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Celebrity Sightings

Celebrity Sightings

Date: Aug 05 2009

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Famous actors, musicians, and sports stars are regular people just like us, right? They don’t walk on water or fly or have any other magic powers. They just happen to have jobs that put them in the spotlight.

So why is it so exciting to have a celebrity sighting? Maybe it’s because we’re used to seeing celebrities on TV or in movies. In those settings, they don’t seem completely real. So it’s surprising and interesting to see them in the real world, doing ordinary things like buying milk or picking up their drycleaning.

Some people seem to have celebrity sightings all the time. It’s like they have some kind of radar for famous people. In the street, at the store, or on a plane, they’re always running into celebrities. Find out which famous people Devan and Beren have spotted.


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Devan:  I was at the airport the other day, and I ran into an NBA player. I was really excited.

Beren:  Woah.

Devan:  And he was dressed totally incognito, dressed down, but I was the only one that recognized him. He just looked like a normal person. And I went up and I shook his hand and everything.

Beren:  Did you introduce yourself as a fan or were you playing it cool?

Devan:  I introduced myself as a fan, but I tried to play it cool. Have you ever had any celebrity sightings?

Beren:  I haven’t. Not like real celebrities. The celebrities I’ve seen are all kind of like lesser-known musicians where I’m kind of like, “Oh my God!”

Devan:  So it’s kind of a personal…a big deal for you, but not like a mass-recognized person.

Beren:  Yeah. And I’ve kind of decided the only person I really think I’d be at a loss for words in front of…Britney Spears, I decided.

Devan:  Yeah, it’d be crazy to see her in a normal setting, too, if you saw her shopping at the grocery store or just eating at a restaurant or something, you know? Like it’s one thing to see…like I saw Hillary Clinton drive past in a car with tinted windows and like 10 police cars and stuff once. But, you know, that was very much in the celebrity setting. It’d be crazy to see a celebrity in like…doing some typical day-to-day stuff.

Beren:  Totally.


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Devan recently spotted an NBA player at the airport. She was very excited. She introduced herself to him and tried to play it cool. It was exciting for her to see him dressed down and in a normal setting.

As a musician, Beren has seen a lot of other musicians whom she really admires. But none of them have been really famous. The only famous person she would be really amazed to see is Britney Spears. Devan agrees that it would be crazy to see Britney doing something normal like shopping or eating at a restaurant.

Have you ever had a celebrity sighting? Did you introduce yourself to him or her? Which celebrity would you be most excited to see?



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I have never had a celebrity sighting. To be honest I can hardly imagine that I am at a loss for words when I see a famous person)) Maybe if I saw Bruce Willis I would be… Anyway I will not come to him, will not introduce myself. I will try to play it cool. I think they are tired of being in the spotlights.

08:57 AM Aug 05 2009 |




I have seen the celebrities, it was one of singers from my country and he was just getting out from his car

07:04 AM Aug 05 2009 |




I can't recall, maybe some singer when I was very young.


It's cool if I see some celebrity doing normal things like shopping or having lunch at a restaurant. Actually I think I have more chance to see some of them, because I'm kind of like Devan, my favorites are usually not mainstream.

06:14 AM Aug 05 2009 |



I have never see the celebrities in real life.

04:01 AM Aug 05 2009 |

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