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This Doesn't Look Good

This Doesn't Look Good English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Dec 08 2009

Themes: Soap Opera, Work

Grammar: Present Progressive Tense


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Sometimes, if a business is about to go under, the boss will keep the employees in the dark until the very end.

Everyone knows that Devan’s company isn’t doing as well as Marni’s company, but there’s no reason to think it’s going out of business. At least, not until the office furniture starts disappearing. See how Dale and Jason react to finding some furniture in the hallway.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  Hmm. Ah, Jason.

Jason:  Yeah.

Dale:  The copier is not plugged in.

Jason:  Oh yeah. We’re gettin’ rid of it.

Dale:  Uh, OK. How are we gonna make invoices? Are we gonna write in triplicate and hand write it?

Jason:  We’re going paperless since we’re, like, a tech, green company.

Dale:  And I’m kinda confused. Why is Devan’s desk outside?

Jason:  She said she’s getting rid of her desk. She’s gonna sit on the yoga ball just to improve her posture…

Dale:  Ah.

Jason:  ...at work.

Dale:  OK. This…Wow. This is really interesting how the changes are. Aren’t you kind of worried about it? Or do you know if there’s any…

Jason:  I think it’s cool. I think we’re just, you know, upgrading, you know, getting some new stuff, like, stepping into the twenty-first century a little bit more.

Dale:  I guess I’ll have to adjust, but I don’t think this bodes too well.

Jason:  What do you mean? What do you think is going on?

Dale:  I don’t know. You tell me. I just…I can’t feel it. The desk and the copier…Kinda scary, but I guess it’ll do.

Jason:  OK.

Dale:  Just a little scary. Don’t know what to do.

Jason:  Maybe I should ask Devan if everything is alright with the company.


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Dale notices that much of the office furniture is sitting in the hallway. This worries him. Is the office closing? Is the company going out of business?

Jason says that he thinks the company is just getting some new furniture. They don’t need a copier because they don’t want to use paper anymore to help the environment.

It hadn’t occurred to Jason that anything could be wrong. But Dale’s alarm concerns him. Do you think Dale and Jason’s jobs are going to be OK? Would you worry if your company suddenly started getting rid of its furniture?



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going under ….

10:07 AM Dec 09 2009 |



i think their company is go under.but their boss can talk with them before chaincing the furniter…this can be work…

10:06 AM Dec 09 2009 |




good guess ca_brazil! i like ur idea..!

05:48 AM Dec 09 2009 |




if i were Jason i would worried about my job. maybe he didnt feel it because he's Devan's boyfriend.

09:00 PM Dec 08 2009 |




well… something is definitely happening… bosses don't take the office's furniture out for nothing

07:27 PM Dec 08 2009 |



i think the company is going under..they're trying to cut the operational cost by not using the copier machine which cost them a lot in electricity bill (maybe), or they're really enjoy the government program called "Go Green :P


07:19 PM Dec 08 2009 |


United States

Hi everyone… WHAT'S  UP

03:49 PM Dec 08 2009 |




Everyone fears to lose one's job or change one's life drasitcally.

And it can't be helped that the head try to keep financial crisis from employee, but I think we have right to know what is happening to our company.

02:07 PM Dec 08 2009 |




it's normal at my coutry. i had to do work at the company before.

Everyone and my manager said  very good and i can to improve my skill. 

My manager said we can to changer the world. But one day My company been go under. The times crisis economic. I don't know my future. hehhehe Laughing

01:56 PM Dec 08 2009 |




"i hope you are studing hard every day."

i get it. 

01:30 PM Dec 08 2009 |



Russian Federation

ala4fadeel, as I know the verb understand can't be used in the present progressive tense, it's just a rule… so the sentence should be written like this: He doesn't understand English

10:30 AM Dec 08 2009 |



Can any one tell me what's wrong with this sentence:

He isn’t understanding English. 

09:06 AM Dec 08 2009 |




not always things go good !!!

08:57 AM Dec 08 2009 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

There are always hardships in our life, but we can overcome them. Cheer up!!!

Have a happy Tuesday.

06:46 AM Dec 08 2009 |




I think I would worry if it happened similar process in our company. There is a financial crisis nowadays. I think certain job does not exist. Everybody have to be afraid of losing job. Am I pessimistic?

06:23 AM Dec 08 2009 |




In some business, employees can notice if the business starts to collapse even if you are not assigned in an accounting office. When things or office stuff started to lose gradually then that's a sign of bankrupcy I guess:) 

04:53 AM Dec 08 2009 |




JAJAJA Change his desk for sitting in a Yoga ball??? What a excuse!!! Definitely something is not ok in that company. Whereas, it can't be assumed that the company is going out of business just because there is some furniture in the corridor.

However, employees always know when something is not righ… it's just a 6th sense that all employees developp at an office… But Dale shouldn't be too paranoic.

03:48 AM Dec 08 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

i agree with you

02:48 AM Dec 08 2009 |



I hope Dale and Jason's jobs are going to be OK, but I'm not sure of it. Of course I would be worry if my company started getting rid of its furniture, it could be the company try to minimize the outcome budget, that means maybe something going on with the company finance or something like that.

01:24 AM Dec 08 2009 |

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