. It drives me crazy.

Dale:  So you hate the build-up of dishes in the sink. What about the garbage can?

Devan:  Oh, that’s the worst too. Like I want that taken out right away. I don’t even let it fill up the entire way before I take it out. What’s your least favorite chore to do?

Dale:  Oh, my least favorite chore to do…cleaning the dust off the walls, I think. I think I don’t have the time or the effort to worry about stuff like that.


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Devan is annoyed with her roommate, who’s a slob. Since Devan is a neat freak, it’s hard for her to live with someone who’s very messy. Dale isn’t a slob, but he isn’t always neat, either. He has a more casual attitude toward cleaning. If he feels like cleaning, he does it. Otherwise, he doesn’t worry about it.

Devan gets especially annoyed when messes build up. She likes to do the dishes and take out the garbage right away, instead of waiting until the mess gets out of control. Dale’s least favorite chore is dusting the walls. Dusting the walls sounds like the kind of thing only a neat freak would even think about. But Dale thinks that most neat freaks are women.

Are you more of a neat freak or a slob? What is your least favorite chore to do?



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Russian Federation

I'm interested whether men all over the world think that their wives should do ALL cleaning? cuz in Russia almost all men regard it this way. Is it fair?

08:08 PM Jun 05 2009 |



I'm a slab :D

07:32 PM Jun 05 2009 |


qq_babySuper Member!


I am not a slob, but I don't enjoy cleaning, either! Laughing

07:26 PM Jun 05 2009 |



Dominican Republic

the oposite of the least is the most
I`d say that im kind of Dale attitude,im not a slob but im not a neat either,sometimes i become a neat freak but that`s once every two months

06:19 PM Jun 05 2009 |



I'm a mixture between the neat and messy because normaly my room is disordered but i can´t stand bad smells inside it.

05:31 PM Jun 05 2009 |




Ah… I don't like washing greasy dishes. I HATE greasy things. But i don't think i'm  a slob. I like  tidying up things and arrange them in a certain way to keep them easier to be found.

04:53 PM Jun 05 2009 |



In China,wives do more chore than husbands do.It is unfair.Even though,women can earn the same as men,husbands do less chore the wives in family.If i had the chance to be a man, i would be the most happiest manEmbarassed.I don't like being a woman,but i like being a mother.Am i crazy?Cool

03:09 PM Jun 05 2009 |




I think I'm kind of a nake freak now a days! but I used to be a messy guy before!!Cool 

02:55 PM Jun 05 2009 |



actually , I think I tend to be more neat freak than a slob … messy things all over my place have been always driving me crazy.

My least favorite chore is cleaning dishes .

02:42 PM Jun 05 2009 |



Neither slob, absolutely, not neat. But as a guy I think to be a rare case of good male house keeper. anyway, it's time to hire a hour maid to save my time. Dear all, to keep house clean is a real job.

02:41 PM Jun 05 2009 |




its very hard


02:27 PM Jun 05 2009 |




I think I'm more a neat freak…. i can't stand the over mess specialy in my place.

and my least favourite chore is cleaning the hard, stubborn fats and dirts.

01:25 PM Jun 05 2009 |




Well, I think I am more of a  neat-freak. 

Based on my mood, sometime I am become neat -freak. Really really sometime.

Ironing and cleaning the bathroom is my chore.

09:28 AM Jun 05 2009 |




Devan is definitely a neat freak. I am exactly the same as Dale, all depends on mood. Sometimes I want everything I need is close to me, sometimes I don't want any mess in sight.


I don't think I'm a slob or a neat freak, things should be in moderation. My lest favorite chore is scrubbing the floor, but I leave most of the grunt work to my hour maid.  :p

06:46 AM Jun 05 2009 |




i guess I am neither a slob nor a neat freak.But I like the neatness.I think it is good habit for a good qualitie's life.At some degree it means the man who is a delegent or not.

06:42 AM Jun 05 2009 |




I am a neat  freaks,example,I wash the dish after eating rightaway and generally speaking do spring cleaning every 3 weeks.

06:39 AM Jun 05 2009 |




I'm not neither slob not a neat. I do chores once a week sometimes twice a week and most often my mum do dishes.I think my least favourite core is washing floors.

06:02 AM Jun 05 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

well actually i'm kind of neart freak .. if i see the dishes sitting in the sink or the room's not clean i will disturbed becouse i can't stand that place.. but that doesn't mean i will clean the dishes for example immediately..

05:53 AM Jun 05 2009 |



i clean my room depend on my mood, but in the kitchen i can't stand to see build-up dishes in the sink and get smelly. so with garbage can. Because i ever had something terrible with all that stuff.

12:28 AM Jun 05 2009 |

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