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Starting a Band

Starting a Band

Date: Jul 13 2009

Themes: Friend, Hobbies

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Plenty of people who don’t even know how to play an instrument dream of starting a band. After all, belonging to a band seems to give you automatic cool points. And if your band is actually good, that’s even better. There’s just something sexy and intriguing about musicians, especially when they’re up on stage doing their thing.

But starting a band can take a lot of work. And once you have a band, you still have to find time to practice, come up with new material, find gigs, and keep the band from breaking up.

Devan plays guitar and is thinking about starting a band. Listen to her try to convince Marni to join her.


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Devan:  So Marni?

Marni:  Yes?

Devan:  I’m thinking about starting a band. Do you want to be in an all-girl riot punk band with me?

Marni:  You know I do! Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve been in a band, but I can do it.

Devan:  What instrument do you play?

Marni:  I actually used to play the drums.

Devan:  Nice! I can play guitar, you can play drums, we’ll get a singer. But we’ll have to practice at your house, ‘cause I’ve already gotten noise complaints at my apartment.

Marni:  Oh man, practice space is always…that was always the issue. Nobody ever had a practice space. It’s like you know, “Let’s start a band,” this great idea, and then it’s like, “Well, where are we gonna practice?” Uh…

Devan:  I know, we need someone with a garage so we can be a garage band.

Marni:  That would be a real garage band. You know, though, I mean I hope you don’t have grand ideas about making it big.

Devan:  I’m totally fine with just small venues. We can travel in the van.

Marni:  Yes. Classic.

Devan:  Where could we find a singer?

Marni:  You know, we might want to think about placing a Craigslist ad.

Devan:  That’s how my friend found a bass player for his band.

Marni:  And it’s worked out?

Devan:  Oh yeah, he’s amazing.

Marni:  Perfect.


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Devan asks Marni to start a band with her. Marni used to play drums and Devan plays guitar. So now all they need is a singer, a van to go on tour with, and a place to practice. Oh, and some songs.

When people want to find other musicians to play with, they often look at online classified sites. One of the most popular classified sites in the U.S. is Craigslist.

Not everyone who starts a band cares about getting rich and famous. Marni and Devan say they’d be happy just playing some small venues. They’re more interested in starting a band for fun than in making it big.

Have you ever been in a band, or do you think it would be fun to start one? If you started a band, what instrument would you play?



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Cool! I have a band. Check this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8Ud_K-3maQ or you can just Google Nuncyspungen. Being in a band is like being married to a couple of people. It's a matter of managing your ego well to match or be compatible with your band mates. Music is the glue that keeps you and your band mates. Like husbands and wives enduring the test of time and all its quirks. Whatever the genre, what's important are the basics discipline,creativity,tenacity, gregariousness, patience and the ability to communicate. After all music is the expression of your group's beliefs, culture, practice and if you will, political thought. As someone said the best way of living life is the ultimate goal of every political thought.And all of this my friends are just part of what you want people to talk about as they look down at you when you're in your coffin. :)

05:01 AM Jul 19 2009 |




I would be very happy if I´d be at a band. I don´t know how to play any instrument, but I learn fast, so I´d like to play guitar, because I love rock music.

It seems to be an issue when someone is thinking about starting a band. You can do it very well or your band can be a disaster and the only thing you´ll get to worry is about the debts you´ll have to pay and the shame you´ll be.

08:47 PM Jul 17 2009 |




I play the guitar for 3 years now and I'm looking for a heavy metal band but I don't succeed =/ It would be something so nice !

02:27 PM Jul 16 2009 |

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Playing in band (especially vocal) is one of my biggest dream. I love to sing, but i can't. I don't have a talent. I imagine me standing on the stage in front of thousands of people. unfortunately it's impossible, because i have the worst voice ever ;D. Maybe one day i'll begin playing any instrument, for example piano or violin, but i think it's too late for me ;(

11:54 AM Jul 15 2009 |




I play drums and bass a bit…but If I had a band,I would play bass,I think pretty cool ;)

09:56 AM Jul 15 2009 |




When I was a teenager,I wanted to form a band…I had a group of friends who were too excited…I started playing drums,I love drums,but after I thought,"to play drums we have to be pretty good and training a lot hehe"! so,I gave up  hehe…After,I interested me for playing bass…So,I prefer until today :) I realize it was just a "teen dream"...I think cool to form a band and playing,but it was just a moment of my life :)

09:53 AM Jul 15 2009 |



I like band,but I have no time,I want to play drum,too.So,I hope they can success.

04:15 AM Jul 15 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

it’s really an amazing idea to start a band although i don’t know how to play any instrument,
but i like singing , especially rock and pop…...

11:33 AM Jul 14 2009 |




I have never been a part of any band. But i would luv to be a part of some band. Well i can play drum as well as i can sing….so it would be a great fun to be a part of band in any point of my life time.

05:51 AM Jul 14 2009 |



I used to play guitar. but havent got a chance of playing in a band. while my instructor had been in a garage band for a while,which i think was fantastic, really cool !!

03:52 AM Jul 14 2009 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

    i havent been in the band   but i like music verymuch    i would like play piano .

11:25 PM Jul 13 2009 |




i have been in a band before, it was an andina-folk band, and it was a wonderful experience!

08:22 PM Jul 13 2009 |




i havent been in a band before, it would be fun to star one, though, i cant play any instrument at all, i wish i could play guitar, it sounds good to me, i could play it and try to sing along, i wouldnt think to make it big, just for fun. 

08:21 PM Jul 13 2009 |



I´'will like to play the Piano

07:23 PM Jul 13 2009 |




i havent been in a band bcs i dont know play any instruments , u know just i can "play the piano backwardss" hehehehe


05:52 PM Jul 13 2009 |



United Kingdom

I love taking walks along the beach, cycling, camping and skating. For indoors, I love cooking, cuddling and watching movies or listening to music on the couch with the woman of my dreams. For favourite colour, I think I go weak knees for yellow.

05:26 PM Jul 13 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

The last time I sang in a band goes back to my high school. There were 6 of us and most of us had no information and actualy no idea what and how to do it, and we  were all concern about  the audience 's reaction who were all our peers. but  your know it turned out great . they love it and even shouted to sing it one more time. I recommend all of you try it. That's full of fun!

03:57 PM Jul 13 2009 |




Starting a Band?that i just think in my daydream.

01:38 PM Jul 13 2009 |




Can I join your band? I can be the vocalist. If you will accept me to be part of your band it will not become an all-girl riot punk band. I like fast songs, rythmn and blues kinda songs. As if I really have an excellent voice??!?! toink! Seriously if someone will ask me to join a band I will gladly accept to be the vocalist. harharhar.

01:28 PM Jul 13 2009 |




i am not good at music, not at all, but i am interested in starting a band. we all need music, although not all of us are born for playing music

01:17 PM Jul 13 2009 |

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