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Drop In - Sun Zhifeng, Cai Xuetong, Liu Jiayu

Drop In - Sun Zhifeng, Cai Xuetong, Liu Jiayu English, baby! Video Lesson
降落— 孙志峰、蔡雪彤、刘佳宇

Date: Feb 16 2010

Themes: Sports

Grammar: Gerunds vs. Infinitives


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The sport of half pipe snowboarding is one of the newest and most exciting events in the Winter Olympics. Athletes perform tricks in the air as they move from one end of the half pipe to the other. Judges score each run based on how much risk it involved and how well the snowboarder performed her tricks. So the more risk you take, the better chance you have at earning a high score…and the more likely it is that you might crash!

Some of the toughest female competitors in snowboarding at the Winter Olympics this year are from China. Liu Jiayu, Sun Zhifeng, and Cai Xuetong are ranked number 2, 3 and 4 in the world for the female half pipe competition. Jason spoke with the team shortly after they arrived in Vancouver, British Columbia, for the games. Find out what these fearless women had to say.

单板滑雪 U 型池比赛是冬奥会最新和最刺激的项目之一。运动员从 U 型池的一端移动到另一端时,需要在空中表演各种技巧。裁判员根据难度系数和滑雪运动员的技巧完成情况进行打分。所以难度系数越大,获得高分的机会也越大,但是发生坠落的可能性也越大!
在今年的冬奥会中涌现出众多实力强劲的女性滑雪运动员,其中便有中国运动员的身影。在女子单板滑雪 U 型池比赛中,刘佳宇、孙志峰和蔡雪彤的世界排名分列第 2、第 3 和第 4 位。在她们抵达不列颠哥伦比亚省温哥华备战比赛时,詹森与她们进行了短暂交谈。请听这些勇敢的女将们如何应答。

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Jason:  We’re here at the Vancouver airport about to drop in on the Chinese snowboarding team. When you drop in on someone, you visit them unexpectedly. So we hope we can talk to some of these athletes and learn what “drop in” means for snowboarders. As the athletes got off the plane, English, baby! and Chinese State Television were there to meet them.

CCTV:  Currently, Liu Jiayu, Sun Zhifeng, and Cai Xuetong are ranked number 2, 3 and 4 in the world for female half pipe competition. The arrival of Chinese Olympic snowboarding team attracted American media attention, so the 3 female Olympians each expressed their thoughts about the Olympics in English.

Jason:  18-year-old Sun Zhifeng tried out a new phrase.

Sun_Zhifeng:  I am a new Olympian.

Jason:  And so did Cai Xuetong.

Cai_Xuetong:  I am happy to be in Vancouver.

Jason:  Since we dropped in on her for a visit, we asked Liu Jiayu to explain what “drop in” means for snowboarders. What does it mean to drop in?

Liu_Jiayu:  Drop in is the starting of the half pipe.

Jason:  Since the games have already begun, the Chinese snowboarding team was eager to get settled in at the Olympic Village. But we were able to drop in on Liu Jiayu and we learned that to drop in means to start in a half pipe. You drop in from the top and then you’re in the half pipe. Let’s review Liu Jiayu’s definition of drop in.

Liu_Jiayu:  Drop in is the starting of the half pipe.

Jason:  This is English, baby!


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Jason dropped in on the Chinese ladies’ snowboarding team when they arrived at the Vancouver airport for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Liu Jiayu, Sun Zhifeng, and Cai Xuetong practiced their English by talking to English, baby! and CCTV.

Liu Jiayu explained what “drop in” means in snowboarding. When you drop in, you start your run in a half pipe. China’s snowboarders hope that after they drop in to the half pipe at this year’s Olympics, they’ll have perfect runs. Like every Olympian, they are going for the gold in Vancouver.

Who do you like to drop in on? Are you a fan of snowboarding?

For more with the Chinese Olympic snowboarding team, visit our blog.



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oh cool,  learned a new word… drop in

01:00 PM Feb 18 2010 |

Teacher Marcola


(Mr. Hiroshi's opinion – student)

Snowboarding is a very exciting sport. It´s interesting in countries where there is snow. So, these countries can improve the techniques to be winners.

12:42 PM Feb 18 2010 |



I will drop in on who ? I haven't thought of it until now, maybe some of my best friends.

And actually, I hardly watch snowboarding games, so I know little about it. But I'm very proud of them – Liu Jiayu, Sun Zhifeng, and Cai Xuetong. They are the best.

10:56 AM Feb 18 2010 |

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