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Health Care

Health Care

Date: Oct 09 2009

Themes: Health, News

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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When you get sick, the last thing you want to worry about is money. But for the 45 million people living without health insurance in the U.S., a simple visit to the doctor can break the bank. And if they have a more serious problem, they might not be able to afford the treatment they need. Even those who have private health insurance can lose it if they become seriously ill or get fired from their job.

Health insurance is a big topic of debate in the U.S. right now. President Obama wants to reform the health care industry and make sure that every American can get affordable insurance. But his opponents don’t want the government to control health care. They think people should be free to find their own insurance and pay for it themselves. Find out which side of the debate Jason and Devan are on.


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Devan:  So, the other day, I was really sick and I really wanted to go to the doctor, but I don’t have health insurance which has been such a pain for me. Every time I hurt myself or get sick I can’t see anybody. Do you have health insurance?

Jason:  I do, yeah, and I feel so fortunate to have it because it’s so crazy when people need treatment and they just hide out at home and try to treat themselves because they can’t get coverage for whatever reason, maybe they don’t have a job that provides it or they have a preexisting condition and they won’t get picked up by an insurance company.

Devan:  Do you think that that’s a basic human need that every person should be covered?

Jason:  Yeah, absolutely. I don’t it’s like “big government” if we’re not letting people die in the street of curable diseases, you know?

Devan:  Yeah.

Jason:  I mean, and I went to the hospital in Spain once and they have universal healthcare and it was perfectly efficient and I got fixed up real nice.

Devan:  So you didn’t have to wait six weeks to get treated for a headache like everyone’s trying to scare people by saying is the case?

Jason:  Yeah. I think the rest of the world is aware of the way that we don’t really act as civilized as we could with health care.

Devan:  Well, I hope that we can come up with a new system so that I can afford health care.

Jason:  Yeah, really.


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Since Devan doesn’t have health insurance, she can’t go to the doctor when she gets sick. Jason’s employer pays for him to have health insurance as part of his salary. This is how most Americans are able to get insurance.

But not everyone is able to get health insurance through their work, and buying private insurance can be very expensive. Plus, insurance companies often refuse to cover people who are already sick or have on-going health problems.

Although some Americans say they don’t want the government to control health insurance, Jason and Devan both believe that it’s the government’s responsibility to make sure that all people can receive the care they need.

Is there universal health care in your country? Are you happy with your health care system?



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In my point of view, health insurance is very important to every person. I once got a very serious sick  pancreatitis which made me lied in bed for half a month fobidden any food or drink, only by giving transfusion to maintain daily energy and nutrient. It would be a disarster if I hadn’t bought health care! Therefore, goverment and insurance company should inhance the importance of health care and make it be easier to be accepted both the price and the service.

02:07 PM Aug 25 2014 |



Cote D'Ivoire

Nowadays, especially in developping countries, it’s a real difficulty to receive health care. Most people give up to go to health facilities because they don’t have money to pay for health care.

In my country, Gouvernement want to establish Universal Health Coverage. It’s a good idea, cause this will enable the population, espacially vulnerable and disadvantage to enter health care.

12:26 PM Jul 04 2014 |

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The health is not something is sold or buy.

But unfortunatelly the health system is getting worse day by day in all countries in the world, and of course it is same for my country, Turkey.

Some politic leaders use health to get much more votes.. 

I am an intern doctor, and it annoys me so much that we doctors dont decide what should be about hospitals, drugs, system, tests or ect. The government decides them instead of doctors..

10:01 PM Oct 21 2013 |

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United States

I live in USA and i know how hard is for not having health insurance. I went one day at emergency room and i paid so much money. OMG i was mad. But what can you do.

04:34 PM Oct 18 2013 |

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La Princesse de la vie


We do have health care here, but most people prefer to pay themselves and go to see private doctors and prefer to stay in private hospitals.. You know, in health insurance hospitals, patients are treated so carelessly… It’s not safe, but it’s still used by people non-capable  of private health care..

08:01 AM Aug 31 2012 |

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In India there is no health care system but treatments are somewhat cheap with the help of NGOs.<!-Session data->

11:07 AM Dec 21 2009 |

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Well, here in Mexico there are lots of things that must be change to improve the health insurance… or at least to have a better service.

ie : if you need some kind of study like a tomography you have to wait for one or two weeks for it, or if it's necessary a surgery, the time to be treatment is for about one to two months! 

In other words: the health insurance stings… but haaa…. as my grand mother say: worst is nothing.


08:37 PM Oct 14 2009 |

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hahaha We wish we could! Here in Brazil one of the bad things to be repared is the system health! incluiding health insurance ;)

It 'd be a dream if it had an universal health care in Brazil…Many people who really need it would be cared!

I have a health insurance and sometimes I have some problems with it…Not always my plan is accepted in certain clinics,so I have to investigate which clinics my plan cover…putz,that sack!

12:51 AM Oct 14 2009 |

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Shinichi Lover


in my country we have health care, but t's too bad , I think the gov should control health care to help people or they can reduce the cost because it's too expensive ! in my country we need to improve health care to get better treatment

07:51 AM Oct 13 2009 |

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Thanks to remind us about health care…you can visit this link www.synergyworldwide.com to protect our future health…!!!

07:05 PM Oct 12 2009 |




love ourself first before others


11:40 AM Oct 12 2009 |




Health care is something very important for the people. In my country not all the people have an insurance, is similar like usa, but the services are not good at all

03:28 AM Oct 12 2009 |

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happy life, no pain ,no arguei wish

01:48 AM Oct 12 2009 |

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l wish everybody  may be living as the people in usa

11:47 PM Oct 11 2009 |

mini lony lee


n my country health care is defrreny.i mean if any one get sick,he or she will pay to see a doc ,no need for health insurance.u have just to pay,not much.but the treatment is not good at all.there is medicine trade that means doctors del with any medicine copmany to market its medicine by treating ppl with that medicine,so u could be treated with heartpathy with our having the disease,it`s crazy!.and if u got a dangerous disease ,u will have to travell abroad

10:22 PM Oct 11 2009 |



hay frinds

 this is my first day with you

please can someone learn me how i can use this website

08:24 PM Oct 11 2009 |



Here in Taiwan, unfortunately we have an opening healthcare system but in real it is a so sad policy. For us, we have not any idea to correct our big goverment especially in health insurance policy. I mean, i hope my country subject a perfect healthcare policy not an abusive system. That is all.

06:45 PM Oct 11 2009 |




In my country medicine is free according to official documents but in real it's not correct.The goverements can't provide it,I mean money.If you don't have money your medicine service level is less.But big companies are saviors for people not all but it's enough number,they propose health insurence…so you can make even difficult surgery and it'll be free.In general I can say that my country's health care is pretty good….compare with another countries.

05:42 PM Oct 11 2009 |



Russian Federation

In my country people (if they are residents) have universal health insurance. Certain acceptable  treatment is provided by public hospitals and it is free  (a person usually has to go to a nearest hospital where he is registrated), but I have to admit that the level of this kind of treatment is low, that is why it has become to be  more common to have private insurance. It is very common way to attract personnel as a stuff for some employees which work with private insurance companies which can provide better more advanced treatment and with more  options. So, a person doesn't pay for his  health treatment when he needs it, it is paid by his employee. But actually even in private hospitals our treatment is still affordable and every person can use it even if he doesn't have a coverage (and it is not like in US, first it is very expensive, and second even  when they have insurance but they still pay a certain percent of it to cover their treatment when they go to the doctor. Their health insurance system is still confusing for me although I live here.)

04:05 PM Oct 11 2009 |

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