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Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes

Date: Feb 03 2010

Themes: Friend

Grammar: Simple Past Tense


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Classic stories often get a face lift for modern audiences. The latest film to put a new twist on an old tale is Sherlock Holmes. With Robert Downey, Jr. in the role of the super sleuth, Holmes has transformed from a brainy detective to a brawny butt-kicker.

Some elements of the classic stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle remain the same. Holmes’ partner, Dr. Watson, is still there to help him solve mysteries. And although Holmes’ arch nemesis Dr. Moriarty doesn’t actually appear in this film, you get the feeling that he isn’t far behind.

Marni was so excited about the new Sherlock Holmes that she went to see it the first night it was out. Find out if the film lived up to her expectations.


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Marni:  So Mason, I rarely rush to go see a film on opening weekend. But I could not wait to see Sherlock Holmes, and so I did.

Mason:  I didn’t love the film, but I enjoyed it.

Marni:  I really enjoyed it. I thought that Robert Downey Jr.’s character was amazing. He really did a different interpretation than the original Sir Arthur Conan Doyle version that you read about in the books. This was a much more mischievous sort of butt-kicking Sherlock Holmes. But it worked. He was…you know, a perfect super-sleuth. He was very creative. And I thought the plot was good. I thought it worked.

Mason:  You know, I thought it was kind of weird that…I don’t feel I’m giving anything away to say that his nemesis, his traditional nemesis, Moriarty, not even in this film. They left that as the set-up for the sequel that is obviously forthcoming.

Marni:  Right.

Mason:  But an interesting choice to kind of not go there in this film.

Marni:  Yeah, but I thought it worked. I liked that they sort of had this build up around this mysterious character. And I thought that was very intentional.

Mason:  I liked how they showed Holmes’ thought process and this kind of analytical, like super-sleuthy private eye mind that he had. But yeah, ultimately I just didn’t really care about anybody other than Holmes. Like Rachel McAdams, Rachel McAdams was such a waste, and I love her. But I thought that that whole part of the film was a waste.

Marni:  I thought the chemistry, though, of Jude Law as Watson, that was perfect.

Mason:  It was. They had a good thing going.


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Both Marni and Mason recently saw Sherlock Holmes, but they had different opinions about it. Marni thought the film worked. She liked Robert Downey Jr.’s performance and thought he had good chemistry with Jude Law, who played Holmes’ partner, Dr. Watson.

Althought Mason agreed that Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law had good chemistry on screen, he wasn’t very impressed with the plot. It also surprised him that Holmes’ arch nemesis, Dr. Moriarty, didn’t appear in the film. But Mason thinks Dr. Moriarty will probably appear in the sequel.

What does it take to be a good detective? Would you make a good sleuth?



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I've just seen the movie and I must confess: I loved it!

In my humble opinion, it's way different from Doyle's original story but it doesn't mean the movie sucks, as some people said. The actors have done a great job, Robert D. Jr. was absolutely amazing! Jude Law was pretty good as well and, as everybody noticed, they had a big chemistry and maybe the movie has gone well because of it.

I'm looking forward to the sequel. It's gonna be awesome! (at least I hope so!)

03:59 PM Jan 11 2011 |




its very fantastic movie

10:38 AM May 20 2010 |




The movie is good, though I prefer the charachters in the Conan Doyle's books. Anyone who want to learn to spy someone have to see the scene in which Holmes is following the lady after she came out of his house. Excellent!

11:36 PM Mar 01 2010 |


Dominican Republic

i didn't see the movie!! but i want to see it!

03:19 PM Feb 26 2010 |




i havent watched it yet !!!



10:53 PM Feb 17 2010 |




Hummm I'm sure to be a good detective the guy should be like Homes! By what I know Holmes is the best sleuth of the stories…A good sleuth should have a great deduction facts,so Holmes is a master of it ;)



10:38 PM Feb 11 2010 |




not yet, but i will meet soon because i will be that good detective who i'm going to meet. [sorry joke] i think detectives must know thing well like chemicals … and must have an ability of getting out of problem faster…bla bla bla and much more like 007 watch this movie and learn…Laughing he he 

05:30 PM Feb 09 2010 |



I saw the movie and I didn't like.. but maybe I need see the movie again.

04:14 AM Feb 08 2010 |




A very good movie.

I like it.

01:35 PM Feb 07 2010 |




A quality of a good detective is discretion. I think i would be a good one. 

09:36 PM Feb 06 2010 |




I´m going to watch it soon …

07:14 PM Feb 06 2010 |



terrific film

i liove it

04:06 AM Feb 06 2010 |


Dominican Republic

you have to have a private eye,move sneakily and stuff…

09:02 PM Feb 04 2010 |


Dominican Republic

We readed Sherlock Holmes stories when we were little

08:58 PM Feb 04 2010 |




I have seen this film today. I like it. It is very interesting and you don't tire to watch Sherlock Holmes.Smile

06:55 PM Feb 04 2010 |


FreekasseSuper Member!


It takes a lot of personal qualities to be a good detective like Holmes. One of these qualities is analitical mind. Also it is important to be able to solve problems deductively. I think I would make a good detectiveCool

03:14 PM Feb 04 2010 |




haven't watched it yetTongue out

06:47 AM Feb 04 2010 |



This film look like Detective Connan movies

03:17 AM Feb 04 2010 |

Gabi Mendes


I saw this film and enjoyed it. Like Mason I liked the Holmes' thought process was shown. I'm sure that I wouldn't make a good sleuth. One thing that a good detective needs to take is see the details.

08:37 PM Feb 03 2010 |

Gabi Mendes


I saw this film and enjoyed it. Like Mason I liked the Holmes' thought process was shown. I sure that I wouldn't make a good sleuth. One thing that a good detective need to take is see the details.

08:35 PM Feb 03 2010 |

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