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Public Enemies

Public Enemies

Date: Aug 19 2009

Grammar: Phrasal Verbs


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The 1930s was an exciting time for criminals in the US. During that era, outlaws such as Bonnie and Clyde became famous for their wild crime sprees. The country was fascinated by men like John Dillinger, a robber who held up over twenty banks and escaped from prison twice. Some saw Dillinger as a Robin Hood figure, or someone who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. He became a living legend in his time.

Public Enemies, a new film starring Johnny Depp, tells the story of Dillinger and several other gangsters. Listen to Marni and Mason talk about seeing their favorite actors play the parts of some famous criminals.


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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  Have you seen the newest Johnny Depp film?

Mason:  I did. The Public Enemies?

Marni:  Yeah. I just refer to it as the new Johhny Depp film, ‘cause I’ll see anything he’s in.

Mason:  I’m right there with you. I thought it was really really interesting. It was a cool period piece. And the myth of John Dillinger just has so much historical weight to it that you start seeing him as this big figure, whereas they wanted to show him as more of a guy who’s just this kind of rock star, rebel character.

Marni:  I really like the cast. I’m a big fan of Marion Cotillard. And Christian Bale.

Mason:  Christian Bale, yeah, he’s kind of the cop who’s chasing after him.

Marni:  Right! I mean I think it’s a fabulous cast.

Mason:  It really is. And there hasn’t been a good chase ‘em cop movie in a while.

Marni:  And it’s also those films where you really relate to the character, you know, to the…I mean, John Dillinger, sort of a bad guy. But you’re rooting for him. And back in the day, people were sort of rooting for those characters because they were the underdog and they were taking on the banks.

Mason:  Couldn’t be a John Dillinger now, the banks don’t have any money!


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Marni is excited to see Public Enemies because Johhny Depp in it. She likes to watch all of his movies. Mason has seen the movie already and he liked it.

John Dillinger was a living legend in the 1930s. Public Enemies tries to portray him as more of an ordinary man. It also does a good job of portraying the look and atmosphere of the 30s.

Mason likes movies about cops and gangsters. He and Marni also appreciate movies where you get to root for the bad guy. Even though John Dillinger was a criminal, many people saw him as a hero because he stole from the rich banks.

Are there any famous Robin Hood figures in your country? Do you think it is ever OK to steal?



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Mmm. let me think.. mmm.. of course not jajaja in my country dont have any gangster or person like Robin Hood, i think in mexico have a lot of persons to stole a poor people and give all the money at the rich people jajaja is crazy, but is true…

Ok is so sad too but is the reality in mexico..


P.S. I love Johnny Depp!! jeeee Embarassed


ME DAS!! ...

04:18 PM Aug 19 2009 |




firts of all , i havent seen the movie "Public Enemies" yet Frown jejee , but in the other hand i think people like john dillinger , al capone and someone like this kind of ganster were so huge in them time.


04:07 PM Aug 19 2009 |




i love JOhnny :) and PS: JOhnny Depp'S new movie "ALİCE İN WONDERLAND" WİLL BE COMİNG 5 mart 2010…:))

03:48 PM Aug 19 2009 |




yess the  movie was great and of course Johnny depp too.especially end of movie was very impressed me ..That the man who is such  clever  died like this way is so disappointing..:/

03:42 PM Aug 19 2009 |




Actually in china,we also have many Robin Hood figures ,but I just can't remember their names,we chinese also appreciate for the so called bad guys who often help people.

07:49 AM Aug 19 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I can't remember if we had such a Robin Hood in our country. In my opinion robbing of others is not true in any case, but when the pressure on poor people is very high we should help them or should face with a Robin Hood. Anyway I wouldn't do it for love or money.

07:14 AM Aug 19 2009 |



  oh the conversation is too fast. anyway i learn some new vocabularies. and it has aroused my curiosity to watch this film

06:38 AM Aug 19 2009 |



oh,i really want to watch it.i think it is a wonderful and exciting film.

05:19 AM Aug 19 2009 |

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