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Holiday Travel

Holiday Travel

Date: Dec 18 2020

Themes: Holidays, Travel

Grammar: Comparatives and Superlatives


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In late December, airline prices in the US and Europe go up. Why would everyone want to be traveling in the middle of winter? Well, some people are escaping the winter to the southern hemisphere where it’s summer. Most are going somewhere else that’s cold, but where their family is so they can celebrate the holidays together.

The only problem is that sometimes winter weather causes roads to close or flights to be canceled. When the flights are already sold out and there’s already lots of traffic, things can go from bad to worse really fast. But once you get where you’re going, and are having fun with your family, it all seems worth it. Listen to Beren and Marni get ready for some holiday travel.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  I have a 6:30 AM flight tomorrow I’m getting on.

Beren:  Where are you headed?

Marni:  I’m head out to the East Coast, North Carolina. It’s that time of year: holiday travel.

Beren:  Oh…You’re getting out of here in the nick of time though, because the closer you get to the holiday, the more torturous the actual travel is.

Marni:  Right, because there are so many people trying to get places. You want to think everybody is in a good mood because it’s the holidays, but everybody just gets hectic and frantic.

Beren:  Totally. And then the weather too. That’s what I’m always afraid of.

Marni:  Exactly. It can always be a little dicey. You never quite know what to expect.

Beren:  I’m going to the Midwest for the Christmas holiday…

Marni:  Ah.

Beren:  ...and I’m a little worried because it’s supposed to be snowing.

Marni:  The Midwest is very snowy.

Beren:  I’m afraid I’m gonna get stuck there.

Marni:  You might.

Beren:  The most terrifying part about flying anywhere during the holidays, especially if it’s a long flight, which the flight I’m taking is, is missing the connecting flight. And I have a layover in Denver which is notoriously hectic at the holidays because isn’t it the biggest airport in the country?

Marni:  It’s one of the biggest and the weather can be an issue in Denver. Yeah, traveling the holidays, you never really quite know what to expect and you have to be prepared for delays.

Beren:  But it’s usually worth it.

Marni:  It’s worth it, right? Because you get to see family and friends and thepayoff, I think, is certainly worth it.


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Marni has to catch a flight very early tomorrow. Beren thinks the airport will be busy, but not as busy as it will be the day after tomorrow or the day after that, as Christmas on December 25th gets closer.

Beren is flying to a cold part of the country and she’s worried that snow will cause her to get stranded when she has to change flights. Marni says there’s a chance that could happen, but it’s a chance Beren will have to take to enjoy the holidays with her family.

What’s the busiest time of the year for travel in your country? Do you like to travel on holidays or celebrate at home?



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Cold is perfect, no matter where, if it’s cold it’s nworth it…

09:27 PM Apr 02 2013 |




I deeply believe that one can never say “too much” about travel,the more you visit,the more you know the world,and also the more you understand your life.And I also think that once you are taking a trip,you should try your best to see more and ramble more.When I was in Sweden,I made a decide to go out from the hotel when others were talking in the room.It was an advisability desicion because the view was so amazing,if I just rest like others and didn’t go anywhere,I could never see such beautiful things:D

Hoilday is a good time to take a trip,so just choose some places each year and visit them.And if you are interested in collection,put your tickets and plane tickets together,it will make you smile when you see the number of them is growing:D

01:15 PM Jan 19 2013 |

Vina Novalina


One of my hobby and one of my dream is go travel, it is nice, we can meet new people with different culture and see enchanted views, those make the new experience for me and good for run a while from our routine. In my country , people like go travel when children get holiday from school and when we get national holiday, we can say it as ” high season”, that time not easy for us to booked ticket and hotel.

04:39 PM Sep 09 2012 |




There had a moment here in Brazil whe all flights got stranded and delayed…It was when a terrble air crash happend and many people died! So,after that all of flights delayed and many people were furious criating many turmoils in almost all airports of Brazil! it was a really mess…

I love to travel on holydays,but it only depends if I have money to spend for it hehe :P

11:17 AM Dec 30 2009 |




In my country the busiest time for travel is summer, but it's pretty hard to buy tickets as the winter colidays are getting closer as well. It's quite hectic work to plan the trip, to make your schedule so that you don't miss your flight, especially if it comes to a connecting flight, when you need to change planes between the departure airport and the destination point. I am always afraid to get stranded during the layover, because of the weather or for any other reason. I don't like it when you are forced to look frantically for a way out in the situation like that. I travel in the nick of time very often though. I have a 24-day annual leave and I need to manage these few days to gain as much as possible, but the payoff actually worth it, I have to admit. It is notorious that people work to live, they do not live to work, and I'm not the exception.

08:43 AM Dec 29 2009 |




 i visit UAE  last summer and i spent good time over there
i did not face any such problems in travelling during summer
actaully i prefer to visit cold country more than hot country
finally i like this lesson coz i like travelling so much

03:01 PM Dec 28 2009 |




I living in China. Usually we have traveling to go to other country in every holiday, such as spring festival, national day, and international labor day because of long holiday. I like trip to beach in summer holiday, sunshine and beach is very beautiful.

05:50 AM Dec 28 2009 |



I just came back from Denver. it's not worst one though. My worst experience about layover in the airport is in NYC….it is my nightmare!!

04:32 PM Dec 27 2009 |




I like it and add it ()

05:45 PM Dec 25 2009 |



Russian Federation

I think the busiest time of the yaer for travel here is summer, because of summer holiday. Lots of students get back home to see their parents. And plenty of people prefer travelling in summer, because our winter is really cold! And not many people like to  get around at this period of time. Anyway I'm going to celebrate New Year in other country and I'm not afraid of getting stranded because I'm sure that my holiday is gonna be great!!!

10:43 AM Dec 25 2009 |

Pearl Yau


The busiest time of the year is of course Spring Festival. People wait in line for days to get a ticket back home or travel.But sometimes it come out to be a severe weather that the traffic tie-up. So I would rather celebrate at home than being around by the traffic jam.

02:49 AM Dec 25 2009 |




Its already been the busiest time of the year here, theses big holidays. so i enjoy traveling to my siblings` houses, however at christmas i stay at home. 

11:59 PM Dec 22 2009 |


Costa Rica

 traveling the holyday is something awesome like the paragrah said everyone  is on the mood looking for some places to visit or maybe to escape from the winter  the weather must not be a trouble for everyone that likes to travel they just need to be ready and have fun.

09:03 PM Dec 22 2009 |



if you have opportunity,early travelling is the best.you dont stuck with  issue  like weather,unnecessary crowd…


02:49 PM Dec 22 2009 |



iam end of feb go to singapore

01:50 PM Dec 22 2009 |




hmm end of June or middle of July when people go abroad for summer holiday :)

01:46 PM Dec 22 2009 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

the busiest time of the year in my country is at the end of summer, because at that time it is holiday for students in schools and universities, therefore they can take a trip without worrying about their lessons.

I study in a city that is far away from my hometown, therefore I travel to my hometown, almost once in a season! it means that I see my families every 3 months! It tales for me about 14 hours to arrive in my hometown, but it is not too hard when I think about the result (seeing my family again).

we have an expression that says: too many trips need to make a man, A MAN

01:05 PM Dec 22 2009 |

Ahn Soo-hyun

South Korea

This year, I travelled with my youngest child in Gyoungju(it is famous for historical sites). It was first time with my little son. (I have two children and a wife.) He is 12. We stayed 2nights and 3days. I had so precious time with my son. A few days ago, when my son filled some blank(a kind of survey), the question was 'What 's your unforgettable experiences?' my son replied, 'Travel with my father'. It made me happy. I try to travel as many as possible.  I think the important is who is your travel partner. Anyway, have a happy night.

12:23 PM Dec 22 2009 |

rebel lee

rebel lee


Oh god!I live in China.There are 1.3 billion people in our country.When the Spring Festival comes,lots of people will traval across the coutry to back home.It always be a disaster during that time.My hometown is shandong province,but I live in jisnagsu now.I want to go home when the holiday comes,but it is very hard for me to get a ticket.Our government have been working on this issue for many years,but I think they should work harder.

12:19 PM Dec 22 2009 |



Happy New Year to everyone! I currently live in Spain now. Here is very warm on Christmas. I’m from Ucraine and I used to celebrate these days with cold and a lot of snow. I miss snow so much. I’ve neve thought I miss it. I hope that next year will bring us a lot of happiness.

11:15 AM Dec 22 2009 |

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