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Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Date: Aug 12 2009

Grammar: Plural vs. Possessive "S"


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Harry Potter isn’t a kid anymore. And kids might not make the best audience for the newest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

In the new film, the sixth in the series, Harry learns more about his arch nemesis, Lord Voldemort’s, past. Meanwhile, Lord Voldemort brings more violence not only to the magical world, but also to our non-magic, “Muggle” world. And Lord Voldemort isn’t the only thing Harry struggles with in this movie. He and his friends also have all the confusion, change, and painful emotions of adolescence to deal with.

As Harry has grown up, the films have become more mature, too. Find out why Devan thinks the new movie might be too scary and serious for children.


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Devan:  Last night…guess what I did!

Marni:  You gave yourself a facial.

Devan:  No. I went and saw the new Harry Potter. Eeeeee!

Marni:  Oh! Wow.

Devan:  It was so good. I think it might be the best movie yet.

Marni:  Really?

Devan:  It’s like so much darker and more serious. It’s like really mature.

Marni:  OK, OK.

Devan:  ‘Cause the other ones, you know, they’re kinda kids’ movies. This was not a kids’ movie. They talked about some heavy stuff. And the plot thickens, there’s teen issues, they’re growing up.

Marni:  I felt that the books also did that too. The earlier ones were more light-hearted. He was younger. You know, as Harry grew older the issues became more like teen issues.

Devan:  Yeah. And I must say that it’s pretty scary, too. I know these movies are supposed to be for kids, but…

Marni:  Yeah, I don’t think so.

Devan:  No. As an adult, I can totally appreciate the plot, and it left me on the edge of my seat, and I got scared even. But…you’ve read the books, right?

Marni:  I have read the books. I’ve read them all. And I really did like this book. So I’m excited to go see the film.


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Devan is really excited because she just saw the newest Harry Potter movie. She must be a Harry Potter super-fan.

According to Devan, the new movie is the best yet. It deals with more serious topics and has a darker tone than the earlier films. It also talks about teen issues like romantic relationships. Marni says that the sixth book also had a darker tone than the earlier books.

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Do you think children should be allowed to see dark, serious, or mature films?



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I like Harry Potter.

The movie is full of incredible clues.

But i like transformer more!

07:59 AM Aug 12 2009 |


Lao People's Democratic Republic

I like this movie too much tooooooooo

very nice

07:49 AM Aug 12 2009 |



I actually saw this film with friend last weekend.yeppp in the new one,,,yes more darkerr!!!but a little comfuse for the ‘price’ !!!!but theyyy are become more matureeeeeeeeeeee !!!!

07:37 AM Aug 12 2009 |




i hear it in College, but i don't havea  chance to watch it.

what a pity~


05:55 AM Aug 12 2009 |




Singular and possesive :)

Haven't seen this one yet.. Does one know if it's the last movie? I kinda lost focus of the whole Harry Poter even though I've read all the books.


05:33 AM Aug 12 2009 |

Rezon 邬

Rezon 邬


There was a time when i'm fascinated with HARRY POTTER, but now I've no strong feelings about it

05:29 AM Aug 12 2009 |



I saw just a little of this film, and I like movies wich has a complicated events,and the plot thickens,also I like stories wich has a complicated plot.

04:10 AM Aug 12 2009 |




I liked that movie too!! I also have all the books Smile

03:01 AM Aug 12 2009 |




the movie is in my plan .I will see what is bad language in it.

02:38 AM Aug 12 2009 |




I saw that movie with my sons (they're 8 y.o and 5 y.o). actually that movie is good , for adulth, but not for kids. Really I was very disappointed , coz HArry Poter 's movie has changed…it doesn't like I hope before..and i think kids also thought it..(there's not "Funny" Harry anymore..Frown)

12:58 AM Aug 12 2009 |

the soul tears


why Devan thinks the new movie might be too scary and serious for children?

 I think he is right

in our time we dont see the children who  we saw in the past may the thing which changed them is the development , spical Technology ..the movies like this movie make the kids knows things not 4 them!!..and when it hapen the kids be not kids !!


12:36 AM Aug 12 2009 |

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