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Funny People

Funny People

Date: Nov 11 2009

Themes: Friend, Health

Grammar: Second Conditional


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What’s funny about terminal illness? Uh, well, you’ll have to watch the new comedy Funny People to find out. In the film, Adam Sandler plays a successful comedian who finds out he has just one year to live. He befriends a struggling comedian played by Seth Rogen, who tries to help him become a better person in his final days.

The director of Funny People, Judd Apatow, managed to make unplanned pregnancy funny in his movie Knocked Up. So if anyone can get laughs with fatal disease jokes, it’s probably him. Find out what Devan and Beren would do if they only had a year to live.


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Devan:  So I just went and saw Funny People.

Beren:  Oh, that’s the Adam Sandler, Seth Rogen stand up comedy movie?

Devan:  Yeah, are you familiar with the plot?

Beren:  Kind of.

Devan:  So it’s like this guy, this comedian who’s really successful, and then he finds out he has a year to live. And he was kinda not a very good guy, but when he finds out he has a year to live he befriends this less successful comedian and starts trying to turn his life around and change it, you know? And it just made me think about what I would do if I only had a year to live.

Beren:  If you had some crazy terminal illness.

Devan:  Yeah, like what would you do if you found out you had one year left?

Beren:  See that’s the question. I don’t know, part of me…I would hope that I’d do something amazing and try to be a better person, but then I wonder if because I only had a year to live I’d just be like, “Let’s go crazy!” and like spend as much money as possible and go wild.

Devan:  I mean, that’s the thing, it seems like whenever there’s a movie with this premise, the story’s always them trying to turn their life around and help other people. But I wonder if that’s realistic, or if you found out you had a year left you’d just become really selfish and try to do a bunch of fun things for yourself, you know?

Beren:  I think that’s probably the more realistic take on the terminal illness.


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Devan just saw Funny People, starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. One of the characters in the movie gets told by his doctor that he only has one year to live. Seeing the movie made Devan wonder what she would do if she discovered that she had a terminal illness.

Beren says she hopes that she would try to do good and become a better person if she had only one year to live. But she thinks she might try to enjoy her final moments on earth as much as possible. She might even go crazy and spend tons of money, since she wouldn’t have to worry about the consequences. Devan agrees that this might be the most realistic response.

What would you do if you found out you had only one year to live? Do you think most people would try to do good, or would they just want to enjoy their final days?



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i would stay with my family if i had only one year to liveLaughing

08:25 AM Nov 12 2009 |

Jeremy Chen


If I got only one year left to live, I might try going on a trip to somewhere else to try a lot new things. It would be a lot wild and unforgettable. Besides, I would sing a lot to the people I would meet. I just can't imagine to live without music!

08:34 PM Nov 11 2009 |



Be Good Do Good

07:37 PM Nov 11 2009 |



Russian Federation

In such conditions it would be a good reason for me to stop my usual activity and try to find an answer on one question. So I would go to Nepal or some other place with buddist culture and tried to reach awakening.

06:34 PM Nov 11 2009 |


United States

I would do more good for myself since it is the last year of my life


04:53 PM Nov 11 2009 |


Dominican Republic

enjoy the life by doing good things

04:42 PM Nov 11 2009 |




why wait to do all the things we have in mind ??

saludos !!!

04:00 PM Nov 11 2009 |




i would go to live in the wildness, mother nature would heal me!

03:54 PM Nov 11 2009 |




only one year??? i'd pray and pray and pray and ask Jesus to accept me in his heaven….thats enough for me.

02:59 PM Nov 11 2009 |



I will try to make my life more meaningful. Travelling together with my parents and lover would be ideal.

02:45 PM Nov 11 2009 |



can you help me improve my spoken english?thank you

01:26 PM Nov 11 2009 |


Russian Federation

There is the good point to think over. How to manage with this fact and reconcile yourself with this deal. My suggestion firstly not to be in harry try to keep your mind in harmony with life. Who nows may be there is God's joke.

12:56 PM Nov 11 2009 |



life is short than we think.we suppose life is endless but not.so we should enjoy every minute of life

12:12 PM Nov 11 2009 |




Well.. I would say" good bye" and" thank you" to my family and my friends,and go travel to all over the world where I want to go.



10:25 AM Nov 11 2009 |



i am a bright moon,with me ,you will feel more happy

09:21 AM Nov 11 2009 |



if i found out that ı had only one year to live ı would try to be a good person.may be better than ı am.ı would try to help people as much as ı can.why would ı spend tons of money and get wild? isnt it a selfishness? what do u think devan?

08:47 AM Nov 11 2009 |


Viet Nam

To me, it's really a disaster when getting to know that only one year left for living in this beautiful world. But each person has their own destiny, so nothing to complain. Up to now, i have been doing many good things for my parents, my friends, my love…if i have more time, i will continue to live for others. Actually, so far i havenot been travelled to many places, and enjoyed myself a lot, then a short time, i also have detailed plans to live for my all. Nothing to feel regretful as I have almost what i want in spiritual life, i dont have much money, but so happy at the things i concerned

08:06 AM Nov 11 2009 |




If I have one year to live, I would spend it with my family as well. I'll show them how much I love them, how much I treasure them. I don't know what should I feel when the doctor confirmed that I has just one year to live. I really wish this won't happen to me or anyone of my family or closed friends. 

I think this movie is great. Based on the plot, we can learn so much about life. This movie can change many lives and inspire.

06:58 AM Nov 11 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Thank you Englishbaby it's intresting topic. before i found out i have only one year to live i should be good person with my family and all of people because i don't know when i'll die , because my life and death by The God . So if i found out i had a short age that sure i would do alot of good thing like help poor people , read quraan ….. etc , and i would enjoy my final days .I think most people would try to do good .

06:57 AM Nov 11 2009 |

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