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Kanye Steals the Spotlight

Kanye Steals the Spotlight

Date: Sep 25 2009

Themes: News

Grammar: Contractions and Abbreviations


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Last week, Taylor Swift’s dream came true when she won an MTV Video Music Award. But her dream was rudely interrupted when Kanye West grabbed the microphone from her and said that Beyonce should have won instead.

This isn’t the first time Kanye has created a controversy by being outspoken. And the VMAs have always included plenty of surprises, like when Madonna and Britney Spears kissed on stage. But this time Kanye may have crossed the line from outspoken to just plain mean. Find out what Devan and Jason think about the incident.


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Devan:  So, last night I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards. Did you see what happened?

Jason:  No.

Devan:  With Kanye West?

Jason:  What did he do?

Devan:  What a brat. He totally stole the spotlight from Taylor Swift as she was accepting her award for Best Female Performance.

Jason:  Isn’t it cool that she won, I mean like a country singer winning a VMA?

Devan:  It was really cool, and she was really excited. But he decided to cause a stir by going up and grabbing the microphone from her while she was making her speech, and she was totally touched. And he just had this huge outburst, saying he thought Beyonce deserved to win.

Jason:  Woah! How did he even get up there and get the microphone?

Devan:  That’s what they were saying, they were like why didn’t security stop him?

Jason:  Apparently Kanye can just do whatever he wants.

Devan:  Apparently. But at the end Beyonce acted like a real class act when she won her award, because she brought Taylor back on stage and let her make her acceptance speech that Kanye ruined before.

Jason:  Woah. Do you think there’s any chance it’s a publicity stunt?

Devan:  Absolutely not.

Jason:  He was just really hurt that Beyonce didn’t win?

Devan:  He was just drunk, I think.


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Devan saw Kanye West interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the VMAs to say that Beyonce should have won instead. Devan thinks Kanye acted like a brat. She and Jason are surprised that Kanye wasn’t stopped by security.

Later in the night, Beyonce won a different award. She brought Taylor Swift up onto the stage with her so the young country singer could have another chance to give her speech. Devan thinks Beyonce acted classy.

What do you think about Kanye’s behavior? Has anyone ever stolen the spotlight from you?



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Saudi Arabia

How rude!

 Beyonce you are the Lady ,love you Kiss

Ididn't watch the VMAs Awards,will try to find a vedio somewhere

06:19 PM Oct 03 2009 |



I think that was really rude somebody should kicked kanye`s ass, in my country that could cost his life

05:11 PM Oct 03 2009 |



I like all of taylor swift songs

02:30 PM Oct 01 2009 |



United Kingdom

why do you think that unerdoqq i culd be

11:43 AM Oct 01 2009 |




02:52 AM Oct 01 2009 |



kanye's attention-getter

it was taylor swift's time, so give her the moment

btw, great act for beyonce – gracious


02:12 PM Sep 30 2009 |



United Kingdom

thanks you lol

01:02 PM Sep 30 2009 |



United Kingdom

i think he shpuld lose his career. taylor swift is a fantastic singer, i love "you belong to me " shes a lucky girl to have a fit boy in her video x

09:15 AM Sep 30 2009 |




Kanye is such an arrogant. He ruined Taylor's moment, she's a lady and she's only 19. I love Taylor and her songs are great.

06:15 AM Sep 30 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

i love u taylor swift,although i’ve heard just one song for u(crazier)it’s its name.
so fantastic song …......u are really a brilliant person…......
this song is a part of me,represents me.

07:11 PM Sep 29 2009 |



I also think that it is the wrong way in order to show his dissatifaction with a decision. I reallly dont know Taylor Swift but nobody deserves such a stupid behaviour.

06:19 PM Sep 29 2009 |




He simply acted unkindly…Typical of poorly educated people ;)

10:32 AM Sep 29 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

impolite man! i love taylor swift! :)

08:32 AM Sep 29 2009 |

ble sky


 i think what kanye did was very wrong he ruined her moment he should have some manners

07:15 AM Sep 29 2009 |




Kanye may be right but the way he express his thought was wrong..

04:29 PM Sep 28 2009 |

Mohsin raza

Saudi Arabia

..what he did was totally inappropraite..ruining someone elses moment..its just soo devastating…and definately emzzie he will lose his fans if keeps doin the same thing…

02:11 PM Sep 28 2009 |



United Kingdom

he will lose all hes fans if he carry on doing this ! dont you think people?XFrown

11:39 AM Sep 28 2009 |




lont time ya.

01:19 AM Sep 28 2009 |




he was just make his fans feel by shameful and he put a black point in his carrier whatever the Commission have the choice to choose who worth the prize and she got it and congratulation to her she is the best singer in my humble view

02:54 PM Sep 27 2009 |

Rahma MD

Rahma MD


I don't know how his behavior is.But, one for sure …he should learn more to appreciate other. If what Devan said in the Dialog is true; he was drunk. I think it could be one of the reasons why we shouldn't drink alcohol.

MTV stands for Music Television …

02:46 PM Sep 27 2009 |

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