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Care Free

Care Free English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jul 28 2009

Themes: Work

Grammar: Past Progressive Tense


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It can be hard to make changes in your life without going overboard. Ella couldn’t stop working all the time, so Mason suggested she take it easy. He told her to relax sometimes.

And, boy, did she ever. Ella not only stopped overworking herself. She stopped working at all. She quit her job in law enforcement. Watch and see all the fun she’s having while unemployed. How long do you think the fun will last?

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Mason:  Hey! Ella.

Ella:  Oh my God.

Mason:  What’s up? Aren’t you a…It’s Wednesday, right? You’re supposed to…You’re workin’.

Ella:  Yeah, I know. Your talk kinda inspired me to just take it easy. So I quit my job and, you know, just gonna do whatever I like ‘cause that’s way more fun. You know?

Mason:  You quit your job? You quit the force?

Ella:  Yeah. I mean, it was taking a lot of my time up and you said I was always high-strung and stuff. So, you know…

Mason:  You did this because of me? This was my idea?

Ella:  Yeah. This is all your working. It’s awesome.

Mason:  Oh. Great. Um…I don’t really think I should take credit for that.

Ella:  You should because I feel so free. I feel, like, energetic. I have so much time. I’ve been doing everything I’ve wanted, which is a lot of nothing.

Mason:  So you’re like…You’re looking for something else to do, you know?

Ella:  No.

Mason:  Just wanna make a career shift?

Ella:  I want to do absolutely nothing and all that I wanna do.

Mason:  Really?

Ella:  Yes.

Mason:  So you saved up a lot of money, right, to just kinda take, like, a sabbatical?

Ella:  Well, actually I blew all my savings at a carnival yesterday, but, I mean, I’m gonna do this day by day. You know?

Mason:  Uh-huh.

Ella:  I mean, who cares? Who cares?

Mason:  Well, um…You let me know how that works out for you.

Ella:  I’m letting you know right now. It’s going great.

Mason:  And uh…You know, I don’t know. I’ll keep my eye out for you. Just, you know, I’ll let you know if somethin’...Maybe somethin’ comes along.

Ella:  Call me. I am free all the time.

Mason:  Cool.

Ella:  Peace out.

Mason:  Bye.


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Mason sees Ella in the middle of the day on a weekday. It turns out she quit her job as a police officer. She tells him she has him to thank for all the fun she’s having.

But Mason doesn’t want to be responsible for Ella quitting her job. She’s already out of money. He suspects the fun will end soon, but until then, Ella is enjoying herself.

Have you ever wanted to quit your job and just have fun all the time? What would you do if you didn’t have to work?



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i think Ella's plan is unwise! quiting her job and just have fun,and doesn't have incomes,just not a good idea!But i envy her,she can relax and do what she want,and don;t have to worry about things for job!however,i suggest her take a few day or weeks out,don't need to quit!

03:36 PM Jul 28 2009 |



Yeah, i think ella is kinda crazy, i mean, if you want to enjoy yourself a little bit you can go on a sabattical and not to quit your job, now from where is she gonna get some money…?? XD

03:22 PM Jul 28 2009 |




If I didn't have to work, that must be cool. But i don't know when that day would come for me!! We must work to support so much~but maybe we can take holidays time and time ~

02:28 PM Jul 28 2009 |




LOL, I really lik this vid. It fits what I’m wondering now. :P

12:52 PM Jul 28 2009 |




Haha, Ella just went nuts, cool!


Yes, last time I quit my job, then I took 5 months playing, happy time, I love it! During that time, I did some part-time job, not make big money, but much more freedom, and it's fun.

08:49 AM Jul 28 2009 |


South Korea

i really symathiz this content.
im doing my job,but sometimes im sick and tired of my job.cuz of boring,nothing special!
and i’ve got feeling i like to run away somewhere
!but what if i dont have job? what if i cant afford buy stuff i really want to buy? ops~~ it’s terrible!!
i think that people are satisfied with every thing`!!
just enjoying~!

03:57 AM Jul 28 2009 |




While holding something in hand, people always wishing other not in hand.

So it's really common people working longing for a holiday, and jobless people keen to get a job.

Single guys and gals wishing the merriage and married people thinking freedom (oh, not all of them).

I had been hoping for a long holiday for a long time, untile some day, my wife took my son and I was at home by myself. I didn't know what to to and was keep thinking something went wrong although nothing wrong. At that time I realized that we just need to enjoy our life and take everything easy. Let job be a job and life be a life.

03:10 AM Jul 28 2009 |

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