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This Decade in History

This Decade in History

Date: Jan 01 2010

Themes: News, Time

Grammar: Future Perfect Tense


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Happy New Year! Now that the 2000s have ended, what do you think the last 10 years will be remembered for?

Each decade is defined by different movements and events. The 1930s are remembered for the Great Depression. The 60s are known for the hippies, the Beatles, and civil rights. There are also particular fashions that go along with each decade. The 70s were bell-bottoms, and the 80s were shoulder-pads and big hair. How about the Oughts?

Listen to Jason and Ella talk about what they think the Oughts will be remembered for.


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Jason:  So, pretty soon this decade will have ended. What do you think it’ll be remembered for?

Ella:  I feel like it’ll be the decade of the celebrity invasion. Like, there’s just been an increase of paparazzi and celebrities and stuff that’s really not important at all. I don’t think there was anything interesting like scientifically or any discoveries that really changed the decade other than fluffy celebrity stuff.

Jason:  So you think it’ll just be remembered for our obsession with fame?

Ella:  Yeah. Increase in superficialness, you know.

Jason:  But I mean we did have the first black president, that’s…

Ella:  Oh yeah, I guess that’s kind of important.

Jason:  I feel like it’ll be remembered for that, I mean that’s really how this decade will go down in history, you know, a hundred years from now. About events, too, though, what about 9/11? That was definitely infamous.

Ella:  Oh yeah, that was so long ago. That was like the beginning of the decade.

Jason:  That’s the trick with a decade, is you have to remember the whole thing.

Ella:  Ten years. I guess there was the tsunami, and…OK, I guess a lot did happen. Just kidding!


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Ella thinks the one trend that defines the 2000s is Americans’ obsession with celebrities. She thinks that celebrity culture overshadowed any important news that might have happened during the decade.

But Jason points out that a couple of important events did take place in the last 10 years. The U.S. elected its first black president in 2008, and in 2001, the World Trade Center was attacked. Oh yeah. Maybe Ella was so busy reading celebrity gossip mags, she forgot about those events!

What do you think the 2000s will be remembered for? What were the most important events that happened in your country in the last 10 years? How about in the world?



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Let me think, the first cyber attack by Russia against Estonia in 2007 ?

02:49 PM Jul 23 2010 |




Happy new year! I hope this year will be happy for everyone. I guess most of events the Oughts reminds me are bad, for example, 9/11, war, depression… but certainly we had a lot of happily memory.

May the future will be happy and peaceful world.

12:50 PM Jan 07 2010 |





04:32 PM Jan 06 2010 |



Russian Federation

I guess some of the most important events of the Oughts which will go down in world history and influence it's trends are the war in Iraq and Afganistan and financial crises.

As for my country we have had o lot of great and unfortunatly miserable events in the decade. There were terrarist attacs on civil buildings and objects, crash on hydro plant, fire in night club "Lame horse" which courses handreds of victims. It's a pity but there were also war with our neigbour Georgia.

Besides there were a lot of joyfull events. For me the most remarkable was the result achieved by our football team trained by great specialist Gus Hidding on the football championship Euro'2008. It seemed like the whole country was happy at that days.  

12:44 PM Jan 06 2010 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

happy new decate and year for all of u people

hope every one forget the past and start a freish ,helthy,peacfull future for you and the whole world.

change ur self to change the other 

05:31 PM Jan 04 2010 |



I'll wish everybody:

   in the new decade ,keep in good health and get rich. 

06:58 AM Jan 04 2010 |



I'll wish everybody:

     in new decede,keep in good health and get rich.     

06:55 AM Jan 04 2010 |




I think the climate conference in Copenhagen(2009/12/07) is important milestone.

08:51 PM Jan 03 2010 |

luvik palestine

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

im agree with us .. 2000s was full of events ..and in palestine was astrong war from israel they accuped our land ..in the begaining of 2009 became abig war on gaza ..so they killed many of children and women ..:(

06:26 PM Jan 03 2010 |



Russian Federation

I think this decade associated with figth against terrorism and the problem of global warming…I hope in new decade people change thir relation to the world…

06:01 PM Jan 03 2010 |



i think that DAVOS was only advertisement for the president and most media company is his tongs in Turkey

03:41 PM Jan 03 2010 |

ozkan ozkan


I think the 2000s will be remembered for DAVOS.That event caused very effective result for turkey!if you flow about turkey’s media ,you can understant me easly.the last decade passed away with its best and worse ways.I wish for new year that there will protect human rights more than last decade and health and peace.

03:11 PM Jan 03 2010 |




A new decade , a new begining.The Compute Technology Have Developed very Fast in last decade.In China ,the price of house Raised too too high.It will be a social problem.I hope China Govement will solve this problem next decade.

12:55 PM Jan 03 2010 |

sweet princess


Hope u have good memories bout this decade…in ur lifes!!

01:27 AM Jan 03 2010 |




Have the great'est 2010 ever.

10:59 PM Jan 02 2010 |




happy new year to all XD

08:36 PM Jan 02 2010 |



Happy new year.

I think about the EURO currency. We got the EURO in 2002.

Alos I think about the current depression. Fortunately, I live in a country we don´t feel the effects highly of the depression.

Looking forward to a healthy, good and halcyon days in 2010

03:05 PM Jan 02 2010 |


Dominican Republic

the oughts were the decade in were i became a man and every thing that happened to me good or bad i could not change it, bye oughts happy 2ky for every one!

02:08 PM Jan 02 2010 |



Happy 2010! hard to believe a year passed…

01:13 PM Jan 02 2010 |




happy new year ;)

12:31 PM Jan 02 2010 |

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