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Date: Jul 07 2009

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Adjectives


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When it comes to dating, it is often good to be mysterious and aloof. If you’re too straighforward and let the person know exactly what you’re thinking, it can take all the fun out of dating.

But at the same time, it can be hard to read someone’s signals. Last time she hung out with Dale, Marni wasn’t sure if it was a date or not. Watch as a little peck on the cheek reveals loud and clear where things are going.

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Dale:  I had a really good time tonight.

Marni:  That was really fun.

Dale:  You like roller skating?

Marni:  Yeah. I did. I mean, I hadn’t done that since I was like, you know, five. So…

Dale:  I Imagine the merry-go-round...I mean, the same thing. Don’t you agree?

Marni:  It was classic, very beautiful, yeah, a lot of fun. So…Yeah. It was fun.

Dale:  We’ll do this again sometime?

Marni:  Yeah. Let’s do it for sure. OK. I’m gonna go.

Dale:  Alright. Bye. See you later.

Marni:  Bye.

Dale:  Call!

Marni:  I guess…I guess that was definitely a date. I didn’t think it was, but that was…Yeah. The kiss? Yeah. That was definitely a date. OK. So I’m dating again? Am I really dating? Is this a good thing? I think it’s a good thing. I think I want to be dating and Dale’s great, right? I mean, there was that whole, like, misconception thing about, you know, he was actually a cop, but he’s a cop. Do I want to date a cop? I guess it’s a kind of security. It’s safe, right? I’m a law-abiding citizen. I have nothing to hide. So, OK. I think I’m into this.


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Marni and Dale had a fun day. They went roller skating and rode a merry-go-round. As Marni gets out of the car, Dale gives her a little peck on the cheek.

Now Marni knows that Dale wants to be more than friends. But she has to figure out how she feels about it. As she gets ready for bed, she talks to herself in the mirror and decides that Dale is a nice police officer and she would like to date him.

How can you tell when someone likes you? Are you glad Marni and Dale are going to be together?



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I think it is a fantastic feeling if u like somebody and u can be with her or him together. U can study much news from each other and feel each other. But my most important rule that boys should do the first steps.

09:46 AM Jul 07 2009 |



Russian Federation

I guess Lada from Ucraine is right! =) Hey, people, how about Dale's wife and son??? In any case two things are gonna explain this, one is that the director has made a blunder in the plot of Eavesdropping, and the other is that Dale is not so pure and honest as he was thought to be Tongue out

09:37 AM Jul 07 2009 |



well, I think it would be cool if they dated :)

09:27 AM Jul 07 2009 |



It would be happy if there is someone like me especially when I like him too..Laughing

08:30 AM Jul 07 2009 |




I think it's easy for girls to tell that, girls are more sensitive, it's hard to say what people will do when they like a girl. It depends, maybe when an introverted guy smiles at you, that means he likes you, while some other guy smiles at all the girls.


It's good that Marni and Dale are going to be together, we have more stories to watch, haha~ But do they really care if I am glad?

08:29 AM Jul 07 2009 |




As fare as i remember Dale has a little son and wife (lesson about father`s day) and it seems to me strange that he had a date with Marni

08:15 AM Jul 07 2009 |




   I think, she does not exactly know …... but finally she decides.

07:43 AM Jul 07 2009 |




If she is a good girl who was accepted by me, I would say "OK,good,I will go out with you" and even trying to like her.hehe, I am not sure but I just think of that's it. Dale and Marni?it's unexceptable, I had never thought about it before, I think they made for each other if Marni had thought that cop is in her consider.haha, I wish they will go together!

06:00 AM Jul 07 2009 |




it was fun!

i think she likes him but she didnt know that herself.

'cause if she doesnt like him, she wouldn't go out him.

but why did she behave like that when he kissed her?

03:09 AM Jul 07 2009 |




It is funny. I don't think so Marina did not realize that it was a date. I mean girls are really knowing that who loves them and interesting them automatically. Do you agree?

02:33 AM Jul 07 2009 |




No,I don't like Dale.

I think Dale is a rude guy in most Chinese mind, because of the culture.

01:40 AM Jul 07 2009 |

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