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So You Think You Can Speak English!!

So You Think You Can Speak English!!

Date: Jan 30 2010

Topic: Speaking

Author: Phoenixfiras


Speaking is one of the four aspects of learning any language, and basically the most important one. The aim of every speaker is to be understood, and that’s why we should place the right word, phrase, sentence, in the suitable place to fit what we’re talking about.

Before starting this lesson, there’s something to be mentioned that it’s both beneficial to students and teachers. And, it’s especially presented to my friend Efri Shan.
In this lesson I tried to give some real situational contexts, and tried to be as practical as possible. Enjoy it!


1. Let’s start with an activity you do,

Describe an activity you like doing.

You should say:
- Where you do it
- Who you do it with
- Why you enjoy it
And say what kind of people you would recommend that activity to, and why. 

One of the most interesting things I like doing is surfing the Internet. I usually go to an Internet café, for it has faster connection than the one at home.
I usually go there alone, but sometimes I can have one of my friends with me.
Surfing the Internet is something of high benefit to me, because it includes a lot of stuff that I can learn from.
I advise everybody who is learning English to surf the Internet, because it can be one of the most important sources of gathering helpful articles about learning English, or articles about any research they are doing.
2.  Reading books,
Talk about a book you have read in the last year
You should say:
- Why you decided to read that book
- How long it took you to finish it
- What genre of book it was
And say if you would like to read something else by the same author or not, and why. 

Talk about a book you have never read but would like to in the future.
You should mention:
- Why you would like to read it
- Why you have never read it before
- What you think it will be like
And say how you think it will compare to other books you have read. 

3. Brother or sister,
Talk about a hobby that a brother or sister, or other relative, likes.
You should mention:
- Where and when they do that hobby
- How long they have been doing it
- If you have ever done it with them
And say if you think that is a good hobby or not, and why.

4. Computer,
Talk about something you can do on a computer that you think is enjoyable.
You should mention:
- What equipment or software you need to do that
- What you need to do to do it
- What kind of people it is popular with
And say if you would like to spend more time doing that or not, and why. 

5. Cook,
Talk about a dish you know how to cook. You should describe:
- What the ingredients are
- How it is cooked
- Other preparation you have to do
And say if you think this is an easy dish to cook or not, and why. 

6. Evening,

Describe something you often do in the evening.
You should say:
- When you usually do it
- Where you usually do it
- Who you usually do it with
And say if you enjoy doing it or not, and why.  

7. Favorite,

Describe your favorite movie.
You should say:
- What the movie is about
- Who the main characters are
- What the ending is
And explain why it is your favorite movie.  

Describe your favorite place to eat out.
You should include in your answer:
- Where it is
- What kind of food is served
- What the décor is like
And say what kind of people you think would enjoy that restaurant, and why.
Give a short presentation about your favorite place to spend your free time.
Points to include:

- Where it is
- How to get there from the place you live
- What you do there
And say how you would improve that place if you could.
Give a one or two minute presentation about your favorite sport.
You should say:
- What equipment is used
- Where it is usually played
- How it is played
And say if you think it is an easy sport to understand or practice or not, and why. 

Talk about something you like doing at home. You should say:

- Why you do it at home
- Where exactly you usually do it
- How much time you spend doing it every week
And say whether you enjoy spending time at home more than going out or not, and why. 

End of topics.

It's true that these situations are to be talked about, but if you would like to test your conversational ability, write about one or more of the above mentioned topics.

You can write here by commenting, or you can submit your writings to:

Your writings shouldn't exceed 20 lines, and please, your emails' subjects submitted to me should be:
Candidates' writings at Ebaby!

Please let me know if you have any question.
Please comment on what you've read expressing your opinion freely, and plaese rate my profile in general.

Best regards

Mr. Firass Kaddour

Syrian Arab Republic

Aleppo city



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Syrian Arab Republic

Thank you all

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bystander :-)


Of course, if I 'Like' these lessons means I find them interesting, useful, they help me somehow.

I rarely rate profiles but if I do, I do on the basis of sympathy…after a while Smile


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