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Family Secret

Family Secret English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Nov 10 2009

Themes: Family, Soap Opera

Grammar: Simple Future Tense


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Beren hasn’t been around much lately, and just last week, her friends learned that she actually left town to search for her real father.

Wow, Beren sure has a crazy family life. Earlier this year, she was kidnapped by an evil twin sister she didn’t know she had. After her sister went to jail, she couldn’t help but write to her. She was her kidnapper, but also her sister after all!

So as we see today, on the way to visit her father, Beren stopped by the prison during visiting hours to see her sister in the pen. But as she finds out, her father may not be who she thought he was.

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Beren:  I’m glad that prison was on the way to the Webster Fan Club where I’m about to meet our dad!

Evil Beren: Actually, our dad isn’t Webster.

Beren:  What?

Evil Beren: No. I googled our mom’s name and something else disturbing came up. Our dad is not Emmanuel Lewis. He’s Gary Coleman.

Beren:  Gary Coleman? Are you sure? ‘Cause I get them confused all the time.

Evil Beren: It’s true.

Beren:  That was on the internet? Well, yeah, that probably was on the internet. But google?

Evil Beren: It’s a long, long story and I really don’t have the time because I have to go to the commissary. I got two dollars in the mail yesterday. But I will tell you soon. I promise.

Beren:  Huh. Wait. Do you know, like, where…Like, I’m on my way to see him. Do you know where he is?

Evil Beren: I’m thinking…Well, he’s not in West Hollywood, he’s not in North Hollywood, he’d probably in Arkansas.

Beren:  Arkansas? Really?

Evil Beren: That’s where our grandparents live.

Beren:  Huh. That makes sense. I mean, like you said, he’s probably not still in LA. I don’t know if I can trust you though. You did kidnap me, hold me prisoner, tie me up. It’s a little weird. You tried to steal my life. But everything you’re saying is making so much sense. It’s like big pieces of the puzzle coming together finally and all fitting. OK. I’m going to Arkansas. Thank you.


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Beren had always believed her father was actor Emmanuel Lewis, who played Webster on TV. She was going to meet him at a meeting of the Webster Fan Club and she stopped by the prison on the way to see her sister.

Beren’s evil twin has discovered something surprising about their family. She learned on the internet that their father is actually Gary Coleman, a different actor.

Suddenly, Beren’s plan for her trip changes. She is going to have to find Gary Coleman. But where could he be? Beren’s sister suggests Arkansas, so that’s where Beren decides to look.

Do you think Evil Beren is telling the truth? Have you ever learned something surprising about the history of your family?



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I think Beren must go to psychiatrist. I don't know the name of the illness on english, but she is definitly ill 'cause evil Beren and Beren is only one person


12:35 AM Nov 27 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

it s so good that i know who my dad & mom r :-D

06:29 PM Nov 25 2009 |




im not sure if evil beren's sister is telling the truth to her now, since she did very bad things in the past, she's not a faithful person. though, i think is good if beren check it out, after all its about her real father.

12:35 AM Nov 19 2009 |



what is thisI think it is one of latest indian movies storyCool

03:29 AM Nov 16 2009 |




It could be yes…it could be not…who knows? Check it out in the next chapter of that comedic soup opera! hahaha :P

Our parents always have some surprising thing about our family…They never tell us all the things :P


10:50 PM Nov 15 2009 |




we have no family secret among us, maybe women have some things about themselves that shouldn't be known by men, we could not go ask , cause that is not a secret actually..

02:25 AM Nov 14 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I would like to know what will happen at the end of this story.I believe that Beren,s evil twin cheats her and she should googeled her family by herself.I am close with my family,then we have not surperising secret.

 please tell me if I hve grammatical mistake in this text?


10:10 AM Nov 13 2009 |




This is an interesting and imaginartive story, even thought the plot is a bit illogical. I would like to know what the end is.

04:14 AM Nov 13 2009 |




I have no idea what evil Baren is thinking. She plots something bad and told Baren about their father to go ahead with the project, I guess.

03:20 PM Nov 12 2009 |



I´m always being so close with my family, so we don´t have big secrets, but it can be a problem for some families. However it´s a great story with a lot of mysteries.

11:44 PM Nov 11 2009 |



Russian Federation

I think Beren must go to psychiatrist. I don't know the name of the illness on english, but she is definitly ill 'cause evil Beren and Beren is only one personSmile

07:02 PM Nov 11 2009 |


United States

                                              CoolI think she shoud not trust her evil sister because she kidnapped her .


05:26 PM Nov 11 2009 |




hey u have reason rosendo  the tequila is good for every celebration aghahahaha! and viva mexico!


11:43 PM Nov 10 2009 |


Dominican Republic

Obviously, Beren is crazy. Ahh, Happy birthday nono_cuteSmile

11:40 PM Nov 10 2009 |



well if i waz instead of her i woudl not trust her . as she said to her after u kidnapped me and did weird things so probably i think she does n0t want her to get a happy life by finding her father.


by the way nono happy b- day hope u the best .

08:56 PM Nov 10 2009 |



I think, after all, her sister is telling the true. There is no reason to lie about it. Hapily, I haven't got this kind of problems in my family, for what im very thankful. Now I ask: Is Beren looking for her father just because he is actor and like an actor he could be rich and, therefore, share some confort after all her sad life? o_O

08:50 PM Nov 10 2009 |



I think EvelBeren will hit her sister and change the shirt. After this she will escape from jail. Surprised

04:30 PM Nov 10 2009 |




heyyyyyyyyyyy everybody , how u doin??? today is my b-day…lalala

03:01 PM Nov 10 2009 |


Dominican Republic

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02:42 PM Nov 10 2009 |



Beren should google her family story by herself insteading of listening to her evil sister.

02:07 PM Nov 10 2009 |

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