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Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost

Date: Aug 26 2009

Themes: Time

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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When you see the preview for the movie Land of the Lost, it’s hard to figure out what the film is actually about. There are all kinds of weird creatures in it, time travel, space travel, and even dinosaurs. None of it really makes sense, but maybe it doesn’t have to. For one thing, it’s a movie for kids, and it doesn’t usually bother children when films aren’t entirely believable. Plus, it has Will Ferrell in it. And he can make just about anything funny. Listen to Jason and Ella discuss the new movie starring one of their favorite comedians.


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Jason:  I have always thought that Will Ferrell is a comic genius.

Ella:  I know, right? He just comes up with the best ideas, his improv...Yeah.

Jason:  But what I never thought of was how well his comedy would translate to a children’s type setting.

Ella:  Yeah, it seemed sort of odd when you put the idea together at first, but…

Jason:  But it made sense, you know, Land of the Lost...like, his reactions are so deadpan and his characters are so over-the-top.

Ella:  Mm-hmm, and kids get it. Like in Elf. That’s how you first knew it would be OK to use that with him.

Jason:  Oh totally. But Land of the Lost, that’s crazier. I mean, he’s running around being chased by dinosaurs and stuff on this sort of excavation into another dimension.

Ella:  It looked good, but it just seemed like it relied too much on all the special effects and not too much on the actual comedy and the script. Like just from first glance, it’s like, “That seemed kind of unnecessary, for some of that.”

Jason:  Yeah, that’s a good point. It’s like, when you’ve got Will Ferrell, who needs a dinosaur?

Ella:  Exactly.

Jason:  Will Ferrell can just play basketball and be hilarious, right?

Ella:  Exactly!


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Jason and Ella have always liked Will Ferrell’s comedy. He does great improv and creates hilarious, over-the-top characters.

At first, Jason was surprised to hear that Ferrell was in a kids’ movie, because he wasn’t sure if children would get his sense of humor. But Ella reminds him that Ferrell was in another children’s movie, Elf, which was very funny. Jason agrees that Ferrell’s comedic style would probably work well for the kids’ movie Land of the Lost, because the plot of that movie is really crazy. Ferrell is good at reacting in a deadpan way to crazy and hilarious situations.

Ella thinks Land of the Lost might be a little too over-the-top. She would rather see Will Ferrell in a movie with fewer special effects and wild storylines. She and Jason agree that Ferrell is funny no matter what he does.

Who do you think is the funniest actor? Do you prefer crazy, fantastic characters and stories, or do you like movies to be believable?



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I like both ideas about movies,but If the story are pretty “liar” and awful,no way! hehe :P

10:15 AM Sep 02 2009 |




Hahaha Today I was searching about "old series" from final 70's and 80's and by coincidence I was watching a plot of the old series Land Of The Lost,that serie from 80's  (at least here in Brazil comes out in that time hehe) and I remember tha was pretty funny that special effects,but we as children we loved it hehe

So it was a big surprise to me when I saw that such series it would be remade with updated special effects and a super comedic actor Will Farrel :)

10:12 AM Sep 02 2009 |



Russian Federation

It doesn't matter for me if a movie is believable or unbelievable, or what actors well-known or not famous play in it. If the movie is made good I will like it.

01:24 PM Aug 29 2009 |




words learned were deadpan and over-the-top. when i saw the screening…nah… lost of words..

03:24 AM Aug 29 2009 |



thats a good lesson

10:23 PM Aug 28 2009 |



hey dont forget mr bean :/

10:12 PM Aug 28 2009 |




Well for me the best funny actor is Jim Carrey wow i love this actor is really fantastic the way that he works …





12:46 PM Aug 27 2009 |

your adviser

Saudi Arabia

It's from imagination
I don't like like this

11:14 AM Aug 27 2009 |



good movie,very funny,like the world of lost

05:24 AM Aug 27 2009 |



good movie,very funny,beauty actress

05:22 AM Aug 27 2009 |




So when it comes about comedy, i really like that, i do like adam sandler, jim carrey…but i know there are prety good comedians maybe better than them. so i would rather pick movies that tend to be believable, im not a big fan of special effects, i come with up that if the cast is good and the plot makes sense the others stuffs its not a big deal. 

11:51 PM Aug 26 2009 |


United States

jesus is  lord<!-Session data->

04:46 PM Aug 26 2009 |



according to introduction, may it's not suitable for adults, so I won't watch it, I don't like science fiction moive and I just like comedy a little. I have no idea about this kind of moives. I like war film, does anyone know any good film's about war.

03:09 PM Aug 26 2009 |



I like Will Ferrel very much! This movie is also a good material for people to learn English.Here I would like to recommend an English movie website for people to watch more such kind movies.It is: watch-movie.net.in

02:59 PM Aug 26 2009 |

Walker Fish


DUPLEX is the funniest among comedy movies I've seen in recent years。I can't help laughing again and again when I saw it.I even felt a little ache in my side in the end. Hope you enjoy the movie.

02:47 PM Aug 26 2009 |




i havent seen that movie.

ASAP i watch it , i'll write my opinion.


02:44 PM Aug 26 2009 |




11:38 AM Aug 26 2009 |



“Land of lost “ The film ‘s directoer are Brad Silberling. Will Freeell and Anna Friel are starring in this film. It premiere of the Singapore On 4th-June , 2009.
“Land of lost”Accoring to the same name TV adaptain on 1974.
It taking about a story of the crossing .The Rescue experts, scientists warding in that was full of Dinosaurs, the prehistoric ape and alien world from modern to ancient times………..
When you watch it ,you will feel yourself as child who purely and extremely curious eccentric.
Therefore,this film will be a lot of very young fun. Pay attention , not vulgar interests.
For adults, the film maybe feel uninteresting and looks ridiculous. Perhaps would say :
“What’s this world ? The Dinosaurs ,the prehistoric ape, the alien all come……”
Yes,I also think that when I watch it on the first times,But when I was recallign it, actually, it is very intresting . After all , the director are very famous.

09:18 AM Aug 26 2009 |




Sorry, I'm just not into any comedy movie.

09:15 AM Aug 26 2009 |




l can t say anything about the movie because l haven t seen it yet,but l always find Will Ferrell a funny actor.l would lıke to go to the movie when ıt comes here.

09:06 AM Aug 26 2009 |

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