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"Posse" - Violent J of Insane Clown Posse

"Posse" - Violent J of Insane Clown Posse

Date: Sep 21 2009

Themes: Alternative, Celebrity

Grammar: You're vs. Your


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Most people think Insane Clown Posse is either the greatest or the worst band they have ever seen. The hip hop duo from Detroit performs songs that often describe violence while wearing clown makeup. It’s like Eminem, if there were two of him and he were twice as offensive. It can be a little much for some people to handle.

But ICP’s fans are among the most dedicated in the world. They call themselves Juggalos (or Juggalettes for the ladies). They have a distinct type of dress, which is a mixture of rock and hip hop fashions from the ‘90s. They even have their own slang terms and hold big gatherings with wrestling and music that are attended by thousands!

Jason recently spoke to ICP’s Violent J about Insane Clown Posse’s posse and how even though you may not be a Juggalo, you most likely have a posse of your own.


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Violent_J:  Jason.

Jason:  Hey, Violent J, how’s it going?

Violent_J:  Pretty good. What’s up, brother? How you doin’?

Jason:  I’m well. Where are you right now?

Violent_J:  Where am I? I’m in Minneapolis, Minnesota, sitting in the bus.

Jason:  Alright. Cool. I was hoping you could explain for all your fans in Japan and Turkey and around the world, what exactly the word “posse” means.

Violent_J:  “Posse” is a crew, a clique, a gang, you know? You and your friends, you know, the people you chill with every day, that’s your posse. You know, your regular group of homies. If you have some people with you that you don’t normally hang out with, they wouldn’t be considered part of your posse. It’s the most comfortable people you’re with. Your every day guys or girls, your every day people is your posse. There’s only two people in Insane Clown Posse…

Jason:  Right.

Violent_J:  ...and I don’t know if two people makes a posse. But I do that that when we say, “Insane Clown Posse,” we mean our whole show. We include all the clowns that come out on stage with us, we include everything. We’re all the posse.

Jason:  And you guys are working on a western right now and it seems like “posse” is a word that comes up in westerns.

Violent_J:  Yeah, groups of cowboys riding around robbing banks, they would call themselves a posse, you know? Or this posse would be wanted by the law, you know? But as to that movie, we finished that movie. That movie is done, so we have a tentative release of February for next year. But we’re learning the ropes so we can get maximum benefit out of it. You know what I mean?

Jason:  ICP is really the only band that I can think of that created an entire subculture on it’s own. How did that happen? How did it get to be that you could be a Juggalo in the same way that could be a goth or a punk?

Violent_J:  I credit that to the Dark Carnival, because it certainly wasn’t in our plans! Just as incredible as it is to somebody looking at it from the outside, you can imagine how incredible it is to us.


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It makes sense that Violent J’s band, Insane Clown Posse, recently made a western, because the term “posse” was common back in the wild west. Violent J explains that while his band only has two members, which isn’t really enough for a posse, his posse includes all the people his band works with to make their shows happen.

In fact, ICP fans are kind of like one big posse. They are one of the only bands whose fans have their very own lifestyle. Violent J says he thinks “the Dark Carnival” which is mythical world in which the band’s lyrics take place, is what brought all the Juggalos together into one big posse.

Do you know any Juggalos? Who’s in your posse?



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I think o have a posse who is my mom

09:52 PM Oct 03 2011 |

murad ali

murad ali


My pal
my Mate friend

01:23 PM Apr 03 2011 |

murad ali

murad ali


good to have smiler or synonymous of one words

09:44 AM Apr 03 2011 |


United States


07:24 PM May 25 2010 |




I also have one that stuff named posse belongs to me . Each homy of my clique is all has the same interest in basketball.sometimes we gang play a basketball game as serious as a professional player,sometims  also play it like a clown crew,ha ha .we all love to dedicate our free time or energe on it .Even used to be crazy like gangstas someone says that.For us , it is a good way for chilling with together.What a great gathering it is .

06:12 AM Apr 04 2010 |




I got a posse , and I call him my best partner.

07:55 AM Oct 01 2009 |



When I was young I used to have a posse, some guys and girls that I always went out with, but nowadays it isn´t happening anymore, cause I´m usually too busy being almost of the time alone or just with a couple of friends. So, if I had a posse, they are my coworkers!!

03:21 AM Sep 26 2009 |




When I was teen I had a group of friends,kind Posse…We always met in a house of another friend and there was as "headquarters" hehe…Cinema,parties and Rock shows,we always were together…So I think,I had a Posse :P hehe

I seached for about this band…really awful :P I think,I like some hip hop groups and styles related,as Linkin Park,Limp Bizkit…But this band I don't sympathize with them :P

11:35 PM Sep 25 2009 |


United States

whoop whoop i am a juggalo if u have any ?'s email me


04:43 PM Sep 22 2009 |

siberian tigger


Well, I think that posse is a friendly word which means a group of people who are nice fellas and in other words they are my woderfull friends.

11:28 PM Sep 21 2009 |




Hey guys you can lısten and watch theır clıps www.dailymotion.com l must honestly say l don t lıke thıs band…

10:39 PM Sep 21 2009 |




I dont know any icp`s fan, actually its the first time i have heard about them. i would say my family is my posse.

09:39 PM Sep 21 2009 |


Syrian Arab Republic

Well this is the first time i hear about that kind of band..

I'd like to listen to them !!

03:23 PM Sep 21 2009 |




That's the first time I've heard the name of this group, and frankly, i dont like such kind of music, so no regrets)))) 

As for the posse, in mine there are people from my studies or my job or just some neighbours with whom I made friends during different times. All of them are good and funny guys and thoutg now Im far from them we dont forget each other and communicate regularly.

02:41 PM Sep 21 2009 |




i havent heard ICP Frown , bcs i am not part of this genre of music. i belong a crew of psy trance music.


01:20 PM Sep 21 2009 |


South Korea

maybe you need to download "flash player". 

12:11 PM Sep 21 2009 |

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