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Date: Nov 04 2009

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Plural vs. Possessive "S"


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If evil machines took over the earth, who would you want to be in charge of saving humanity? Probably not nine little creatures that look like a cross between Frankenstein and a sock puppet. But that’s what happens in the new CGI animated movie, 9.

9 is produced by Tim Burton, who’s known for creating weirdly beautiful worlds, like in his movies The Nightmare Before Christmas and Edward Scissorhands. Find out if Ella and Marni will be checking out his latest creation.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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Marni:  So what do you know about that new movie 9? It looks really interesting, the new animated film.

Ella:  I don’t know too much about it, but I saw the little characters. There are nine characters like the title, but they’re all really individual and really cute looking. They’ve got that scary flair that Tim Burton adds in every movie. So it’s kind of interesting…it could be on mute and I’m sure the movie would be interesting, just visually, it’s like eye-popping and capturing.

Marni:  So, the storyline’s pretty interesting, basically that humanity is destroyed and evil machines have taken over the earth. But there’s this group of scientists that bring to life this set of the nine. They’re these individual creatures, and they’re hoping that the nine will preserve humanity’s legacy. Very post-apocalyptic, you know, it’s kinda…the earth is sort of this wasteland, and the nine characters are the last hope to bring salvation.

Ella:  It’s gotta be good though.


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Marni and Ella are curious about the new movie 9. It’s produced by Tim Burton, who is known for creating spooky and beautiful animated films such as The Nightmare Before Christmas. Ella thinks his movies are fun to watch for the visual effects alone.

9 is a post-apocalyptic movie, meaning that it takes place after most of humanity has been destroyed. Other post-apocalyptic movies include Children of Men and the Terminator movies. In 9, humanity’s last hope is a group of nine little characters that a scientist made right before he died.

What is your favorite post-apocalyptic movie? Have you seen any of Tim Burton’s other films? Do you like animated or CGI movies?



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It’s  a very strange film but I like it;)

10:44 PM Dec 18 2012 |




I  have never seen this eye-popping  animated flick, but I belive in that there is really having aliens who all have stunning flairs which that could make a planet get wasteland  like the storyling in this movie . But now humanity should brings salvation by self .

05:05 PM Apr 20 2010 |




Yeah I really like post and apocalyptic movies hehe I think really cool :)

All these movies I have watched yet such as "The Day After Tomorrow";"Mad Max" (all of it);"The Legend" (Will Smith); "Independence day","Deep Impact",and more…

12:24 AM Nov 12 2009 |




I really like this movie.

12:32 PM Nov 10 2009 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

 i haven`t watch this movie yet.

 i will watch it soon

07:40 PM Nov 09 2009 |

Cool English Teacher



07:19 PM Nov 09 2009 |

Cool English Teacher



07:19 PM Nov 09 2009 |




I`ve seen seweral Tim Burton`s films and i can say i like them

09:44 AM Nov 09 2009 |




i like this movie soooooo much..

i watched it about 2 times…its very interesting movie..

i hope every one love it

10:37 PM Nov 08 2009 |

Nina Zotina

Russian Federation

the movie is rather thought-provoking. I liked it though at times it was really scary.

02:48 PM Nov 08 2009 |



cool movie

02:30 PM Nov 08 2009 |



i have never watched the film. but i will watch the film soon

09:54 PM Nov 07 2009 |



I've watched this movie and I liked it)TimBurton is my hero))

07:27 PM Nov 07 2009 |



Russian Federation

y yours

Don't worry, it  doesn't 

hypnotize kids into social misfits.

04:22 PM Nov 07 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

I didn't watch the movie yet, but it seems interesting though. I have watched the trailer of the movie and I hope it's worth watching. Because there is a lot of movies which it looks really worth watching! but when you watch the movie, you wish you never watched it because the movie turns out to be really silly and boring. For example, { Paranormal Activity }... ! I don't denile that there are some parts which is a bit scary ! but the whole movie is BORING !

03:26 AM Nov 07 2009 |

wing xu


9  is  my  lucky number.

02:03 AM Nov 06 2009 |

mr reed11


very much u know like we've brought destruction to earth and seek help but from supernatural beings like those nine so let them get a lot of flak for it those who 'v made this planet a wasteland

10:49 PM Nov 05 2009 |




Hi! I absolutely recommend that if you haven't watched 9, the new Tim Burton's CGI movie then get some tickets soon and enjoy not only the visual effects that of course are guaranteed but also the deep message that goes along with the story.

The fact that humans are not longer present as material beings after the "Earth's total destruction" is not really original but if you think of the idea of a human soul divided in nine nice (mmm, not all them nice…), funky puppets then the story turns to be catching.  Also I would say that as in other Tim Burton's movies the explanations are revealed little by little so you can keep the interest…

03:43 AM Nov 05 2009 |

avuncularly yours

Viet Nam

do not allow children to watch stuff like this. whomever it may by made by. the virtual reality world has the power to hypnotize kids into social misfits.

12:29 AM Nov 05 2009 |



I likeTim Burton´s movies and i´m gonna watch this one!

11:53 PM Nov 04 2009 |

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