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Twilight: New Moon

Twilight: New Moon

Date: Jan 06 2010

Themes: Romance

Grammar: The Unreal Past


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The choice between a bad boy and a good guy is never easy. Bad boys have all that dangerous sex appeal, while good guys seem to offer comfort and security. When the bad boy is a vampire and the good guy is a werewolf, the choice gets even more complicated.

In Twilight: New Moon, Bella Swan has to choose between her blood-sucking love Edward and the new guy in town, sexy and sincere Jacob (who happens to be a werewolf). This second chapter in the Twilight saga is captivating young girls and their mothers alike. And Jason. Listen to him and Mason weigh in on the film.


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Jason:  Are you on Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Mason:  I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Jason:  It’s the new Twilight man.

Mason:  Oh, it’s the werewolves and vampires thing?

Jason:  Yeah, it’s the love triangle.

Mason:  I mean, my girlfriend is insanely into that. She went and saw it all on opening night.

Jason:  Yeah, that’s the way to see it.

Mason:  She’s a Team Edward girl, I suppose.

Jason:  Oh is she, she likes the bad boy?

Mason:  Yeah.

Jason:  But opening night’s the way to see it because it’s really fun, it’s like people screaming every time someone…well, people meaning young girls screaming…

Mason:  And moms, right? Isn’t it like a huge mom phenomenon?

Jason:  To a degree. If I were a mom, I feel like I might be a little concerned about it. I don’t feel like it has the most positive messages about how to handle a relationship. For instance, one message it seems to send is if someone breaks your heart, don’t bother getting over them because they’ll definitely come back to you because it’s really meant to be.

Mason:  Oh yeah, that’s positive.

Jason:  And it seems like maybe the roles…like, Bella, the heroine’s role is a little bit passive. She seems to really relish in people fighting over her. Actually I don’t know if she really relishes in it, but that’s definitely the focus of the film.

Mason:  Also it’s cool to date dead guys.

Jason:  Definitely dating dead guys is cool.


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Jason saw the new Twilight movie, and he can’t believe Mason doesn’t have an opinion about the love triangle between Bella, Jacob, and Edward. Mason hasn’t seen Twilight: New Moon, but his girlfriend likes it so much that she saw it on opening night. She’s a fan of Edward.

Young girls and their moms are Twilight’s biggest fans. But Jason doesn’t think most moms would approve of the movie’s messages. He thinks it sends an unrealistic message to young girls about love. He also thinks the female character, Bella, seems weak. The movie is all about the two male characters, Edward and Jacob, fighting over her.

Do you prefer good guys/girls or bad boys/girls? Who is your favorite Twilight character, Jacob or Edward?



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vtis 2

vtis 2


Best movie . Really have vampire in the world ?

09:30 AM Aug 03 2011 |



I prefer only Edward :D

08:58 AM Jul 03 2010 |

Tariq Awwad


Twilight is one of my favorite movies , it's great story!

02:47 AM Jun 29 2010 |




I really prefer classical vampire stories like the Anne Rice's ones, butThe Twilight Saga is a phenomenon you can't ignore. Maybe because I was in love when all this started I felt in love by the story too. In the begining it was like a story about a girl who loved someone she shouldn't, but now… yeah Bella's behavior seems not correct… I can wait to see the end. I'd date Jacob, so I think Bella should get the vampire.

All girls here in Brazil are driving their boyfriends crazy talking about those movies and books all the time, it's funny how the boys are getting into this too lol

02:41 AM May 23 2010 |




I love it    !!!!! The story is great. 

01:12 PM May 09 2010 |




I see this movie 8 times!it's great story!

02:41 PM May 03 2010 |




  the girl really relishs in peopel fighting over her.that's all the movies about

07:04 AM Feb 26 2010 |




interesting… thanks =)

01:41 PM Feb 23 2010 |



Russian Federation

I liked the books, the movies are good because of the actors starring.

I'd prefer Jacob, he IS hot  Tongue out

02:09 PM Feb 09 2010 |



well , i don´t think it´s a good idea to start a fight in order to be with the girl , i mean it´s not fear because people would feel something that it´s not love .

05:01 PM Feb 04 2010 |

Otonashi Saya

Saudi Arabia

 thanks alot I liked the lesson XD

01:54 PM Jan 23 2010 |




Hahaha I prefer a little bit of both,"bad and good" girl,in one :P

I haven't seen it yet,but first I'm fan of werewolfs 'cause vampires I think a little faggots! hahaha :P

10:09 PM Jan 19 2010 |

Jun Xiong

Jun Xiong


Hello everyone. I feel so sorry that I haven't joint in Ebaby for a long time. I miss you very much. I hope i can communicate with you as much as possible.

11:38 PM Jan 13 2010 |



its nice movie

03:51 PM Jan 13 2010 |




I don't think the movie or the Twilight Saga in general gives actually bad masseges, but on the other hand I think it's just a nice story, but nothing special to make such a fuss about it. And I also think that the books are way better than the movies.

08:56 PM Jan 12 2010 |


United States


01:37 PM Jan 12 2010 |



I dont like this movie… Why people like such creatures I dont understand…. this movie is very meaningless… I am on Team Humans…

11:54 AM Jan 12 2010 |




i saw the movie  but i prefier the last part . i think it was more intersting.. i don't know why. 

10:36 PM Jan 11 2010 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

i loveTwilight.

that`s amazing!!

07:21 PM Jan 11 2010 |




Both of them is attractive and lovely to the extent that u cant choose who's most lovely.. i have watched the film it's nice and i love them all Bella Edward and Jacob

05:52 PM Jan 11 2010 |

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