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Halloween Songs

Halloween Songs

Date: Oct 26 2009

Themes: Holidays

Grammar: Adjectives


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Jingle Bells. Silent Night. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It’s easy to name Christmas songs. In fact, they’re almost impossible to avoid from Thanksgiving right up until New Year’s.

Halloween songs are a little more special. There are fewer of them, and they’re heard less often. But they can be silly, fun, spooky, and strange, just like the holiday. Find out what Jason and Marni’s favorite Halloween tunes are.


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Marni:  So my favorite holiday is just around the corner.

Jason:  Uh, Day of the Dead?

Marni:  Well, actually, the day before the Day of the Dead.

Jason:  Oh, Halloween!

Marni:  Halloween. Do you have any classic favorite Halloween songs?

Jason:  Yeah. I once played in a show on Halloween, and we covered the Ghostbusters theme song. And it went over really well.

Marni:  Nice. It’s a great song.

Jason:  I feel like Halloween is a holiday with unexplored musical possibilities. Like you see a lot of Christmas albums, everyone thinks of Christmas music. But there’s tons of scary Halloween-themed songs out there.

Marni:  There are. There’s some great ones. One of my favorites is the classic “One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People-Eater.”

Jason:  Right, of course!

Marni:  Yeah. And you only hear those songs…like for a month you hear them. But there’s something about Halloween songs, like I don’t get sick of them. I don’t get burnt out on them like I do Christmas songs.

Jason:  Yeah. And there’s those whole albums of just sound effects that you can get.

Marni:  Just sound effects! I have a great Halloween album that’s actually a mix of sound effects and classic Halloween songs like the Ghostbusters theme.

Jason:  Wow, a mixture, that’s perfect. So there’s these little interludes of just scary noises?

Marni:  Yeah, the creaking door or the howling dog.

Jason:  Yeah! Perfect.


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Marni loves Halloween songs just as much as she loves the holiday. Jason is also a fan of Halloween songs. He and his band even played one once at a show, and the crowd loved it.

A lot of people get sick of Christmas songs because they’re played so much at Christmastime. Jason and Marni would like to hear less Christmas music and more Halloween songs. They love all the spooky sound effects that Halloween songs often use. In fact, they even enjoy listening to just the sound effects by themselves.

Jason’s favorite Halloween song is the theme from Ghostbusters. Marni loves a funny song about a monster called “One-Eyed, One-Horned, Flying Purple People-Eater.” Other classics include “Thriller” by Michael Jackson and “The Monster Mash,” which was a number one hit when it first came out in the U.S.

Do you have a favorite Halloween song? What other holidays have their own songs?



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miss royalito


hello !! my favorite halloween song is thiller becouse the video is terrorific but in my country the halloween day isent know

05:10 PM Oct 26 2009 |



Hi everyone!

Nice lesson! At last something different about Halloween to give to my ESL students. Very useful. Thanks.

04:10 PM Oct 26 2009 |




Halloween !!! i like this kind of parties , bcs u wear a costume , drink alot of ponche. i remember that  1 year ago i wear a Dracula custom and i won contest  jejeje, and again the contests is around the corner , it will be on saturday;i'll put pics here to show u how fun is it.


03:33 PM Oct 26 2009 |




Hi everyone – I do not have the Halloween Songs but you can download the history of Halloween e book free at http://www.bizcom-management.webs.com – have a wonderful Halloween / Pumpkin crazy Holiday …cheers

01:55 PM Oct 26 2009 |




12:27 PM Oct 26 2009 |




Thanks for this lesson. In Hungary we did not have halloween until a few years ago. Now we watch horror movies at night on October 31st. And some families make jack-o-lanterns. But we don't have the 'treat or tricks' stuff, and we have no celebration at school or at work, just with friends or family.

11:17 AM Oct 26 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

oh I think it's fun and intersting

11:10 AM Oct 26 2009 |




in taiwan hadnt halloweenday but many kindergartens held on this day for kid disguise ghost to ask everyfmily to give candy it is so fun for kids.

10:42 AM Oct 26 2009 |




Filipinos do celebrate halloween, but I don't have a favorite halloween songs. I love watching spooky movies like ghost, especially during halloween night, it's kind of thrill me to the bonesLaughing

07:52 AM Oct 26 2009 |




Chinese do not have Halloween but  Tomb-sweeping Day, we praying for the dead and cremate some infernal money for them~ that's all!


06:01 AM Oct 26 2009 |

Shinichi Lover


In fact I don't have any Halloween favorite songs,because in my country we don't make Halloween, as you know the diffrents between each country in culture,but I saw many movies about this day and I think it' coool :)

05:27 AM Oct 26 2009 |



There is no Halloween tradition in my country, so I have no idea about the song…

02:12 AM Oct 26 2009 |




happy halloween

02:06 AM Oct 26 2009 |

Kath Rosa

Kath Rosa



12:03 AM Oct 26 2009 |

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