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"Bun in the Oven" With Newscaster, Stephanie Stricklen

"Bun in the Oven" With Newscaster, Stephanie Stricklen English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jun 26 2009

Themes: Family, News

Grammar: First Conditional


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There are some personal things that you just can’t hide. Especially if you host the evening news every night.

Last month, English, baby! CEO John Hayden was on the news in the US talking about how the site has reached one million members. The newscaster who interviewed him, Stephanie Stricklen of Portland’s NBC-affiliate, KGW, was nine months pregnant. That gave John an idea…

There is lots of slang about pregnancy since it’s something everyone can see, but it’s a personal thing that can be uncomfortable to talk about directly. There are some cruder expressions, like knocked up, but watch as John asks Stephanie to teach a cuter pregnancy idiom, “bun in the oven.”

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Stricklen:  Tonight, using the Internet to help people around the world learn English. English, baby! is a Portland deal with followers around the planet, more than a million, in fact. Joining us tonight, CEO, John Hayden. Thanks for making the time.

John:  Hi Stephanie.

Stricklen:  K. How does this work? Explain it for folks who’ve never heard of English, baby! before.

John:  Basically, it’s like the MySpace for people who want to learn English and it’s these kids that have studied their whole life, but they can’t quite get the context behind the language, so they like to hear idioms and slang and they like to do it in a fun way.

Stricklen:  You focus on conversational language.

John:  Exactly. So they have been taught the Queen’s English their whole life and they still have a hard time with natural conversation.

Stricklen:  Right.

John:  So what we try to do is give them a supplemental piece so then they can bridge that gap and then talk just like you and I are right now, in a really cool way.

Stricklen:  You wanted to try a lesson on me, so how might something like this work?

John:  Well, you’re a pretty big celebrity yourself and, you know, congratulations about your pregnancy.

Stricklen:  Thank you.

John:  So we thought that we’d talk a little bit about that.

Stricklen:  OK.

John:  Can you think of any kind of idioms that come to mind? Let’s go with...Let’s try “bun in the oven.”

Stricklen:  OK. Bun in the oven.

John:  How about that?

Stricklen:  Sure. That’s what people say…

John:  Now where did that come from? ‘Cause you don’t actually have a bun in your oven.

Stricklen:  It’s one of those, like, clever ways of phrasing what’s going on.

John:  Right. And it makes it a little bit more engaging, a little bit more fun. We can smile about it. And it’s the kind of thing that people want to learn around the world. They’re not satisfied with just knowing the word “pregnancy.”

Stricklen:  But that’s perfect. So then folks will go to your website, watch this and then maybe if they’ve got someone…Similar age, they can communicate in sort of a more casual style.

John:  Right. And when they watch movies and music and television, they’ll understand it when they hear those slangs and idioms.

Stricklen:  Thank you.

John:  Thanks, Stephanie.


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As Stephanie Stricklen explains, “bun in the oven” is a euphemism. It’s something you say to talk about something indirectly. In this case, it’s a metaphor. The expression compares a loaf of bread rising in the oven to a baby growing in a woman.

Can you think of another euphemism either in English or in your native language?
Watch the rest of this interview and see behind the scenes photos on our blog.



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Vesna Taleska


I lakemeeting more frends

07:11 PM Jun 27 2009 |

Vesna Taleska


I love English baby

07:09 PM Jun 27 2009 |



nice vid. this website is the greatest english learning web site. thank you very much englishbaby crew. at the end i would like to call you to islam. islam is your life. if you want more information about islam you can send pm to me and i will give u any thing related to islam

09:10 AM Jun 27 2009 |




My art,My heart and My life.
It’s englishbaby!

06:34 AM Jun 27 2009 |



I love "English Baby" very much,It provided lots of conversational  English information. we can know well about these slang phrases through the interesting conversations.

I think the video is a little fast for me, but I think I will keep up it after a few times.


01:34 AM Jun 27 2009 |

hesham adel


thank you fur everyone .i want everyone in that sit to be friends around the wourld and in many areas in the wourld.thank everyone and i want to connet with many friends around the wourld.Wink

12:12 AM Jun 27 2009 |

wadah moha

wadah moha


really it's a wonderfull way to say for a women you are pregnant. i think i will use in my family from know forwardLaughing


10:01 PM Jun 26 2009 |




Im just chilling right now… it means relaxing, not doing anything important.

08:30 PM Jun 26 2009 |




well , i think that if u want learn slangs from the USA u should go there,bcs these are expressions learned in the street in the ghetto , with u co-workes , classmates , and so fort.

here are someones :


god luck !!!!

04:53 PM Jun 26 2009 |

Elle shing

Elle shing


bun in the oven ,that kida reminds me of  the phrase of similarity in chinese,haha,in chinese, we also has a special phrase which leads the the condition of being pregnant other than "pregnant,"haha~ sooo although we use different language and within different culture condition ,most of the us have the same reflection to a states.

04:31 PM Jun 26 2009 |




just wanna say hi to da CEO :p

01:13 PM Jun 26 2009 |




I'm grateful that Ebaby give us a chance to learn really local English, while not the Queen's English.


I don't know much euphemism,  after all I'm not native speaker, maybe go to bed with somebody=have sex with someone, he's a bit slow=he's studpid, does it count?

11:51 AM Jun 26 2009 |

Marina Anissimova


  Thanks. I agree with you.

11:00 AM Jun 26 2009 |


Moldova, Republic Of

Using the compiuter was so easy,it was a piece of cake.

10:46 AM Jun 26 2009 |


Moldova, Republic Of

 Only a native speaker  might know all most of the slangs in a language.There are a lot of them in English like in other languages.

Mostly used alangs nowadays are OUT OF THE BLUE ,THE SOAP OPERA ,FEEL BLUE, A PIECE OF CAKE (sth easy to do) ,A WHITE LIE,TO BE IN THE RED (owing money),TO GO THROUGH A LOT OF RED TAPE and so on.

10:44 AM Jun 26 2009 |

Marina Anissimova


  Hi! I'm not sure, but I'm meaning the expression like "a piece of cake' is euphemism either

10:37 AM Jun 26 2009 |



Slang is important to make your speech more naturally, and sometimes it sounds funny..

08:50 AM Jun 26 2009 |




Yeah there are actually lots of euphemism we use in Hindi language. As for died we use Nidhan or gujar gaye. Similarly we use passed away instead of directly referring to died. This idiom "bun in the oven" also sounds interesting. I have heard this from someone years ago. But not knew the meaning…But now i have understood and thanks to ebaby for making all this learning so easy and fun.

08:25 AM Jun 26 2009 |




That's funny,i mean,those slangs and idioms are so vivid and impressive,and make this language more interseting`

03:09 AM Jun 26 2009 |



If I don't know this slang,when seeing a Smile pregnancy,I 'll say :"Are you pregnant?" After leaning this,when I see a pregnancy,I 'll say :Bun in the oven"Smile

01:50 AM Jun 26 2009 |

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