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Date: Dec 16 2009

Themes: Pop Culture, Time

Grammar: Verbs with "-ing"


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Nothing says the holidays like a good old fashioned disaster movie. With Christmas coming up, you may be wondering what a fun movie would be to see with your family. Well, how about one that features the entire state of California falling into the ocean? If that sounds like a good time to you, then you might want to check out 2012.

The film 2012 is inspired by the “2012 phenomenon,” or the idea that a series of apocalyptic events, from mega-earthquakes to super-tsunamis, will take place on December 21, 2012. The special effects in the movie are sure to be impressive, but will this latest film about the end of the world be more than just eye candy? Find out what Marni and Beren think.


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Beren:  Three years from now it’ll be 2012.

Marni:  Ah, are you referring to the Mayan myth that the world might potentially end in 2012?

Beren:  Yes, the doomsday myth that…I’ve heard different things about 2012, like the aliens will come back and harvest us or spaceships will come out of the pyramids…

Marni:  Well there’s a new movie out called 2012, and it’s loosely based on the idea that the world is gonna end in 2012. What it is is that the Mayan calendar is actually ending in 2012. It’s like a little over a 5,000 year old calendar that’s ending. And so people have interpreted that to mean the end of the world, like you said, aliens are gonna come, floods…

Beren:  There’s all these different conspiracy theories.

Marni:  Exactly. And the film certainly is basically just a big disaster movie, and it’s of course, like all good disaster movies, it’s told through the eyes of a family, a family that’s struggling to get together and reconnect and survive against all the odds.

Beren:  I just don’t understand how they could make a movie out of that.

Marni:  It’s pretty…I mean, it’s definitely an eye candy movie.

Beren:  It’s a spectacle.

Marni:  You go in and you know you’re gonna see lots of explosions. The entire West Coast is wiped out and yet your cell phone is still working.

Beren:  It’s Hollywood.


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There are different myths associated with the year 2012. Some people think aliens will land on earth. Others believe that there will be major natural disasters. This is the year when the Mayan calendar, a 5,000-year-old calendar, will end. Some people think aliens will land on earth in 2012.

The new movie 2012 is based on these theories. Marni likes disaster movies, so she recently saw 2012. She says it was a big spectacle. There were a lot of amazing special effects, but the movie wasn’t very believable. As Beren says, Hollywood isn’t really known for making realistic movies.

Do you think anything unusual will happen on December 21, 2012?



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well, they´re just the most accepted theories about 2012 but I dont really believe in the mayan´s calendar, I think th doomsday will be caused by the humanity if we dont preserve and take care of mother nature!!

02:28 AM Dec 16 2009 |



South Korea

The movie 2012 could be a fiction, but I believe the doomsday is coming soon. We can see the world is getting hotter and hotter. That means this planet will explode in the near future. Are you ready?

02:20 AM Dec 16 2009 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

Even though 2012 was released, I didn't see that movie. Honestly, I don't like disaster movie, because it makes me depressed. Imagine that you lose your family and friends by natural disaster. There are some advantages but…

Anyway, what a beautiful Wednesday! Have a gorgeous day! Carpe diem!!! 

01:54 AM Dec 16 2009 |



Our love life,...and I think that this movie is very good ,everything is possiable….. 

01:36 AM Dec 16 2009 |



No, I don't think so…But I'm hoping that everything is gonna be okay…

01:03 AM Dec 16 2009 |

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