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Woody Allen

Woody Allen

Date: Jul 15 2009

Themes: Hobbies

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Woody Allen is one of those directors whom a lot of people either love or hate. Almost all his movies are about antiheroes who seem a lot like Allen himself. They’re neurotic, over-analytical, and not very attractive. Some people find his movies boring or annoying. And some complain that his plots about beautiful younger women falling in love with neurotic older men are unrealistic.

But Woody Allen fans love his movies for their clever dialog, their sense of humor, and the serious questions they explore about life and relationships. Whether you like Allen or not, he is probably one of the most important figures in American cinema.

Allen has definitely had his ups and downs as a director. Two of his most recent movies, Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Match Point, received positive reviews. But the response to his latest film, Whatever Works, has been mostly negative. Find out why Devan and Marni still want to go see it.


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Marni:  So Devan, are you a Woody Allen fan?

Devan:  I am. And you know who else I’m a big fan of, is Larry David.

Marni:  So are you super excited about Whatever Works, the new match made in heaven, Woody Allen/Larry David comedy?

Devan:  I’m very excited about it. I’m a huge Curb Your Enthusiasm fan and discovered Woody Allen recently, and saw Annie Hall. I just think that his writing, Larry David’s acting, it’s just a match made in heaven.

Marni:  I know. Well, you know, sadly I’ve heard some reviews that aren’t so favorable, but I’m still gonna go because I am a huge Woody Allen fan. I’ve loved his work for a long time. He’s had some ups and downs in his career for sure, but I think that this…You’ve just got to see it. If you like Larry David, it’s just kind of a no brainer. It’s gonna be, you know, the perfect neurotic, classic Woody Allen, where you’ve got this over-analytical guy who’s going through a midlife crisis, and he meets this younger girl…This is a theme we’ve seen in a lot of Woody Allen films, but works.

Devan:  I personally am a big fan of that style, so…

Marni:  Well, you know, they say artists write about what they know, and clearly this is what Woody Allen knows.


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Devan and Marni are both excited about the new movie Whatever Work because they both love Woody Allen. Devan is also a big fan of Larry David, the actor who stars in the film.

Larry David is also the star of a TV show called Curb Your Enthusiasm. Larry David and Woody Allen are both known for playing and writing about neurotic, over-analytical characters. So Devan and Marni think they’ll be a match made in heaven.

Are you a Woody Allen fan? Do you know anyone who has had a midlife crisis?



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really high opinion about his far out movies

05:52 PM Oct 21 2010 |


Russian Federation

Woody Allen has exellent sense of humor and so have his films.Besides he's an intellectual director, so not everyone can understand his films' messages.

04:22 PM Mar 20 2010 |



I love this style of movie.it is always very humour and funny.we will loosen up when we see this movie at theater.

12:38 AM Jul 21 2009 |

carolina pineda


i like Woody Allen, he's cracy, and I like his style.

04:40 PM Jul 20 2009 |


United States

I Saw Vicky Cristina Barcelona and it was great ..

11:40 PM Jul 19 2009 |




I don't know. I watch very little of the woody Movies.

07:03 PM Jul 19 2009 |




Woody Allen movies has never interested me,I think him a bit crazy and not attractive :P

11:25 PM Jul 16 2009 |




In my life,I remember seeing just one Woody Allen Movie…That movie called "Match Point",I thought a really cool movie with a interesting plot :)

Besides,the other movies has never interested me…

11:19 PM Jul 16 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

a midlife crisis !!!!
what a stupid thing!!!!!!!!!!

03:14 PM Jul 16 2009 |




a match made in heaven are Batman&Robin

02:53 PM Jul 16 2009 |




Im not his fan, my friend`s dad is going through midlife crisis, i think, he sold his car and bought a moto instead, thats sound a little strange. 

11:46 PM Jul 15 2009 |



Woody Allen? Never heard about him before.

05:18 PM Jul 15 2009 |




Both Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Match Point are good movies and i think Allen's movies are quite wise and funny.They are meaningful and taught me so much.

04:48 PM Jul 15 2009 |




hey swieet!!


03:20 PM Jul 15 2009 |



Hi! I think Woody Allen is fabulous director and in his early movies fantastic actor as well. This man is incredibly inteligent thats why some people just don't uderstand his films. I like him very much and strongly recomend reading his books with funny, uninspected content.I can read them many times and they still make me laugh. 

12:37 PM Jul 15 2009 |




I`m not a fan of Woody Allen, but i like his film Vicky Christina Barselona much

12:18 PM Jul 15 2009 |



how about a midlife crisis at 19 years old and freaking out about turning 20??? cuz this really happens and a lot.

11:50 AM Jul 15 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

well,I have heard about Woody Allen,and like his films.

11:43 AM Jul 15 2009 |




my best friend is midlife crisis..he says that everything is unimportant for him..actually he has a lot target or purpose about his life..but he isnt happy..

10:04 AM Jul 15 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi, i want to find a friend to practice english with him\her :)

09:02 AM Jul 15 2009 |

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