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Date: Dec 18 2009

Themes: Health, News

Grammar: Zero Conditional


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Headaches, sore throats, and stuffy noses are all a regular part of the winter flu season. But this year, fear over swine flu, also known as H1N1, has led thousands of Americans to wait in line for hours in order to be vaccinated against the virus.

The use of vaccines has nearly eliminated certain illnesses, such as smallpox and measles. But some people fear the side effects of vaccines and would rather take their chances with the flu than get a vaccination for it. Find out if Jason and Dale will be lining up to get their flu shots this season.


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Dale:  Do you take any vaccinations at all?

Jason:  I try not to. I haven’t had any for a long time just because I fear the health effects it may have, the side effects.

Dale:  So are you afraid of the H1N1 vaccination?

Jason:  I’m actually…yeah, I’m more afraid of the vaccination than the H1N1 virus, I would say.

Dale:  Really.

Jason:  Yeah. I mean, there’s all kinds of anecdotal evidence about people who get a vaccine and then suddenly they gain 50 pounds permanently or they develop a mental illness of some kind. It seems like these vaccines are a lot of case worse than the disease itself.

Dale:  Isn’t it fair to say that kids should get these vaccinations?

Jason:  There’s whole groups of people who don’t vaccinate their children because people link it to autism and all kinds of problems, so…I don’t know, if I have kids, it’s going to be a tough decision, because in some ways you want to be…you don’t want to take their chances with whatever crazy diseases are out there. But at the same time, you don’t want to risk causing some sort of problem with vaccinations.

Dale:  It’s a tough decision.

Jason:  You’re sort of damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Dale:  Exactly.


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Jason doesn’t like to get vaccinations because he is afraid of the side effects. Although many people are lining up to get vaccinated against swine flu this season, Jason would rather take his chances with the virus than get the vaccine. He’s heard some horror stories about people getting sick from the H1N1 vaccine.

Most people have their children vaccinated when they’re babies. But there is growing concern in the U.S. over the possible side effects of these shots. Some people believe that childhood vaccinations can lead to autism. But this hasn’t been proven, and we know that vaccines can save lives.

Did you get a flu vaccine this season? Would you want your child to be vaccinated?



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South Korea

i didn't get a vaccine. The reason is same with one of Jason. A flu is horroble itself but so is the side-effect of a vaccine. As long as a flu don't menace my life, I don't get a vaccine. and as long as safety of the vaccine isn't convinced, I'll do not. and if I have my childeren, I don't have my children gotten a vaccine, too

08:33 AM Dec 18 2009 |




Recently it was a qarantine in Ukraine connected with the AH1N1 epidemic, that lasted 3 weeks. It was a great panic all over the country! but what I'd like to say…People, AH1N1 is as dangerous as simple flu. In our country every year people die because of it, but nobody raises any panic. Pharmaceutical firms earn money in such a way. Moreover, the vaccine against AH1N1 isn't tested well. The side effects could be unexpectable. As for me, I wouldn't do it…

07:54 AM Dec 18 2009 |




I love cold weather, but sore throat and stuffy nose sucks! I hate it.

04:53 AM Dec 18 2009 |



I just think maybe people worry too much. people want vaccines when there is none but actually when vaccines do become available, then people start to worry about all the side effects it will bring.

04:33 AM Dec 18 2009 |



I am sorry to hear that the dead cases. Maybe it is the special cases related the vaccination.

whatever, It is better to keep the H1N1 under controll instead of more and more peoples are getting infected.

03:44 AM Dec 18 2009 |




I haven't had it yet.But I want to get vaccinated,there are lots of people getting swine flu around me. Although it is said that you're more likely to have side effects from H1N1 vaccine than others, I feel like the fear over H1N1 is much stronger than the side effect things.

03:41 AM Dec 18 2009 |



Yes, I agree with Jason said,
Two Chinese people have been reported dead after they received vaccination against the H1N1 influenza the other day.
It seems like these vaccines are a lot of case worse than the disease itself.
If you have kids, it is going to be a tough decision, it is really difficult.

02:57 AM Dec 18 2009 |




The professor fails students if they miss an exam.

01:44 AM Dec 18 2009 |

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