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Picture Time

Picture Time English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jul 14 2009

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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When you’re bored, do you take pictures of yourself and your friends? Ever since digital cameras made it so we can take as many photos as we want and look at them right away, taking pictures of yourself for no reason has become a common way to pass the time.

Last week on the soap opera, Dale gave Marni a little kiss and they unofficially started dating. Watch as they take snapshots of themselves. It’s fun at first, but suddenly gets a little too serious…

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  Cheese!

Marni:  Cheese!

Dale:  Oh, that’s gonna work. I think this is going to be a perfect one.

Marni:  Let’s see it.

Dale:  See?

Marni:  Oh, that’s cute.

Dale:  Yeah. That’s gonna be perfect for our Christmas card. My cousins, on the East Coast are gonna love this picture.

Marni:  Oh. OK.

Dale:  Yeah. Don’t you think so?

Marni:  It’s a great photo. Uh, but…

Dale:  You know what I also think would be good? My mom and dad are very sentimental. They would love this when we do our wedding pictures on the slideshow.

Marni:  Wedding pictures?

Dale:  They’re gonna love ‘em. You know, my mom loves wedding pictures and I know that when she sees this picture, she’s gonna cry.

Marni:  Uh…

Dale:  Uh, I can feel it right now. Don’t you think so? What about your parents? What are your parents gonna do? Do you think they’re gonna do anything like that?

Marni:  I…Uh…Um…

Dale:  If you don’t like the picture…do you…Are you OK? Are you alright?

Marni:  I think I might need some water.

Dale:  OK. I’ll get you water.

Marni:  That would be great. Thanks.

Dale:  I’ll be right back.

Marni:  Oh my God. Oh my God! Wedding photos? This is going way too fast. I cannot…Christmas cards? I mean, Christmas is, like, almost a month…six months away and now he’s talking about wedding photos. This is crazy. This is crazy. This is going too fast. Oh my God. I’m going to hyperventilate. OK.


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Dale and Marni shout “cheese!” because they are taking a picture and it’s impossible not to smile when you say, “cheese!”

It’s a cool photo, so Dale decides he’d like to use it for a Christmas card. But Marni and Dale just started dating! And it’s still summertime!

Marni starts to get upset so she asks Dale to get her some water. While he’s gone, she talks to herself about how the relationship is moving too fast.

Have you ever gone too fast in a relationship? Do you like to take pictures of yourself and your friends?



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Cheese, people!

10:01 AM Aug 20 2009 |




nice video :) i like to take photo too..and if i  start,it countinue till chapter a perfect one:)) (got a secret , cos i am not so much photogenic:)

08:11 PM Aug 18 2009 |




Take it easy! The boy is just havin' FUN! I don't think he is sort of romantic thing! And the girl is too naive to be tricked by his words)))     

11:55 AM Aug 12 2009 |



hahaha,is it really?

04:39 AM Aug 12 2009 |



maybe they should communicate with each other more

01:44 AM Aug 08 2009 |

Rubén Dario


 In my personal opinion the man is going to fast jajaja I think that in that way the only result he are going to get is to  frighten the girl.

03:14 AM Aug 02 2009 |

najla al qahtani

Saudi Arabia

loooool let her TALK u should always bring to her water cuz u dont let her THINK looool poor one ur gonna be on the christmas card

12:24 AM Aug 02 2009 |



ahahahahahahahahahahaha Christmas card sahahahahahahah six months away ahahahahahahahah


01:34 AM Jul 31 2009 |




Actually,i haven’t had a relationship yet. But i think maybe Marin and Dale are going too fast in their relationship. they maybe need more time to know about each other.
i don’t like take pics for myself but i took pics for myself for several times just for killing time.

02:12 PM Jul 30 2009 |



ok, this relationship is so, friki friki friki friki going to fast

04:00 PM Jul 28 2009 |



ok, this relationship is so, friki friki friki friki going to fast

04:00 PM Jul 28 2009 |




i love to take photos of my friends, it´s a reason for letting go the sadness and try to show yourself and how you are at that moment.

I think that guy is going to fast, but he seems not to be wanting to scare Marni. He´s exagerating his feelings, but she must get together and tell him the right reasons she´s with him and she needs to take control of that relationship and show him she rules.


03:40 PM Jul 20 2009 |



United States

 Dale and Marni's relationship indeed progressing too fast. Dale is taking this relationship too seriously. He is scaring Marni. I met one of my friends like Dale's character before. Maybe is not similar but it's kind of like him. I met him last year in my zero period AVID class. It was lunch time, I went there to do my math homework. I remember I didn't understand one of my math problems and I asked a person near by for help and he told me to ask the guy who sit in front of me which is " him'' and I did. He explained me how to do it and I thanked him for that.That time I didn't think much about him having a crush on me. The day after, I saw him happened to appear in front of me after the bell rang. I was getting ready to go to my frist period and he was scaring me. HE suddenly appear in front of me. I tried to be calm. He asked me for my AIM screen name and I gave it. When I got on aim, it was creepy.. he started asking me for my informations… it was so scary and he told he liked me… It scared me because I barly knew him for one day..

01:47 AM Jul 20 2009 |




i think pictures and taking photos are the best way to keep the happy moments alive

07:26 AM Jul 19 2009 |



wow, isn't the guy Dale Villar? He used to be a famous actor here in the Philippines like a decade ago ! Geez, he's put on some weight. I almost didn't recognize him. He's still cute though. 

03:58 AM Jul 19 2009 |


Russian Federation

I do non what to be in situation like that. It's defiantly going a way to fast. Are that gay crazy? I think he is sentimental like his parents. 

02:46 PM Jul 16 2009 |



I like the boy move so fast


01:57 PM Jul 16 2009 |




I love to take pics,so each moment is a “click”! hehe
And Dale don’t go so fast,let this relationship rolls ;)

11:41 PM Jul 15 2009 |




Yes,he do…I think he is moving too fast…This is a bit dangerous for him,because Marni may be scared with how fast this relationship is going,maybe she is not certain about their feelings…

When we meet someone,first we have to let the relationship happens and to live what we have to live…Like we uses to say here,literally,"no forcing the bar" hehehe

11:37 PM Jul 15 2009 |




I love doing photos!

I want to be a photographer in the future :)


11:02 AM Jul 15 2009 |

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