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Date: Dec 02 2009

Themes: Alternative

Grammar: Comparing Quantity


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You’d think one mindless corpse would be just like the next. But zombie movies are surprisingly versatile. Some are pure horror flicks, meant to give you a good old-fashioned scare. Others, like the classic Dawn of the Dead, include elements of social critique. And then there are the funny zombie movies, like Shaun of the Dead.

The most recent addition to the genre, Zombieland, is a horror, comedy, romance, action, and coming-of-age movie all rolled into one. With zombies. It’s also the most expensive zombie film of all time, as well as the highest-earning. Find out if Zombieland makes it onto Jason and Mason’s list of Best Zombie Movies Ever.


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Mason:  You know, man, there’s been a lot of supernatural stuff going on, like with the vampire thing, so I was kind of excited to see Zombieland, you know, a little breath of supernatural fresh air.

Jason:  Yeah, a lighter take on it?

Mason:  Yeah. But I was bummed out by it.

Jason:  Were you?

Mason:  I was. I mean, I was entertained while it was happening…

Jason:  What would bum you out about watching a group of kids fighting zombies in an amusement park? It’s the most expensive zombie movie ever made.

Mason:  Really? I didn’t know that.

Jason:  Well, zombie movies aren’t that expensive, I mean…

Mason:  I guess it’s kind of a low-budget genre, but even so, that upsets me all the more because I feel that there are zombie movies that have been executed much better than that and on fewer dollars.

Jason:  I thought it was a good coming-of-age story. I mean, it was funny, it was a zombie movie that wasn’t really a zombie movie. It was more about that grizzled character who teams up with this goofy kid, and then they save the day.

Mason:  There’s definitely a lightheartedness to it.

Jason:  Did you like Woody Harrelson in it as the hardened leader?

Mason:  Oh, loved Woody Harrelson, with that grizzled look and his crazy under-bite and weird quirks, with the Twinkie and stuff. He was obviously the highlight of the movie.


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Mason was excited to see Zombieland, but it disappointed him. He doesn’t think it adds anything new to the zombie movie genre. It surprises him when Jason tells him it is the most expensive zombie movie ever made.

Unlike Mason, Jason really enjoyed Zombieland. He thought it was a sweet coming-of-age story as well as a fun zombie movie. Both he and Mason agree that Woody Harrelson, who plays a grizzled man who helps defeat the zombies, was the best part of the movie.

Are zombie movies popular in your country? Do you think movies that were really expensive to make are usually better than low-budget movies?



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zombies movies are popolare in my country but not much

i think low-budget movies mostly are more interesting and much better then expensive ones


10:33 AM Dec 02 2009 |




I love zombie movies such as Resident Evil. I had to watch Zombieland yesterday but finaly fall asleep, a pity I had free tickets for the cinema. As explained it's a movie all rolled into one that worth to watch.

Thanks for the lesson.

08:56 AM Dec 02 2009 |



I very like zombie movies whether they're serious or funny ones. I remembered I watched "Shaun of the Dead" on TV by chances at a night. I didn't realize it's a comedy at first. Just wondering why the actor just can't notice all the zombies walked slowly around him on his way to work and then I found it's a funny movie, which is not as usual as other scary zombie movies. It's really a good movie if you don't mind a little blood and violence. Check it out if you have chances. I believe it won't let you down.

08:40 AM Dec 02 2009 |




zombie movies always bring lots of people to the cinema here.I've not watch zombieland,so I wouldn't add my comment on it.Low budget is not the prob, a great movie is up to the meaning, the creativity and the right time all rolled into one!

07:22 AM Dec 02 2009 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

Please recommend me some kind of awesome movies. But I don't like Zombiemovies. I like touching, beautiful and relaxing movies , appropriate movies in this Fall. 

What a wonderful day! Have a happy day!!!

06:45 AM Dec 02 2009 |




There's a zombie on your lawn…

04:14 AM Dec 02 2009 |

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