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Bad Manners

Bad Manners

Date: Oct 02 2009

Themes: News

Grammar: Direct vs. Reported Speech


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In recent weeks, three different public figures have acted like bratty kids on TV. First a U.S. senator shouted “You lie!” in the middle of an important speech by President Obama. Then Serena Williams cussed out a judge during one of her tennis matches. And you’ve probably already seen the Ebaby! lesson about Kanye West’s outburst at the VMAs.

Being polite is always important, but it’s especially surprising when someone throws a temper tantrum in front of the entire world. So what’s going on? Is it just a coincidence that all these public meltdowns have happened so close together, or have Americans lost their manners? Maybe we’ve always been a nation of brats! Find out what Marni and Devan think.


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Devan:  So I was reading an article, and it was talking about the whole Kanye outburst, and the senator that said “You lie!”

Marni:  Joe Wilson?

Devan:  Joe Wilson. And about Serena Williams, her outburst at the tennis match. And it was saying that they think that Americans as a society, that we’ve lost track of good manners. What do you think about that?

Marni:  That’s interesting. I haven’t read that article, but now that you mention it, there have been so many examples lately in the media of pop stars or athletes and senators just being out of line. And it does bring up an interesting argument. I mean, I’ve certainly on occasion flipped out, had meltdowns. But I think I hold these people in the public eye to a higher standard.

Devan:  Do you think that good manners is like a lost art? Do you think that parents are teaching their kids to be polite? Like my parents really emphasized being polite and respecting my elders and all of those old, traditional, good manner things.

Marni:  Sure. I really feel like as a society we need to look at what we’re teaching our kids and…

Jason:  Hey yo yo yo! I see you’re doing a lesson here, and I’m happy for you, I’m gonna let you finish, but “Kanye Steals the Spotlight” is the best lesson on English, baby! of all time. All time!

Marni:  Uh, OK Jason…


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Devan read an article that said that Americans don’t care about good manners anymore. Marni agrees that there have been a lot of examples lately of public figures behaving rudely.

Most of us learn about good manners from our parents. Devan’s parents made sure to teach her about being polite and respectful. Marni and Devan think that maybe kids these days aren’t learning good manners from their parents.

Just as Marni is saying that we need to be better about teaching kids manners, Jason rudely interrupts her to promote the Ebaby! lesson “Kanye Steals the Spotlight.” Jason may be the rudest Ebaby! cast member of all time. All time!

Do you think it’s important to have good manners? Why? Do people have good manners in your country?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

yes it is really important cuz the way that we r going to behave with others shows  ;from which culture and country we have come from. and also its shows how much our parents had tough us good maner  and courteous behavior.and using good manners is a way that we show respect for those around us

03:59 PM Jul 26 2013 |




Yes of course! Because being educated and having good manners makes us civilized and differentiates us from people who hadn't good education from their parents…The saw that says "Education comes to the cradle" is true ;)

12:13 AM Oct 07 2009 |


Viet Nam

Bad manners are unavoidable as not only we are human being but also there are no species in this world are perfect hihihi! sometimes we lose our mind in saying or performing bad manners. It's nothing if we have meltdown with our farmily members, closed friends, partners…they will sympathize to us easily. But it's big problem when we often have temper tantrums in public places, we will be look down and under-estimate as the good, polite manners will show up a good person ! then, should be cautious if we want to be a good guy in public eye ! try to slow down the times of using, then step by step we can control bad manners well  

09:26 AM Oct 06 2009 |




It is  difficult to avoid some bad things. because the human need lives together who different another and comes from everywhere.

03:32 AM Oct 06 2009 |




Always acting politely is difficult, because human being sometimes beats to anger.

03:32 PM Oct 05 2009 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

 be polite is always important for human. we know personalety of people       by them manner .if u have good manner people would like u .

 thanks God in my country mostly people have good nanner .

06:08 PM Oct 04 2009 |



Knowledge actually is combination of both good and bad manner so to acquire a good knowledge we must know bad manners too.so that v can be the master in knowledge. 

04:21 PM Oct 04 2009 |



its good to know….....

03:53 PM Oct 04 2009 |




Good manners are the products of human civilizion.They are parts of us.We  have lots of excuses to flip out occasionally ,but for the people in the public eye ,that is last thing you should do ,cause what you did would be magnified thousands times.As a celeberity you should always watch out ,especially to your kid fans.So let's pick up the so-called "lost art",and become a better us everyday!


12:18 PM Oct 04 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i think the best way for fighting the bad manners back is in a comedy show in comedy language pissing them offLaughing

12:17 PM Oct 04 2009 |



Good lesson topic. yeah, I think good manner its very fundamental to be learn since we was kids from parents, school and also religion that play very important role. My country is a religion country I think (Muslim majority), most of them run their life according to the what they had learn from the religion so they had very good attitude, polite to others. Although a few of them misapplied. Since I was Confucians, good manner is also one of the key if we want to success in all aspect.

Sorry if my English not understandable, still learning.

11:57 AM Oct 04 2009 |



Yeah..absolutely! It is important to have good manners, because we have to respect each other so we can live in peace and harmony..My country is famous because of it’s people manner…polite…and respectful to stranger.<!-Session data->

10:27 AM Oct 04 2009 |



What bad manners for people is what blemish for face.

08:25 AM Oct 04 2009 |




i think after all we are human being, everybody at some piont in his/her life might get pissed off and act angerly at people. what's important is after you cool down you have to realize that you made a terrible mistake and appolgize for it

07:19 AM Oct 04 2009 |





12:37 AM Oct 04 2009 |



Good Manners are important, and we have to teach our kids to know about that, and practice it. Respect is a sign of wisdom.

12:17 AM Oct 04 2009 |



haha I agree to Jason

08:59 PM Oct 03 2009 |



oh no… Marni's voice is such terrible.. I got headache :((

08:40 PM Oct 03 2009 |




good manners-bad manners are the same in this moments in the world , everybody live with this kind of behaviors , is common have and practice them everyday.  


03:19 PM Oct 03 2009 |




We are all representatives of high culture it sets us apart from prehistoric man and today's commucation is impposible without this culture that including good manners,behaviour…the importance of good manners always are considered and estimated by people…it's like a sign that shows or characterizes a person,who is she or he in real?...

11:21 AM Oct 03 2009 |

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