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blow it

blow it

Date: Oct 22 2009

Themes: Music


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“Whenever you try something new, it’s always scary. You could completely blow it.”

- Beck, talking about taking risks with his music. (Entertainment Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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ruin something; waste an opportunity; fail

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Beck is one of those musicians who hardly ever blows it. He’s been making music since the 1990s, and has sold millions of records. Both critics and the public love his quirky and eclectic sound.

But Beck still worries about blowing it just like anyone else. He likes to experiment with his sound, from the high energy funk of Midnite Vultures to the softer, more melancholy songs of Sea Change. Beck says that any time you try something new you might fail, or blow it. But that doesn’t stop him from taking risks.

Blow it isn’t the only idiom that uses the verb blow. When you blow someone off, you ignore someone. On the other hand, when you blow off steam, you release your anger or frustration. When something blows over, it passes or becomes less important. And when someone or something blows up, it becomes really popular or famous.

Have you ever blown it? What kind of situations make you worry about blowing it?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“This is your best opportunity to get a good job. Don’t blow it.”

“Sam had a piano recital yesterday. Unfortunately, he really blew it.”

“I really like Daneen so I’m scared of blowing it with her.”

“If you don’t study hard for the math test on Monday, you might blow it.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

VOLTS it means to lose an opportunity
by VOLTSSuper Member!
fedorame To blow it means to mess up something or situations I guess.
by fedorame
"Blow it" means 'spoil the chance.'
by Mr.Bean's wife
nour_2 blow it = ruin it........
by nour_2
_Sasha_ ruin or spoil something or just lose the chance
by _Sasha_
Curli use (an opportunity) ineffectively, fail
by Curli
chomo mess up... fail... yup:)
by chomo
Sezai to completely fail a task
by Sezai
You could completely ruin it, spoil it, screw it.
by Guada. A.H.

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Åland Islands

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09:32 AM Oct 17 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

“blow it” I think is “to destroy something” . however  if a situation blows up it means suddenly becomes important or dengerous.. if bad weather blow up, it suddenly arrives… blow up in sombody’s face means it suddenly goes wrong…... but in the informal way when we use blow up it is meaning ” to become very angry with someone…..

01:04 PM Aug 03 2012 |

1 person likes this




my job was gone! cause I blew it! I'm such a stupid bastard!

06:19 AM Mar 28 2010 |




Everyone is risky to blow it at something because nobody is perfect enough to never do no wrong ;)

Usually I'm worried about blowing it when I propose to do something new that I don't have so much skill…

07:18 PM Oct 27 2009 |




Yes, I've blown it and felt down many times… but they're worthwhile.

We can learn somethin from experiences we've blown it and grow up, I think.

I hope I will have much more strong spirit doesn't get defeated anything!

03:51 PM Oct 27 2009 |




it's like break soemthing?

03:11 AM Oct 27 2009 |

Shinichi Lover


I below it in a lot of situations! nice lesson and good slang, thanks

06:18 AM Oct 26 2009 |



I wanted to choose Engineering as my career but I blow it when I gone for BSC

09:36 AM Oct 24 2009 |



Russian Federation

Thanks, useful lesson.  Slang makes English language interesting and difficult to learn at once. I was surprised founding so many definition of phrasal verbs with word "blow" (and it is not only the list of them here, there are many more if to search on internet,  some of them are just opposite! ) .   It is easy to blow it when you are not confident or not prepared or nervous too much or  do it for the first time, but I beliave that that who doesn't blow it, doesn't do anything (hope it makes sense) . Sport is really a good way to blow off steam (just love this expression :)  , especially I loved paintball playing with your boss and co-workers.

03:01 PM Oct 23 2009 |



Ive blown it with some tries to get some girls.

10:15 PM Oct 22 2009 |




07:59 PM Oct 22 2009 |

green greener

United Arab Emirates

Nice lesson. I don't like blowing someone off, but sometimes you should do especially if he will blow your time by saying nonsense stuff. I like blowing off my steam in doing some exercises or activities. In our life, we should sometimes blows over things that won't add anything to us.

06:10 PM Oct 22 2009 |




it means fail at something ,make a mistake, mess up.

05:00 PM Oct 22 2009 |




cool slang !!


02:30 PM Oct 22 2009 |




I tell myself – grab the opprtunity when it comes your way, do not get freacked out. get through your challenge. Try to never blow it.

01:30 PM Oct 22 2009 |




12:03 PM Oct 22 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

I think  it's a normal thing, most of us may have blown it in some situations especially when it's the first time 2 do something ... 

10:45 AM Oct 22 2009 |





07:14 AM Oct 22 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

I think "blow it" means that you can go over it.

06:52 AM Oct 22 2009 |




Most of people may have blown it in an important presentation in front of many audiences. Though you have prepared everything and practised your speech many times before, you still could blow it if you don't know how to control your nerves nor solve facing problems.

06:48 AM Oct 22 2009 |

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