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Date: Jul 31 2009

Themes: Family

Grammar: Passive Voice


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Many people want to be parents, and when they think about it, they usually imagine raising their own biological children. But there are many kids all over the world who need parents. And some couples aren’t able to conceive. The only way they can have children is to adopt.

Adoption is highly regulated and it’s hard for parents who want to adopt a kid to get one. So in most cases, kids who get adopted end up in a good home.

Jason thinks adoption is a good idea because it helps keep the population down. Dale has an adopted sister. But there are some hard things that adopted kids have to deal with. Listen to them share their thoughts on adoption.


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Jason:  So, uh, my girlfriend kind of wants me to have kids at some point, like that’s important to her. But I’ve always thought the world just has too many people in it, you know, and you should just adopt.

Dale:  You know, my parents thought the same thing, so my little sister was adopted.

Jason:  Oh really? Is she from another country?

Dale:  She is from another country. She’s actually from the Philippines.

Jason:  OK.

Dale:  She was found six days after she was born.

Jason:  Yeah?

Dale:  And, uh, she was adopted by my mom and dad.

Jason:  Wow. How’s that been? Was it cool?

Dale:  I think that everything went perfectly fine until she turned about 18 and realized she had no baby pictures here. Who was her birth parents? Who really is her mom? Within families I believe that does cause a lot of stress.

Jason:  Did she look into her past, like, find out why she was put up for adoption?

Dale:  She tried, but I mean, she was really found at an orphanage. Now we believe that she’s extremely blessed in where she’s, you know…How she was able to come to the United States, that sort of thing.

Jason:  Why’d your parents decide to adopt? Overpopulation?

Dale:  Actually, to be honest with you, I was the oldest boy and she always wanted a girl. Tried again, had a boy. Third time, had a boy, so the fourth one was like, my dad goes, “You’re not gonna try anymore, let’s just guarantee we’re gonna have a girl.”

Jason:  Nice.


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Jason says that rather than have children of his own, he would prefer to adopt. Since there are already children out there who need parents, it makes sense to him to raise one of those rather than to bring a new baby into the world.

Dale’s sister is adopted. His parents always wanted a girl but their first three children were boys, so they decided to adopt a baby girl from the Philippines. They got her from an orphanage, so she was lucky to be adopted by an American family. But when she grew older, she wondered about her birth parents. Dale says that adopted children often worry about their past as they grow older.

Are you or any of your friends adopted? Would you prefer to adopt a child or raise your own?



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chus conde

chus conde


I think adoption is a good choice for couples who aren´t able to conceive, or even if they are, because there many childrens that need a family.

I have my own children, but I don´t mind to adopt one in the future.

I have a friends that have just adopted a chinesse baby, she´s only 10 months, and they are really happy now.

12:13 PM Jul 31 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

well,I don't have friends had been adopted ,but I think it's not bad idea to adopt a child if you don't have one and aren't able to conceive.

I would like to say that many famous persons like madona,angelina joli and pretney sperse have adopted children,but they do that only to sounds that they are good persons and kind.I hate their behavior .

finally,it's always the God willing to gives up children to us or not.

in Arabic language we say (masheat Allah) which means

God willing.

08:13 AM Jul 31 2009 |



sorry, our religin is forbedden the adoption, but u can take those childen who have no parents in ur home to help them and treat them like ur children !

07:30 AM Jul 31 2009 |




Jason is really open to think that way, I like the idea. Chinese are more traditional, most of the family want to have their own children, they may also adopt, but they must have their own first, except they can't have a baby.


I can ensure you it's really hard to find any family in China who only adopt children even they can have their own, there would be too much pressure.


I will raise my own children, I know how hard an adopted child survive here in China. They might be treated good, but around by pathetic look, people talk about them as a story share to each other. I don't want this happen to my child.

06:38 AM Jul 31 2009 |




I think to adopt a child means you are ready to feel sad when he/she grow up and found you are not his/her biological parent. It's like for most the case, the children still love their foster parent but in some case, the children run away – phisically or spiritly.


I already have a boy but I want a girl. I have thinking for a long time so maybe adoption is a good option.

05:23 AM Jul 31 2009 |



United States

well i also wanna be a foster parent since i ain't gonna get married

i will adopt 2 cute little angels a boy and a gurl i suppose help me God 

and besides why have some of my own when there are those that needs someone to take care of them 

05:13 AM Jul 31 2009 |




  i want to have two children  in the future, in my  home  there are  2 brothers . i think  there are lots of people in my homeland .most of them want to be  adoptde .and  there are rules  more

03:09 AM Jul 31 2009 |



I want to adopt a children,

In thr future,I want to be a Single man.

SO I think that adopt a children is a good way.

02:46 AM Jul 31 2009 |



This lesson reminded me of my late mother – God bless her soul – Her first baby was a girl, but she died a week after her birth.. All the time she dreamt of a girl.. sometimes dreams do not come true.. She gave birth to six boys.. In Egypt people rejoice when they get a boy.. It seems they believe " It is a man's world ".

02:29 AM Jul 31 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

well this lesson is so interesting and I think rising a child with your own is better then haveing more than one baby because you know childern is so niosy and if I adopt a child and he felt sad because he didn't know who are his parents I will do all what I can to make him happy even if I have to look for them

02:01 AM Jul 31 2009 |



there are a lot of children with no family.like wenchuan earthquike ,mang children lost their homes.we should give them more love

01:59 AM Jul 31 2009 |



i would like to have a children. i would also like adopted a child.so my children will be a lot of mom```like pig``guai.jj and yang````heihei``my son can marry pig's daughter````

01:56 AM Jul 31 2009 |



There are some children who lost their parents in Wenchuan earthquike in 12/05/2008 were adopted.It’s really good for them because someone can take care of them.
As for me.. I’d like want to have my own child in the future

12:23 AM Jul 31 2009 |

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