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easy on the eyes

easy on the eyes

Date: Jan 07 2010

Themes: Romance


1. Quote - Listen to the quote and guess what the slang means.

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“He’s pretty easy on the eyes, but our friendship has really deepened over the years, and he’s just great.”

- Actress Claire Danes on why she loves her husband, Hugh Dancy. (US Weekly)


1. Definition - Study the definition.

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beautiful; handsome; good-looking

2. Use - Learn how the slang is used.

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Everyone appreciates a nice compliment now and then. But words like “pretty,” “beautiful” and even “hot” can get a little boring. If you really liked someone, you might want to find a more creative way to say that they’re attractive. You could say they’re easy on the eyes.

The expression easy on the eyes works like an adjective. Claire Danes is easy on the eyes. So is her husband, at least according to her. But she says that isn’t the reason why she loves him. Their deep friendship is more important to her than his hotness. But the hotness probably doesn’t hurt.

If you think about it, it’s funny to say that someone attractive is easy on the eyes. Does that mean an unattractive person is hard on the eyes? That is not a common saying, but we do use the expression a sight for sore eyes. When someone or something is a sight for sore eyes, they’re a welcome sight. You’re happy to see them.

Which celebrities do you think are easy on the eyes? What’s more important to you in a relationship, looks or personality?


1. Examples - Hear some example sentences.

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“All the guys like her because she’s easy on the eyes.”

“Maybe, he’d get more dates if he were easier on the eyes.”

“Kathy may be easy on the eyes, but she isn’t very smart.”


1. Winners - See who guessed the slang definition correctly.

alogigi handsome, good looking ?
by alogigi
huemar adorable
by huemar
chomo pleasant to look at
by chomo
easy on the eyes means handsome
by monacovalentina
fedorame I guess it means handsome, good looking,and charming.
by fedorame
by muharrem_tokul
attractive, pleasant to look at him
by atypical_spanish
by periwinkle.chic

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If you don’t mind share more like that.  assisted living in chapel hill

04:57 PM Aug 31 2017 |




11:25 AM Jan 11 2011 |




For me the personality is as important as the looks .. but some people consider the looks to be more important because it attracts the sight and make the person keen on getting close to that person but it doesn't mean that the inner beauty is less important of course.  

01:47 PM Dec 15 2010 |




10:42 AM Nov 14 2010 |




10:42 AM Nov 14 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of


12:17 PM Sep 03 2010 |




chramimg, interesting

07:41 PM Aug 15 2010 |




megan fox and my mother is easy on the eyes for me hehehe…i prepare on personality cause you might lose your beauty when you get old so its better to have agood personality than beauty.. 

07:46 AM Mar 22 2010 |



For me,our eyes are our windows,they allow someone else to inside of us & allow us to look inside of others.To be easy on eyes means to have opened eyes,it is an invitation to have dialouge with someone.

It is the first information received by our mind.

02:15 AM Feb 06 2010 |




The appearence is really an important thing when you get acquainted with people, but as the time passes by it appears not so essential. I mean after a while you cease to notice the outside features of the person. The featurs of his character becomes more important. Moreover, they are the key condition to continue the relationship. In a word, be easy on the eyes asnd try not to blow it with the personal qualities, and you are surely gonna be fine. 

06:45 AM Jan 13 2010 |




I definitely think that personality in the long run is the most important thing to make a relationship work. You can't be in a relationship with a person you just find easy on the eyes but you don't share values and projects with.

09:06 PM Jan 12 2010 |

green greener

United Arab Emirates

The first important thing to me is personality, the good inside jewel of a person. About looking, it's better to have an accepting outside appearance at least to strengthen the relationship too.

05:08 PM Jan 09 2010 |




Both of them are ımportant.to be easy on the eyes and to have a good personalıty

05:00 PM Jan 09 2010 |

Nico Liu

Nico Liu


Yeah, everyone has different beauty taste ,I think it contains both looks and personality. You know ,personality is more important in a relationship.

12:32 PM Jan 09 2010 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Let's face it: being easy on the eyes is primary the first thing you feel attracted to, but then the personality takes an equal importance in order to start a relationship.

02:22 AM Jan 09 2010 |



wow, thanks for the new slank word ;)

05:03 PM Jan 08 2010 |

sun song

sun song

South Korea


He is easy on the eyes. and He's mind is a sight for sore eyes.

what a perfect guy!

03:29 PM Jan 08 2010 |




For me in a relationship personality is more important. At first sight being easy on the eyes works. though, when the time goes by, and i spend more time with the person if i dont have anythting in common, a true friendship, a real feeling it wont make it.

12:27 AM Jan 08 2010 |



In my opinion easy of the eyes menas to be somenoe with attractvie personality, and personality like that make the creature to be atractive for someone with absolutely beauty inside and outside, with one word to be  pleasant, chrmer, loyal

12:20 AM Jan 08 2010 |

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