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She's Their Rock

She's Their Rock English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Dec 15 2009

Themes: Friend, Soap Opera

Grammar: Modal Verbs


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Is there someone you know will give you good advice if you just don’t know what to do? If you’re freaking out about something and just need someone to calm you down and help you see things clearly, the person you end up calling is your rock. Your rock could be someone in your family, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or one of your friends.

Beren has a history of giving good advice. So even though she’s busy looking for her real dad on a road trip, her friends still call her to get her opinion on their troubles. See how Beren helps them out.

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Jason:  Beren. Hey, it’s Jason. How’s your trip?

Beren:  Um, it’s goin’ fairly well. You know, it’s OK.

Jason:  Well, I’m really glad I got a hold of you. ‘Cause I am having this issue and I really think you’re the only person who could offer the right perspective.

Beren:  Ah, sure. Go ahead. Shoot.

Jason:  Devan has totally transformed. I mean, what do you think? How can we get the old Devan back?

Beren:  Well, I guess…I don’t know. You know how she has, like, a sweet tooth and a taste for the booze. I would just get her coffee, you know, slip a little whiskey in there.

Jason:  Thanks Beren. I’ll give it a try.

Beren:  Bye. Hello.

Devan:  Hey, Beren. How’s it goin’?

Beren:  It’s goin’ pretty…

Devan:  Yeah, actually I don’t really have time to hear about it right now ‘cause I was calling you about a specific reason. Um, yeah. So, I want to sue Marni...

Beren:  Wait.

Devan:  …because she gave me the idea for American Dream Date and then stole it from me.

Beren:  No. What? No. Don’t sue her.

Devan:  Why?

Beren:  I thought you guys were, like, best friends.

Devan:  Was. Past tense. We’re not friends anymore. She’s a competitor and she stole from me and I want it back!

Beren:  Just tell her that your feelings are hurt. Why don’t you guys go out to eat and work it out? Don’t sue her. That’s an awful idea.

Devan:  Leave it to you to try to take the noble way out of this situation, but I don’t have time to hear some sad story about poor Marni. I gotta go.

Beren:  Bye. Hello.

Mason:  Hey, Beren! Beren, yeah, how you doin’?

Beren:  Hey, Mason. What’s up?

Mason:  So, uh, and this is a little embarrassing…But, ah, I have this problem with tomatoes.

Beren:  Wait, wait, wait. Say it again.

Mason:  I’m kinda freaked out by them. I mean, ever since, you know, that movie “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes”? What am I gonna do?

Beren:  You need help. Like, serious help.

Mason:  But that’s what…You were the professional help is what…I heard your advice was almost professional, but free.

Beren:  No, no. I am not professional help. In fact, after all these phone calls I need some professional help. You need some help. We’ll get help together, but I have no idea what to tell you.

Mason:  OK.


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Beren is just driving past Mt. Rushmore, a famous American monument, when Jason calls. He says Devan hasn’t been herself lately. Beren suggests that Jason make sure she gets enough of the things she likes like sugar and alcohol. He agrees those things might put her in a better mood.

As soon as Beren gets off the phone with Jason, Devan calls. She tells Beren she’s thinking about suing Marni. Beren thinks that’s ridiculous. They’re friends, they should just talk and get over their problems. That’s not what Devan wanted to hear, so she gets off the phone.

Then Beren gets another phone call. This time it’s Mason. He says he’s afraid of tomatoes. Beren says that even though everyone comes to her for advice, she can’t help Mason with a problem like that. He needs to see a professional.

Who you do you ask for advice when you have a problem you just can’t figure out?



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Sometimes people get opinion from their rock just for getting some support.Just like Devan,after hearing Beren's advise,she still insisted that she was right.

05:26 AM Dec 16 2009 |



Usually I would like to ask for advice from some friends here at office, who can keep the secret and more mature than me, who can give some thoughts which are more make sense and can calm me down.

11:21 PM Dec 15 2009 |




if i have problem i will ask my close friend who is my rock . otherwise i will ask nearst one to me in that postion like my father .
i like this story …

11:16 PM Dec 15 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Maybe beren couldn`t give one of her friend a professional help but she is the persom who did her best for other friends.
I think we need some friend like her i n our life & I have some ;p
also I think I`m a rock for my friends ;p
it`s someting which my friends tell me ;D

10:50 PM Dec 15 2009 |




I like this story. Perhaps is better to be quiet than to say too many advices.

10:42 PM Dec 15 2009 |




She's their supporter.I think it's an essential condition for being a good friend..

05:08 PM Dec 15 2009 |


Serbia and Montenegro

I like this story very much!

Sometimes, being a good listener is unbelivable hard!

03:56 PM Dec 15 2009 |




I have this problem with tomatoes

What the meaning of "tomatoe" here?

03:13 PM Dec 15 2009 |




what's the meaning of rock?

Beren is so busy .

02:38 PM Dec 15 2009 |




It's always good to ask for some advices when we are unsure about which decision we should take… specially when the person to whom we ask has got life experience :)

12:11 PM Dec 15 2009 |


South Korea

When I'm in need of help, I just pray to God…

06:24 AM Dec 15 2009 |



South Korea

beren is  a really good helper , because she's good listener

As for conversation, listening is first, good listener is a good speaker 

06:00 AM Dec 15 2009 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

I think Beren has  a good personality. Love your friends more deeply and they can feel about your loving. Don't tell, just listen! It is very important. And that is enough. Beren, you are good person, try to listen carefully. And I listen to English Baby very well, thank you.

Anyway, have a lovely day!!!

01:34 AM Dec 15 2009 |

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