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Date: Nov 19 2009

Themes: Pop Culture


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“You know, how many old geezers do you see with young women? What’s the big deal?”

- Cyndi Lauper talking about her friend Madonna’s 22-year-old boyfriend, Jesus Luz. (US Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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old man or woman

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Cyndi Lauper has a point. Time after time, older men date much younger women. Think of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, or George Clooney and whichever hot young brunette he’s dating these days. There are a lot of examples of old geezers dating girls who seem way too young for them.

But wait a sec. Is George Clooney really a geezer? He may be almost 50 years old, but he isn’t eccentric, cranky, or out of touch. He doesn’t complain about his stiff knees and his gassy stomach all the time. In fact, he seems quite youthful, not like a geezer at all…but maybe it’s his beautiful girlfriends who keep him young.

The word geezer usually refers to a man, not a woman. A similar expression for a woman is old bag. Madonna is 50 herself now, but that doesn’t make her an old bag. Still, it is pretty surprising that she’s dating a 22-year-old. That doesn’t make her an old bag either. It just makes her a cougar.

Do you think it’s strange when old geezers date younger women? Is George Clooney a geezer?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“I can’t believe Sarah married that old geezer. He has to be at least 20 years older than she is.”

“My dad may be 65, but he’s no geezer. He exercises a lot, eats healthy, and looks ten years younger.”

“My knees hurt, my stomach aches all the time, and I’m always grouchy. I’m turning into a real old geezer.”

“I like hanging out with my grandpa and his friends, even if they are a bunch of geezers.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

Lubna Alyy My guess is 'geezers' mean an old man.
by Lubna Alyy
_Sasha_ odd or eccentric old men
by _Sasha_
nono_cute old geezers=old men
by nono_cute
veetitas old man
by veetitas
Belle~ geezer means old man.
by Belle~
elder old people
by Victimbaggio

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Humm I don't reprouch that cases because I like an "old bag" hehe…My ex girlfriend is older than me 15 years old ;)

As well as mature women dating young man,why not geezers dating young women? I'm not against it ;)

10:57 PM Nov 30 2009 |




i can't make an appintment with a geezer despited that i can understand others~

03:08 AM Nov 25 2009 |




ithink the relation of love not related with age some gezeers have old age but not known the meaning of love the relation between man and women not need to age but need to mind and wright behaviour

12:04 PM Nov 24 2009 |




Love is not blind. Your girlfriend is blind and also she isn't very wise. Because of her young age she probably doesn't understand what her significant other sees in her, it's just her sexual appeal and nothing else. He gets her young fresh body and she gets his crazy second youth. It's not fair in my opinion. 40-something-year-old men suffer middlife crisis, and they try to solve teir problem and raise their self-esteem seeing younger women. There is nothing personal in it, they just make use of those green teens, who havn't even got a clue about what 's going on indeed.

08:06 AM Nov 24 2009 |




I don't know about an appeal of geezer because I've never gone out with geezer, haha.

Actually my friend is 22 years old is seeing with 41 years guy…that's surprising for me though he isn't geezer.

Anyway, as they say, love is blind.

09:06 AM Nov 23 2009 |


Viet Nam

let it be!

05:48 AM Nov 22 2009 |




I think geezer is some one old by nature or physical health

01:42 PM Nov 21 2009 |



I'm absolutely agree with ( Serena_J) it's not about age, I think we should look at the posture, and energy, sometimes young people could be a geezer in there spirit and mood. 

11:46 PM Nov 19 2009 |

Jan Luka

Jan Luka


Some geezers are more fitly than young people. But it will be a problem when the geezer becomes a grandpa and his young wife is in her best stage of life.

09:08 PM Nov 19 2009 |



No, I dont. I think it is absolutely normal. When I be an old man, Im gonna, of course, be the biggest old geezer you could ever see. Why should I have to make sex with an old woman? Im gonna get all youger girls as many as possible.

Yeah, I think he is. Hey, let him taste the best thing of the life.

08:58 PM Nov 19 2009 |




Probably Madonna's pride should have flatter with her 22 year old boyfriend..

08:07 PM Nov 19 2009 |




geezers are luckiest person !!!


01:32 PM Nov 19 2009 |



its knowledgeable to know that… 

01:29 PM Nov 19 2009 |




It depends on what you are seeking, and on the level of education. But I find it a bit strange…for sure there is a difference in thougts and judgments between young and old people, but sometimes they can get along together.

I don't think George Cloony is a geezer. He's handsome and elegant. I like him very much. I like Richard Gere also. They are old but they are not geezers….Smile

11:47 AM Nov 19 2009 |




there are experiment of man

maybe gırls like that  young gırls ( 18 and more big ) can live old man :DDDDDDD and their live yes modonna might 50 years but she has caring herself if l were herboyfriend .great would everday for me :DDDDDDDDDDDD


10:53 AM Nov 19 2009 |





09:41 AM Nov 19 2009 |

Victoria G

Victoria GSuper Member!

United States

Wow, that's a great lesson, I do like it! Thank you, guys!

In Russia we call geezers dating young women GLADIATORS! But not for their so-called strenth or sth like that, it's a game of words as GLADIT' means TO STROKE/ TO CARESS in Russian.

It would have the same meaning if I called an old geezer dating a young woman a STROKER or  a PALMER. In fact, I'm not sure they can do anything"special" with their young chicks except of stroking or caressing them :)



07:48 AM Nov 19 2009 |




I don't think it's strange, there's a lot of old geezers out there, perhaps I used to it")

06:32 AM Nov 19 2009 |




geezer  is used to the man who is not only old in age but old on the looks,in the spirit and most important in  his heart.

05:17 AM Nov 19 2009 |



Geezers is for an ugly fat old man I guess…and It's kind of sick to see that man with stupid weird young girl ( I always asking what is that young lady think of or looking for, money??). George Clooney is a handsome old man, he can keep his body always in a good shape, maybe let's make an exception for him…hahah

04:59 AM Nov 19 2009 |

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