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Date: Dec 02 2009

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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You’d think one mindless corpse would be just like the next. But zombie movies are surprisingly versatile. Some are pure horror flicks, meant to give you a good old-fashioned scare. Others, like the classic Dawn of the Dead, include elements of social critique. And then there are the funny zombie movies, like Shaun of the Dead.

The most recent addition to the genre, Zombieland, is a horror, comedy, romance, action, and coming-of-age movie all rolled into one. With zombies. It’s also the most expensive zombie film of all time, as well as the highest-earning. Find out if Zombieland makes it onto Jason and Mason’s list of Best Zombie Movies Ever.


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Mason:  You know, man, there’s been a lot of supernatural stuff going on, like with the vampire thing, so I was kind of excited to see Zombieland, you know, a little breath of supernatural fresh air.

Jason:  Yeah, a lighter take on it?

Mason:  Yeah. But I was bummed out by it.

Jason:  Were you?

Mason:  I was. I mean, I was entertained while it was happening…

Jason:  What would bum you out about watching a group of kids fighting zombies in an amusement park? It’s the most expensive zombie movie ever made.

Mason:  Really? I didn’t know that.

Jason:  Well, zombie movies aren’t that expensive, I mean…

Mason:  I guess it’s kind of a low-budget genre, but even so, that upsets me all the more because I feel that there are zombie movies that have been executed much better than that and on fewer dollars.

Jason:  I thought it was a good coming-of-age story. I mean, it was funny, it was a zombie movie that wasn’t really a zombie movie. It was more about that grizzled character who teams up with this goofy kid, and then they save the day.

Mason:  There’s definitely a lightheartedness to it.

Jason:  Did you like Woody Harrelson in it as the hardened leader?

Mason:  Oh, loved Woody Harrelson, with that grizzled look and his crazy under-bite and weird quirks, with the Twinkie and stuff. He was obviously the highlight of the movie.


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Mason was excited to see Zombieland, but it disappointed him. He doesn’t think it adds anything new to the zombie movie genre. It surprises him when Jason tells him it is the most expensive zombie movie ever made.

Unlike Mason, Jason really enjoyed Zombieland. He thought it was a sweet coming-of-age story as well as a fun zombie movie. Both he and Mason agree that Woody Harrelson, who plays a grizzled man who helps defeat the zombies, was the best part of the movie.

Are zombie movies popular in your country? Do you think movies that were really expensive to make are usually better than low-budget movies?



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08:10 PM Jul 16 2013 |

Mohammed H. Al-sadi


I like it .. 

I advise to see itLaughing

08:48 AM Nov 26 2012 |

Deborah Atanda


I love movies like this

02:14 PM Jun 02 2010 |




In My memory , as we a trip to a carnival for celebration of graturating from school, I always liked to the ghost house , 'cause there are always  so many different corpse  or vampire  or horror sounds  make people scare  , even young or old are entrertained by that .  Maybe  like with fear  is a kind of  quirk . ha ha 

06:53 AM Apr 23 2010 |




Well…Zombie movies as well as horror movies,in general are movies that has only a select audience,not everyone likes that style of film…Horror movies are one of the styles that I really like to watch hehe…The last one and the most scary movie that I watched was "Paranormal Activities",putz! Check it out,it is a sinister film!

Why not a horror film doesn't deserve a superproduction? Because horror movies has a brand of "trash movie" and poor production! I believe that if the horror movie industry makes an overproduction would be much better and the movies would be much watched ;)

08:15 PM Dec 13 2009 |




I am not sure about the popularity of Zombie flicks in Ukraine. I think different people watch various movies, so there are fans of Zombie movies here, that's for sure. Just I can't tell you if there are more of them than in any other country (that's pretty doubtful).

Usually, expensive to made movies are  better than low-budget ones but there is always a conformance exception. If the director is a ginius, I find it possible that he can produce a great story despite the fact that less money is available.

09:20 AM Dec 08 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

yak yak..


 i hate that movie,



07:41 AM Dec 08 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

zombie movies kinda boring you must love the movie becuse your friend say they like it. for me zombie movies are boring and i say the trueth about it

04:59 PM Dec 07 2009 |

iraqi ahmed



05:10 PM Dec 06 2009 |

iraqi ahmed



05:10 PM Dec 06 2009 |



Zombie movies are kind of popular in my country! Some people just love them, but some people don't!!! I'm in the "DONT like" team! Frequently, I think movies with higher budgets are better than those with lower ones, but just because they normally have better actors!

02:41 AM Dec 06 2009 |

Shinichi Lover


I don't see this movie zombie, so I don't have any idea about it,and I don't think it's popular in my country, the movie now in the cinema but I'm not interested to see it, about the budget of the film , I think it doesn't matter if the movie expensive or low it depends on the meaning of the film..

05:10 PM Dec 04 2009 |




i dont think the people here are that into in zombie movies. good movies can come from anywhere, low budget, whatever. what really matters for me its the plot, what is movie about, thats what draws me to go see a film.

09:46 PM Dec 03 2009 |




I don't like any zombieland and remember having seen such movie.

If I would see zombie movie, I would be too afraid not to be alone(especially bathroom!)

Well, I've just seen that trailer and it looks light and funny like action movies.

02:56 PM Dec 03 2009 |




i've already watched the trailer and it looked cool


and also if u want to watch it on line



10:37 PM Dec 02 2009 |




Here is my recommendation to everyone who loved that kind of movies, including to Mason and Jason too: the best movie about zombies in the recent years is called The Signal. Go for it. It's a special movie, and they're special zombies.

09:25 PM Dec 02 2009 |

just a person

United Arab Emirates

I like it :D

08:49 PM Dec 02 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I remembered , I has seen a lot of movies in a ganre Zombieland  before I picked my work. But now a days I work hard and hard to collect more money but when I save enugh money I would have time to go to ciema or buy cds or dvds to see.Cool

07:10 PM Dec 02 2009 |

Miss Talant

Russian Federation

I've just watched the movie and if you want to watch sth with a little sense so it's the best movie for it :)

btw the main actor also was in the movie Adventureland. Zombieland, Adventureland… what's next?? =))

and I think such movies are popular in russia, but… anyway everything depends on person. :)

06:02 PM Dec 02 2009 |




when i was a child i liked zombie movies much and enjoyed it with horror…but not now for i find they really can scares me for a few days or even a week though i don't believe such things ever existedSmile

11:55 AM Dec 02 2009 |

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