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Halloween Songs

Halloween Songs

Date: Oct 26 2009

Themes: Holidays

Grammar: Adjectives


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Jingle Bells. Silent Night. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It’s easy to name Christmas songs. In fact, they’re almost impossible to avoid from Thanksgiving right up until New Year’s.

Halloween songs are a little more special. There are fewer of them, and they’re heard less often. But they can be silly, fun, spooky, and strange, just like the holiday. Find out what Jason and Marni’s favorite Halloween tunes are.


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Marni:  So my favorite holiday is just around the corner.

Jason:  Uh, Day of the Dead?

Marni:  Well, actually, the day before the Day of the Dead.

Jason:  Oh, Halloween!

Marni:  Halloween. Do you have any classic favorite Halloween songs?

Jason:  Yeah. I once played in a show on Halloween, and we covered the Ghostbusters theme song. And it went over really well.

Marni:  Nice. It’s a great song.

Jason:  I feel like Halloween is a holiday with unexplored musical possibilities. Like you see a lot of Christmas albums, everyone thinks of Christmas music. But there’s tons of scary Halloween-themed songs out there.

Marni:  There are. There’s some great ones. One of my favorites is the classic “One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People-Eater.”

Jason:  Right, of course!

Marni:  Yeah. And you only hear those songs…like for a month you hear them. But there’s something about Halloween songs, like I don’t get sick of them. I don’t get burnt out on them like I do Christmas songs.

Jason:  Yeah. And there’s those whole albums of just sound effects that you can get.

Marni:  Just sound effects! I have a great Halloween album that’s actually a mix of sound effects and classic Halloween songs like the Ghostbusters theme.

Jason:  Wow, a mixture, that’s perfect. So there’s these little interludes of just scary noises?

Marni:  Yeah, the creaking door or the howling dog.

Jason:  Yeah! Perfect.


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Marni loves Halloween songs just as much as she loves the holiday. Jason is also a fan of Halloween songs. He and his band even played one once at a show, and the crowd loved it.

A lot of people get sick of Christmas songs because they’re played so much at Christmastime. Jason and Marni would like to hear less Christmas music and more Halloween songs. They love all the spooky sound effects that Halloween songs often use. In fact, they even enjoy listening to just the sound effects by themselves.

Jason’s favorite Halloween song is the theme from Ghostbusters. Marni loves a funny song about a monster called “One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People-Eater.” Other classics include “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “The Monster Mash,” which was a number one hit when it first came out in the U.S.

Do you have a favorite Halloween song? What other holidays have their own songs?



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11:28 AM Dec 15 2015 |




11:17 AM Nov 14 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

the day of the dead why they celbrate i in it? how the hollween day stare?

07:30 PM Feb 06 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

my real problem in english is the writing and reading ,itake alot of free test and istill in the same problem how can i inbrove ?

when it com about moive & song i can mange my slev but,in other areas icanot get it for to day lesson ifeel its fun & easy the word & how to used it

07:27 PM Feb 06 2010 |

The American girl


we don't celebrate halloween in my country but i heard a lot about halloween& saw a lot of movies that shows halloween celebration

i hope to celebrate it one day

09:27 PM Jan 13 2010 |

my good

Saudi Arabia



07:46 PM Dec 17 2009 |


Dominican Republic

In my country dont celebrate halloween, but I know a halloween song in spanish: "viernes 13" it´s a little funny, and is a rap song made in 90´s by Vico C. ¿somebody in Puerto Rico or in Dominican Republic remember it?Wink 

08:10 PM Oct 31 2009 |




I'm just back from a halloween party. we held it a day earlier, but we finished it todayxd. it was a real fun. we had a really scary decoration at my friend's and a friend of mine was real spooky but dont wanna tell whySmile that be our secret. but we couldnt watch any horror moviesCry but we had horror at allxd

06:50 PM Oct 31 2009 |




i just love Halloween, i will celebrate it.~

11:30 AM Oct 30 2009 |

miss royalito


marcelolic add me

12:47 AM Oct 30 2009 |




Thriller by Michael Jackson is really the "halloween face" is pretty cool,even the choreaography and people dancing like zombies,hehe cool :)

In June and July here in Brazil there are many religious festivals called "June parties" is celebrated in honor to Saint John and Peter…So songs are typical of that time :)

10:57 PM Oct 29 2009 |


Russian Federation

I'm Going to celebrate Halloween this year!!! I'll go to the Concert Of In Extremo!!! Halloween night is gonna be there – moshes and slams – soooo cute)

08:42 PM Oct 29 2009 |

André Lopes


In my country, people don't celebrate Halloween, but there are some Christmas songs which let me sick of them.    

04:34 PM Oct 29 2009 |




Mm…in my country there is no spooky Halloween song like "Thriller". That is a great song coexist spooky and cool.

Year by year Halloween are popular in Japan, especially among shop or entertainment, not for school or office.  I wanna wear a coustume…

03:38 PM Oct 28 2009 |



Here in Brazil Halloween is not a popular holiday, actually, christmas day is the most famous, so I´ve only listened christmas songs!! 

02:31 AM Oct 28 2009 |



United States

I enjoy the chants more than songs as I teach younger kids in a school. Those BOOOOs and WOOOOOOs would just scare them away, you know. Some of them even cry…..it'd turn out like a mess. Halloween chants rock!!

12:34 AM Oct 28 2009 |

1 person likes this



Russian Federation

yeah, Thriller by M. Jackson is classic for all times, it is sooooo coooool. Love it. And of course, Ghostbusters (do not know any other).  Looking forward to celebrating my first Halloween in US (in Russia it is not common to celebrate, even not all people heard about this holiday, probably most part celebrate it in night clubs as a costume party), have already done all preparation: carved first pumpkin, bought ton of candies for children, found Halloween costume for a party.

02:56 AM Oct 27 2009 |



Russian Federation

In Russia Halloween is celebrated in schools and in clubs, where you could even be asked to have this specific dress code on this particular day. But i've never heard about halloween songs as well as some other guys here. As to me i dont' like scary movies, esp. with blood and all other nonsense. I adore christmas songs, they are so romantic and it feels like in fairy-tales…..

08:43 PM Oct 26 2009 |




i love ramadan fasil songs :D

06:45 PM Oct 26 2009 |

miss royalito


imo  rosendoo the ponche sucks and cracula is old fashioned

05:13 PM Oct 26 2009 |

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